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09/08/07 01:50 - ID#41005


Y'all! The best band of all time (ok, ok, my favorite band of all time) is coming to Buffalo! You must go see them!

They Might Be Giants
Buffalo, NY at Town Ballroom
Fri. Nov. 16 (8 PM)
Tickets on sale Sept. 8 (that's today!)

They haven't announced any FL dates yet, and of course 11/16 is a mere five days before I'll be in Buffalo for a visit... argh.

But 11/16 is also the day before (e:carolinian) 's birthday, so someone should take him to this show as his b-day present! :D

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Category: music

07/23/07 11:51 - ID#40228

...more beseeching

The New Pornographers
OCT 20 - The Riviera Theatre - North Tonawanda, NY

Tix here:

I saw them in March at Langerado, and they were great. My husband hadn't really heard much of their stuff before that show, and he walked away raving.

Their new album, Challengers, is coming out on August 21st (same day as the new Rilo Kiley album! I'm excited!). The closest they'll come to South Florida on this tour is Atlanta, which is 10 hours away. :( So, once again, I am begging y'all - go to this show. As a personal favor to me. Please. Do it. Assuming the new album is good (and I have no reason to suspect otherwise), it'll be a blast. (e:jbeatty) (aka my brother-in-law, who finally stopped lurking here and posted some journals) will be going, even if I have to buy his ticket myself. :D

And don't forget! Old 97's, July 26th, Thursday at the Square! That's just a couple days away!

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07/13/07 12:14 - ID#40094

I beseech you yet again

Guess who else is playing in Buffalo soon?

The Old 97's!!!

They're playing on July 26th at Thursday at the Square:

I'm trying to send at least one of my friends from Syracuse. But you all live in Buffalo - you have absolutely zero excuse not to go to this show. The Old 97's are so, so good, and so much fun to see live. I missed them once when they played Buffalo (back in like, 2003 or 4 or something), and now I am going to miss them there again. You must go in my stead, then post about it here and make me all jealous.

Actually, looking down the schedule for that Thursday at the Square thing, I'm like, "Why, exactly, is it that I don't live in Buffalo?" :/

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07/10/07 02:41 - ID#40038

people of Buffalo, I beseech you

On September 24th, Andrew Bird will be playing at some place called "Asbury Hall at The Church" (I have never heard of this place, but then again, I don't actually live in Buffalo).

You must go to this show. If I were still living in Syracuse, I would be there, 100%. I waited for ages for Andrew Bird to play somewhere in New York besides NYC, and now that I am not living there anymore, he is finally going to do it. Because I cannot go to this show, you people must go in my stead. Do it. Don't let me down.

Pre-sale tix allegedly can be found here:

If you're not familiar with the musical wonder that is Andrew Bird, run-do-not-walk:

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