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Category: schadenfreude

04/21/08 11:00 - 66ºF - ID#44093


Ok, I know this is small, mean, and petty of me... but I just got the alumni magazine from my high school, and looking through it, there were pictures of two obnoxious people from the grade below mine who got so fat I did not recognize them, and one guy from my grade who was really mean to my friends and me for years who got fat AND married an ugly woman AND had an ugly baby.

That just made my day. :D

Plus, there were pics of two chubby girls who had slimmed down and looked great. Cheers for them!

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Category: coercion

04/21/08 05:14 - 76ºF - ID#44086

Dear Jbeatty

You better play a move in our Scrabble game on Facebook soon, or I am so going to force a win.

Just sayin'.

your sister-in-law

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Category: teh intarweb

04/16/08 03:34 - 58ºF - ID#44030

Facebook etiquette

I know I have better things to do with my time than to worry about this, but what does one do when someone one really does not like adds one as a friend on Facebook? I mean, I have had people I did not know all that well and was not particularly friendly with add me - but this is the first time I've had someone with whom I was openly hostile add me as a friend.

Seriously, what would motivate this person to want to be back in touch with me, when he was such an asshole to me for so many years? Why would he think I'd want to be back in touch with him?

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Category: miscellany

04/11/08 06:38 - 61ºF - ID#43983

long time, no post...

So. Been a while since I posted here. Things have been pretty busy. I really feel like my life is just starting to get back on track after several months of disruption.

Anyway, for those of you who care, things are ok. My roller derby league had its first public bouts this past weekend. We won our first two bouts and apparently scared the other teams so much that they forfeited the next two.* We had to scrimmage amongst ourselves to fill the rest of the time. It was a bizarre occurrence. I do hope our next interleague bouts go more smoothly.

  • Please note, when I say "we," I merely mean that I am on the team - coach did not put me in at all during the first two bouts, so I never got to skate against anyone that was not in my league.

In fake hockey news, I came in 5th in my fantasy hockey league this year. I was really hoping for 3rd. I blame Miikka Kiprusoff. (e:jbeatty) was fighting for dead last, last time I looked, and (e:john) came in first. I'm already strategizing for next year...

In real hockey news, I'm pretty excited that Jacques Martin has been fired as the Panthers' coach: I know I said a long time ago that I hate the Panthers, but since they're my home team now and I see them play all the time, they've won me over a bit. That David Booth kid is really awesome, and if they can nab a few more players like him, and trim some of the players that suck, the Panthers can be a decent team. They just need to stop being okay with losing. I can't tell you how many times I've seen them play, and it's just been like they either gave up halfway through, or weren't that into it to begin with. Or like, half of them would be playing their hearts out, and the other half would be like, "eh, whatever." With any luck, a new coach will help with this attitude problem.

I only kinda care about the playoffs. Like, none of my teams are in this year, so it's sort of like, eh, ok. It'll be interesting to see who gets to the final, but until then, I've got other things to occupy my time. Side note: does anybody else read (e:anne) 's hockey blog? It makes me giggle a lot.

So some of you saw Kimya Dawson recently? She was here a couple weeks ago. Here are a couple pics for you:


Her show was a benefit for this organization in Miami: It was in a boat house, which was open on one side, on one of the coldest and windiest nights I've experienced since moving here. It was only about 50-some degrees, but with wind chill, and no jacket or sweatshirt or anything? That feels pretty damn cold. I thought the show was going to be in an enclosed space, otherwise I never would have forgotten to bring a sweatshirt and not thought it would be a big deal.

I picked up the mix CD of old ska/rocksteady that Angelo Spencer (Kimya's baby-daddy) was selling at the merch table. Aside from the crappiness of the burned CD (and it is the CD itself skipping, not the record that was transferred to CD), I love it - the music is great!

Well. I guess that's all I've got to say for now. I'll try to swing by here more often, now that things have settled down a bit in my life.
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