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06/19/04 01:47 - ID#33024

Out again

Went to the Pink again last night. I ran into a guy I dated a while back, and it made me wonder why I still haven't figured this whole dating/sex/love thing out yet. I thought by the time you were 25 you were supposed to know everything about everything. To my dismay, I'm pushing 30 and I still don't know what the fuck is going on.

Mike and Jill - I am totally up for some e-stripper dodgeball.

Paul - why don't you want a 2-headed human baby? What's the problem?

Lilho - changes are rough. Take your time and go easy on yourself.
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06/18/04 05:38 - ID#33023

Stepford Wives

Beth and I went to see the new version of the Stepford Wives. I expected the same film as the original, with a few updates. But it had a different spin - actually kind of funny. Nothing spectacular, but fun to watch.

Afterwards we went to the Pink for a drink. Nobody was there yet, but it was nice to sit on the patio. You e-peeps need to get out earlier.
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06/14/04 11:29 - ID#33022

Obituary For Ronald Reagan


Vamos a festejarlo/This we shall celebrate/Das werden wir feiern
Vengan todos/Let everybody come/Kommt ihr alle
Los inocentes/The innocents/Die Unschuldigen
Los damnificados/The injured/Die Verletzten
Los que gritan de noche/Those who scream at night/Wer nachts schreit
Los que sufren de día/Those who suffer during the day/Wer tags leidet
Los que sufren el cuerpo/Those who suffer their bodies/Wer den Körper leidet
Los que alojan fantasmas/Those who house phantoms/Wer Geister unterbringt
Los que pisan descalzos/Those who step barefoot/Wer barfuß geht
Los que blasfeman y arden/Those who blaspheme and burn/Wer Gott lästert und schmort
Los pobres congelados/The frozen poor/Die gefrorenen Armen
Los que quieren a alguien/Those who are fond of somebody/Wer jemanden gern hat
Los que nunca se olvidan/Those who never forget/Wer nie vergißt

vamos a festejarlo/this we shall celebrate/das werden wir feiern
vengan todos/let everybody come/kommt ihr alle
el crápula se ha muerto/the reprobate has died/der Verwerfliche ist gestorben
se acabó el alma negra/the black soul found its end/die schwarze Seele ging zu Ende
el ladrón/the thief/der Dieb
el cochino/the swine/der Suakerl
se acabó para siempre/gone forever/erledigt für alle Zeiten
que vengan todos/let everybody come/laßt alle kommen
vamos a festejarlo/this we shall celebrate/das werden wir feiern
a no decir/do not say/sagt nicht
la muerte/death/der Tod
siempre lo borra todo/always erases it all/löscht immer das Ganze
todo lo purifica/purifies it all/reinigt das Gesamte

cualquier día/any day/jeden Tag

la muerte/death/der Tod
no borra nada/erases nothing/löscht gar nichts
quedan/there remain/es bleiben
siempre las cicatrices/forever the scars/ewig die Narben

murió el cretino/the cretin died/der Schwachkopf starb
vamos a festejarlo/this we shall celebrate/das werden wir feiern
a no llorar de vicio/do not weep for weeping's sake/weint nicht nur damit geweint wird
que lloren sus iguales/let his peers weep/es sollen seinesgleichen weinen
y se traguen sus lágrimas/and swallow their tears/und ihre Tränen schlucken

se acabó el monstruo prócer/the monster genius came to an end/das geniale Ungeheuer ging zu Ende
se acabó para siempre/gone forever/erledigt für alle Zeiten
vamos a festejarlo/this we shall celebrate/das werden wir feiern
a no ponernos tibios/let us not cool down/lassen wir uns nicht abkühlen
a no creer que éste/let us not believe that this/wir sollen nicht glauben, daß dieser
es un muerto cualquiera/is any ordinary deceased/irgendein beliebiger Verstorbener ist

vamos a festejarlo/this we shall celebrate/das werden wir feiern
a no volvernos flojos/let us not become idle/werden wir nicht müßig
a no olvidar que éste/let us not forget that this/vergessen wir nicht, daß diese
es un muerto de mierda./is a dead piece of shit./eine Scheißleiche ist.

