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03/31/04 03:11 - ID#36209


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03/31/04 03:03 - ID#36208

Would you erase me?


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03/27/04 06:34 - ID#36207

thanx high speed internet~

sarah is using me for my high speed internet...and my immaculate skills of braiding hair

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03/25/04 02:48 - ID#36206

Oh silly michael~


"Jackson Wanted to Play Car"
Mar 23, 10:55 AM EST
Associated Press

It's an odd idea for a movie, even for Michael Jackson. "Jersey Girl" director Kevin Smith says he once got an offer to direct the pop singer in a movie about a man who turns into a car that gets ridden around by a boy.

Smith tells Playboy magazine that Jackson wanted to play the car/man role. The proposed title of the film, and Smith says this is no lie, was "Hot Rod."

Smith calls it the "weirdest" script he was ever asked to direct...

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03/24/04 02:37 - ID#36205

GW Dog Toy

G W Dog Toy

"You can't get even but your dog can. Toy squeaks when chomped."



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03/22/04 01:48 - ID#36204

My first day!

Today is my first day...back in oh so pretty b-lo...

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