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Category: food

06/02/07 08:06 - 84ºF - ID#39505


What's your favorite place to eat in WNY?
I'm trying to try out as many different unique places as I can but find it difficult to get information on places since most don't seem to have websites or anything. For example, I was trying to find a menu or website for Empire Grill or Mother's but couldn't come up with anything useful.
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Location: Buffalo, NY

05/11/07 06:06 - 74ºF - ID#39242


Tying into my last post, I get downright FURIOUS when I read about people trying to stop development in Buffalo/Erie County. Already, a group has filed a petition and hired a lawyer to prevent the 22-story Gates Circle Condominiums from being built. Again, people, where do you think you live?! You're the reason the city has lost over 50% of it's population and is in such a downward spiral!! Developers are coming here with great projects we should feel very fortunate for and there's always some group of idiots to chase them away like the hotel on Elmwood!!!
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05/11/07 05:57 - 74ºF - ID#39241

Work & Tourists

So I'm currently working downtown, which has been a very interesting experience. I deal with businessmen/women, homeless, the literally insane and mentally challenged, welfare freeloaders.....basically every type of person imaginable. For lunch I've been shooting over to the Greenhouse Food Court at Main Place Mall, encouraged by the throngs of people there getting food but dissapointed by the 6 or 7 stores in the building, only one of which is a normal mall tenant (Foot Locker). I love looking over and seeing City Hall in all it's glory, nut shudder as I look at the boarded up buildings.

Twice this week while working my first week in Buffalo, I have been approached by tourists who couldn't understand what was wrong. One was a pair of European tourists and the other were two women from Pennsylvania. The Europeans asked if there was a curfew because everything was closed and everyone seemed to be vacating the streets. The other two asked where the stores were and said how depressing it is downtown, saying "this could be such a cool place," specifically referencing Main St. I was working and couldn't spend the amount of time I'd have liked to with either group, but I mentioned Chippewa St. and Elmwood Village as places to head towards. The couple from Pennsylvania asked if anything was planned to reverse the fortunes of downtown and I quickly mentioned Bass Pro, returniing traffic to Main St., the waterfront redevelopment, etc.

I found this personally to be very embarrassing to myself and to the city. These people will very possibly leave with the negative stereotype of Buffalo in their heads and spread it - "we've been to Buffalo, it's all true, depressing and run down!" I know downtown has some newer buildings and in the past decade has made a pretty good swing in the right direction, but clearly more needs to be done fast. And people fighting and arguing about Bass Pro, a Casino, or any other development downtown is only further damaging our city's future. We're not exactly in the position to be picking and choosing what comes to our city. It's not like there's a shortage of abandoned buildings and locales for businesses. I understand the need to preserve the city's historic buildings, but MANY of them are in such a state of disrepair they need to go. The others can be retrofitted, getting an update while still maintaining it's historic shell and significance.

To end my rant, Buffalo needs to do more to reach out to our tourists because they ARE here even though we think they aren't!!!!

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05/06/07 08:46 - 54ºF - ID#39186

I have arrived!

Finally got into WNY on Wednesday, start work tomorrow (Mon). So far I definitely feel I've made the right decision. Already feel much happier in WNY.
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04/20/07 12:44 - 42ºF - ID#38969

Season Tix!

So today I ordered my Bills season tickets. Not bad, section 241. Didn't want to be in the nosebleeds. Plan on getting the Bills plate when I get up there too, am on the Sabres season ticket waiting list (might take 2 years or so to get to my name :( ) and will get Bandits seasons as well. I'm gung ho Buffalo!
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04/14/07 07:41 - 42ºF - ID#38888

Population +2....make that 4?

Today my mom surprised me with news that they too were now considering a move back home to Buffalo. My Dad apparently brought it up which is the part that really shocked me. Once I leave they'll essentially be alone in FL so I really home they come back up. So the damage on our part of moving away will be reversed and I'll have added one more person to the area. Let Buffalo rise!
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04/07/07 09:21 - 25ºF - ID#38791


Finally found a place to live for my first year in "Buffalo" and it's in Amherst. I know, I know, sorry. But the criteria was tough...a 2BR rental with central a/c that allows large dogs. After 6 months or so I'll start looking at houses in the city, then I'll finally really live in Buffalo.
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03/19/07 05:48 - 35ºF - ID#38521


So today I was at work and a man who looked to be in his early 70's came in wearing a Bills hat. I gave him a thumbs up and said Go Bills! He stopped and we started chatting for a few minutes. I told him I was moving up there in 6 weeks. His daughter moved here from Buffalo 18 years ago and he regularly comes down to visit. I touched on some of the things that were driving me away from Orlando and he completely agreed with them all.

Moreover, the man was extremely proud of Buffalo. Bills season ticket holder since 1972 he told me. Said "there's so much to do" there with the Lake, parks, sports, restaurants, etc. I found my conversation with this man to be very refreshing because he was proud of being from and living in Buffalo. I've been considering this move for over a year now and the response I get from others is always negative, but what's dissapointing is that the most negative reactions I get are from current and former Buffalonians. The first thing out of their mouths is always "good luck finding a job," "there's no jobs!" "have fun with the snow!" This upsets me greatly, so I was very happy to see someone happy for me.

I see lots of jobs posted for Buffalo on the various websites. Now how stiff the competition for these jobs is I can't vouch for. Luckily I'm getting a transfer with my current company so my job is lined up. My girlfriend and others I know had one hell of a hard time finding a job here in Orlando because, despite it's low unemployment rate of about 2%, the jobs are all near or at minimum wage service industry jobs where you're better off on welfare/unemployment. Personally I think the no jobs comments come from people who are used to being paid $20/hr to stand on an assembly line and can't deal with the fact that those days are over.
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03/17/07 02:40 - 23ºF - ID#38499

Moving to Buffalo

After about a year and a half of contemplating and 5 visits, my girlfriend and I have made our final decision - we are moving from Orlando to Buffalo on May 1. That's 6 long weeks away!! Oh well. All I have to do now is find a place to rent that has central A/C and allows dogs, and preferably has private laundry hook-ups as well. Anyone know of such a place?
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