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01/24/07 02:21 - 26ºF - ID#37849

He Who Tells All

You stay awake for nearly 24 hours straight and you're going to get grumpy, if not delusional. Last night's outing did not conclude until I hit the pillow around 2 AM this morning after arising the previous day around 3. But thanks to my responsible and devoted nature people awoke this morning to cleared drives and parking lots. I fought heavy eyes for the last 2-3 hours while finishing up my route. The cup of coffee I had around midnight gave me ups for about 30 minutes max as I was clearing my uncle's car wash lot. I also took care of my parents and sister's place. It's just one of many ways that I express my love. It really would be nice if more peeps would appreciate the plowman, rather than get ticked off as he tirelessly toils. On my way to Wegman's this morning for coffee this chick in a Jeep was right on my tailgate and then darted in front of me at the next traffic light. Like I said, you don't get enough sleep and you're on edge. This is perhaps the most important foundation to my overall wellness. I got my button pushed and thrust open the truck door met with a honk by the driver next to me who may have been concerned that I was going to snap. Well I did, but not to the point of anything regrettable. As she sped away from the light I made a turn into the parking lot and noticed that she too was headed for the same destination. I watched as she parked across the lot from me and wanted to pay her visit just to share of piece of my exhausted mind, but she had quickly scurried inside the store. My vibration is down and I need to be careful of what I attract right now. Today is a day of down time and rest, a mental health day if not physical.

I hope the ups from the cup of French Press rain forest coffee I just consumed persists for the duration of this post. I can already feel it wearing off as I type. But as I can not sleep during the day I must carry on in sleep deprivation until the evening hours. Before my afternoon's repast of pancakes I was enjoying a wonderful IM with my dear friend Jerog, one of many amazing peeps I've met here on myspace. No, we didn't get naughty today as she wasn't feeling sexual, nor was I much "up" to the task in my current state of exhaustion. Besides, all I need right now is another myspace romance. Instead we enjoyed a dynamic and uplifting exchange including talk of planning a Contiki tour in Europe before October 2008. The outfit is geared for peeps ages 18-35 and so the cut off for me is my 36th birthday in about 21 months. That's plenty of time for the Universe to line it up. In the meantime, we've talked about perhaps going into business together. She's quite the savvy and sophisticated entrepreneur with real estate investments, on-line marketing credentials, massage therapy and a full-time gig selling insurance. Oh and did I mention she's fuckin hot? I also received a very important message through her when she shared with me a consultation she had with a holistic practioner. She was told that sex and food will help to ground her. Immediately a bell rung for me as just last night I was contemplating why all of a sudden such intense sexual energy for me. And it made sense. I've been going through such intense vibrational tranformation of late that my body is in need of balancing, hence the increase of release of late. I've also been eating heavier foods, including a visit to my parents' house last night for some beef stew, and lots of pancakes, tacos and subs have been the staple of my diet in recent weeks. Of course being that these are the winter months I am adding a noticeable layer to my mid-riff; however, it's nothing that landscaping won't melt away come spring.

Yesterday I got word from a friend that an old friend had crossed over. I hadn't heard my phone ring and so upon listening to the voice mail I could feel my heart sink as I remembered back years ago when Chris and I would hang out amongst friends. I was never real close to him, but there was a period in my life where he was present during some of my first major changes as a young adult. I remember smoking a lot of weed in our circle of friends, which included my cousin. We also went out to the woods a few times and tripped on LSD wandering like fools for hours with giggles at every comment or visual distortion. Yes, it was a time in my life when my future was wide open and with it the field of possibilities endless. It wasn't long thereafter I had gone off to school and endured the most arduous period of my life, both mentally and emotionally. Indeed, Chris' passing is very symbolic of yet another metaphysical layer from my past sloughing off. I'm not one who chooses to peer into the past for any length or depth, but as a tribute to my friend I have this to offer. R.I.P.

One Love

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You really don't have to try so hard, SEAN.

That's why there's magic and miracles.

The Universe

January 23, 2007
Your Comfort Zone
Create A Soft Place To Land

Our day-to-day demands can quickly take their toll on our well-being if we are not vigilant about caring for ourselves as best we can. One way we can ensure that we have an opportunity to relax and recuperate each day is to create a soft place to land when we arrive home. This landing pad, whether it is an entire room or merely a small corner of a larger area, can provide us with a safe and comforting refuge in which we can decompress and recover from the day's stresses. There, we are enveloped in feelings of security that transcend other issues that may be unfolding in our homes. Our landing pads also act as way stations that enable us to shift our attention away from our outer-world concerns and back to our inner-world needs.

To create a soft place to land in your home, begin by scouting potential locations. Or perhaps your entire home is your landing pad in which case you may only need to declutter. Your habits can often provide you with insight into the perfect spot, as there may be an area of your home you gravitate to naturally when you are in need of comfort. Any space in which you find it easy to let go of stress and anxiety can become your landing pad. A basement or attic, spare room, or unused storage area, furnished with items that soothe you, can give you the privacy you need to unwind. If you appreciate the elements, you may find that spending time in a section of your garden or outdoor patio helps you release the day's tensions. Preparing these spaces can be as easy as replacing clutter with a small selection of beautiful objects that put you in a relaxed frame of mind. Remember to consider noise and activity levels while choosing the site of your landing pad. If you know that ordinar! y human commotion will distract you from your purpose, look for a secluded spot.

