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Cats in a bag

This gay/christian thing has been popping up around conversation lately. I've given a lot of thought to it.

I think the key sore point right now is that neither side feels like they are being treated fairly. The Christians feel they're cultural/religious beliefs are being desecrated. And the LBGT are feeling second class and discriminated against.

And right now it all comes down to marriage.

I'm going to express some sentiments neither side will feel entirely comfortable with, but compromise is getting what you mostly want to get something to work. And, hopefully work well.

First: marriage belongs to religion. It's religious based cultural rite. The only reason historically to get married was to be recognized as man and wife before God and community. This is before church and state were different entities. And before we had multicultural communities.

Second: as church and state should be separate, ecclesiastical leaders should not be able to officate for state unions. It's and archaic and majority-centered practice.

Following this, marriage and civil unions should be separate and belong to their respective groups. Meaning, all people who chose to get married have to also have a separate civil union before the state by a state appointed official. It also means any religious organization who marries same gender couples can, as well as the converse.

This would not rid us of bigots from either side; but, it can further highlight them for what they are. Optimistically, this would diminish their support and/or help them to rise above their myopic views.

My hope is that we can find a compromise that allows us to enjoy the relationships we already have as well as the ones we have yet to create.
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