[Mario Benedetti]

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06/11/04 10:53 - ID#33021

Keeping In Touch

Last night I ran into some old grad student friends that were in town. It was so good to see them. I'm really glad that I became friends with Renee, Lara, and Taylor. And it's so cool that we still talk even after they've all moved to other places - even if it's just once a year.

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06/11/04 10:07 - ID#33020


I downloaded SharpReader and subscribed to the e-strip rss link. It's super easy and really good for reading journals at work. You can go from journal to journal quickly, and it's not as obvious that you're doing non-work-related things.

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06/10/04 12:24 - ID#33019

Happy Birthday Robin

I'll add to your barrage of messages - happy birthday and i'm sorry about your bike.

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06/10/04 09:02 - ID#33018

Voluntary Mind Control

I wonder if relying on the boys to tell me what to read could lead to being brainwashed. Sounds like Paul's cup of tea. Maybe I've fallen into his manipulative trap.
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05/28/04 10:51 - ID#33017

Thursday Fun

We went to Thursday at the Square and then to Prespa for a bit. I got to meet another epeep in person. I like it when the virtual world meets the real world - especially when there are drinks, really good pizza, and cheesecake involved. Thanks Zack.
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05/27/04 02:32 - ID#33016


Voicemail message. "Hi Rachel, I have an extra ticket to see David Bowie on Tuesday. The seats are in ROW G."

Hmm.. Let me think about this for a nanosecond.

I stare at the giant poster of a man with two different eye colors. Downstairs my teenage brother blares Bowie on my parents' stereo.

Those nights forever instilled a love for Bowie in my heart(and I suspect my sister's). The Laughing Gnome still reminds me of being a little girl with a big brother who always enjoyed having a good chuckle.

His voice resonated through Shea's like nothing I've ever heard live. For 2 hours he played a set that included songs from the seventies through the present. My favorite hightlight - when Gail Ann Dorsey put a whole new spin on the Freddy Mercury vocals in Under Pressure.

Definitely a night to remember.

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05/19/04 06:06 - ID#33015


New York, NY

6:00 PM Opening Prayer led by the Reverend Jerry Fallwell
6:30 PM Pledge of Allegiance
6:35 PM Burning of Bill of Rights (excluding 2nd amendment)
6:45 PM Salute to the Coalition of the Willing
6:46 PM Seminar #1 Getting your kid a military deferment
7:30 PM First Presidential Beer Bong
7:35 PM Serve Freedom Fries
7:40 PM EPA Address #1: Mercury, it's what's for dinner.
8:00 PM Vote on which country to invade next
8:10 PM Call EMTs to revive Rush Limbaugh
8:15 PM John Ashcroft Lecture: The Homos are after your
8:30 PM Round table discussion on reproductive rights (MEN
8:50 PM Seminar #2 Corporations: The government of the future
9:00 PM Condi Rice sings "Can't Help Lovin'Dat Man"
9:05 PM Second Presidential Beer Bong
9:10 PM EPA Address #2 Trees: The real cause of forest fires
9:30 PM Break for secret meetings
10:00 PM Second prayer led by Cal Thomas
10:15 PM Lecture by Carl Rove: Doublespeak made easy
10:30 PM Rumsfeld demonstration of how to squint and talk macho
10:35 PM Bush demonstration of trademark "deer in headlights"
10:40 PM John Ashcroft demonstrates new mandatory Kevlar
chastity belt
10:45 PM Clarence Thomas reads list of black republicans
10:46 PM Third Presidential Beer Bong
10:50 PM Seminar #3 Education: a drain on our nation's economy.
11:10 PM Hillary Clinton Piñata
11:20 PM Second Lecture by John Ashcroft: Evolutionists: The
dangerous new cult
11:30 PM Call EMT's to revive Rush Limbaugh again.
11:35 PM Blame Clinton
11:40 PM Laura serves milk and cookies
11:50 PM Closing Prayer led by Jesus Himself
12:00PM Nomination of George W. Bush as Holy Supreme Planetary

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