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Category: hockey

04/12/07 12:51 - 41ºF - ID#38856

must be nice...

...not to have a post-season to worry about. Then, after losing your last game of the season, you can go out to a South Beach nightclub, get really hammered, then get arrested for either smashing up an emergency vehicle, or for being a drunken ass who refuses to leave a club when asked and then charges at the cop who's doing the asking.

Way to go, Ville Peltonen and Eddie Belfour.

If that link doesn't work, try these:
The Miami Herald's coverage:
Yahoo Sports' coverage:

They had PDFs of the arrest reports up on the Miami Herald site - kind of amusing reading.

In other hockey news, I won my fantasy league (the Lake Effect League) for the second year in a row. That wasn't such a big deal last year, when there were only four of us in the league - but this year, we were a real 12-team league, complete with people I didn't even know! I wouldn't have minded losing to a friend, but when it came down to the final weeks, it was me against a stranger, so I felt honor-bound to win (if not exactly stomp his ass into the ground). My friend Meg, the Preds fan who lives in Nashville, came in 3rd. Next year, tho', I am totally going to come in in the middle of the pack, or else 1) people are going to start accusing me of rigging the thing somehow, and b) my husband is going to start up again with his theme of how I'm so competitive and how I can't stand to lose, which is not really the case.

Getting back to real hockey for a sec - who's psyched for the playoffs? I know I am. Y'all are so lucky up there - you can go see real, live playoff games! (If, y'know, you're willing to pay the arm, leg, and firstborn child to get tickets.) We don't even have a television set, let alone the cable subscription that would let us see the playoffs. We need to find a good, hockey-friendly sports bar in our neighborhood.

sigh. It was 88 degrees here today. Y'all might get snow before the week is out. I really miss living in NY. (<---100% not sarcasm at all)
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Category: health & fitness!

04/04/07 11:24 - 33ºF - ID#38751


So, living in a warmer place now has not spared me from my semi-annual sinus-infection/ chest-cold/ my-head-is-exploding-and-my-chest-is-on-fire,-whatever-this-is thing. I usually got something heinous like this every spring (and sometimes in the fall, too) when I lived in NY - it was always a combination of the obnoxious spring weather (50's one day, below-freezing again the next) and it being that time in the semester when I was super-stressed-out and exhausted and I was just ready to quit school and go live as a hermit in the mountains somewhere. I got a wretched sinus infection (think: extreme vertigo for weeks) which knocked me on my ass the first spring I lived in Syracuse, and ever since then, feeling miserable all through spring has been a constant of my existance.

I was expecting I'd manage to skip all the usual mess this spring, though - less because now I live somewhere warm (tho' I thought the consistency of the weather here might help - 80 degrees and sunny every damn day, whether I like it or not), and more because I am not in school right now, and not at all stressed out. I am totally housewife-ing it right now. I don't have to leave the house all day if I don't want to. I don't even have to put on underwear if I don't want to! I never see another living soul all day long. It. is. great!

Except somehow I managed to get sick anyway. It's been like, two and a half weeks now, and I can't seem to shake this. I have been trying to rest a lot, but when you don't really do anything all day long to begin with, it's hard to chill out more. I finally went to a doc this week, and he prescribed some awful thing for me... which I'm not taking (with the blessing of my doctor mom, who thinks I can beat this on my own). I don't think I am that sick right now, really. I go through these periods like that running gag in Monty Python's Holy Grail: "I'm not dead yet... I'm getting better..." But then the thing comes along and clubs me again, and I feel terrible again the next day. Why can't I just have a nice, steady progression toward wellness? What's with this two-steps-forward, one-step-back thing? I am getting a little tired of it.

Speaking of tired, I'm off to bed now. Just three more posts to go and that <10 blogs thing will be off my pic! Yay!
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