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1. How did you find out about/why did you become of estrip?

2. How "out" are you about having a publicly accessible online journal. Do your friends know? Does your family know? Do your co-workers know? Does your boss know? Do you use your real name? Do you use your real photo?
Anyone who would be interested knows.

3. How many epeeps have you met real life?
Several - although I knew several before estrip.

4. How has estrip changed the way that you meet people, on and/or off line?
When you meet someone face to face for the first time, it's interesting because you've read their journals and know some things about them already. Since a journal may be a small representation of oneself, you can be surprised when the person is nothing like you pictured.

5. How has estrip affected you love life?
Not at all.

6. How many of your friends have joined estrip because of your influence?

7. Are you from Buffalo/do you live in Buffalo?
From Buffalo

1. What type of hardware or software purchases have you made as a result of using estrip?

2. Have you used the mobile version of estrip? Why or why not?
No. No equipment.

1. In what way has estrip changed your Internet surfings habits? Describe the amount of time you spend on estrip, when you use it and about how long?

1a. How many journals do you usually read per day?
I used to read 10/day.

2. In what ways has estrip changed the way you perceive your local community?
Not at all.

3. How has journaling about your life affected the way you spend your free time?
It did previously. I spent more time online.

4. Has estrip changed your living situation in any way?

5. Do you find that you mediate/document more of your experiences now that you share them with others?

6. Has publishing on estrip affected the way that write?

7. Do you have other online journals? If so, with what service and has estrip affected your usage of that journal?

8. Have you ever gotten in trouble for using estrip at work?

9. If you have stopped using estrip, why?
No time!

Good luck Paul!


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