The soft place to land that you create should inspire within you the mantra, "I can breath here. I can relax here. I know I am safe here." When you return to your home after braving worldly rigors, you will feel a subtle yet tranquil shift occur inside of you as you settle in to this most personal of retreats and feel centered once again.

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01/23/07 09:19 - 29ºF - ID#37831


It didn't help that I kept laughing my ass off when I went to bed last night. I kept thinking about what I had posted in my blog and also a couple of email exchanges with some myspacers on the subject of irrational fear vs rational fear. In my opinion there is no such distinction. Fear is fear and carries with it a vibration that attracts people and events to match the beholder's vibrational resonance. I think I finally got to sleep around midnight perhaps and when the alarm on my cell phone went off at 3 AM I was like, "Fuck!" So I took my probiotic/ wheatgrass cocktail, gathered a few items to prepare myself to head out and instead plunked down in my soul chair. When I got up over an hour had passed, no kidding. Fortunately, I only needed a little better than 3 hours to clean up and detail the 6 commercial properties on my route. They're calling for lake effect snow with another 2-4 inches today and by the looks of it out my window the bands have already organized with winds out of the WSW. As I've stated in previous blogs I am completely diurnal in nature and can not sleep during daylight hours. Hopefully the snow comes and goes by sunset so I can get an early start on my route this evening. I heard on the radio that meteorologists are predicting the advance of a Siberian air mass beginning next week that will put is in a deep freeze through February on into March. Seems El Nino has retired. Better batten down the hatches.

So I've scared off another prospect in the lady department. I got a message from this girl I had met at a local business networking group a couple weeks ago. She asked if I was single and expressed an interest. I replied that I do not have a girlfriend, although it would appear otherwise with my profile status set to "in a relationship." We made plans to meet for coffee today, however this morning there was a message saying, "Glad I read this...ha, ha...wrong impression lol...nevermind...maybe we'll meet again..." Obviously she read my blog. For the record, I've established "in a relationship" status to indicate that I am in a relationship with myself. So if you're reading this ladies, don't hesitate to inquire. I'm a hot commodity these days looking eventually to settle down with my Queen of Queens. You think you got what it takes to match your King of Kings then holla. Otherwise, don't hate!

I've had nearly 400 hits to my blog in less than 3 days. My previous record for a one week period is a little over 500 hits. Hmm, I have to wonder if recent content is stirring up a ruckus? I wonder if peeps are promoting my blog all like, "You gotta read what this kat is writing, 'slipped a finger in my ass' lmao!" Let's face it, sex sells and I love it, sex that is. And I'm not even selling anything, at least not ostensibly. I am sort of promoting a belief system, in short, "Life is what you make of it so why not make it effortless?" I'd probably be quite a Casanova had I the inclination to pursue a piece of ass at the exclusion of other passions. But I know it's just a phase I'm going through as I continue to raise my vibration and self-actualize. I really do want to be in a long-term monogamous relationship and I have a feeling this recent sexual frenzy is a last hoorah of sorts. So to all my female fans out there if you want some of this now's ur chance, hit me up at yahoo IM "inspiraysean." Speak now or forever hold ur peace!

One LOve

"The people who mind don't matter and the people who matter won't mind."
Dr. Suess

OK, can you keep a secret, SEAN?

Let me tell you what happens...

There'll be trumpets, fanfare, and parades. Happy tears, giggles, and hugs. Shrieks of joy, fits of laughter, and reunions with best friends.

There will be quiet, reflection, and revelations. Ah-ha's! No-way's! And, of course, You-have-to-be-kidding's!

Eventually followed by a deep, often surprising, longing for what will by then be viewed as the dream-life you led.

You could plot it on a chart.

The point, SEAN, of course, is that you are now living that dream-life.

The Universe

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01/22/07 11:05 - 20ºF - ID#37813

Perfect Storm


Category: School, College, Greek

Almost thought I'd have to put on the work boots in the wee pre-dawn hours this morning as an Alberta Clipper swooped on through around 2 AM. I awoke to witness a most perfect storm, which last only briefly much to my delight. I think I have just now fully paid off my sleep deficit over the last 3 nights from the previous all-nighter in the plow truck. Being awake during favored hours of slumber really puts me out of whack. I'm grateful that I've been blessed with sufficient recovery time until the next outing.

So I missed an opportunity to meet up with a very sexy nurse whom I met here on myspace. I had made plans for pizza and football with my brother before arranging for the meeting. By the time I was through hanging with my bro she had to go to work on the overnight shift. We made tentative plans to meet up some night later in the week. It was nice to visit with my brother who is in town on business for the next several weeks. We watched the NFC championship and by the time the AFC championship started we were both getting a little restless not used to sitting around idle for such an extended period of time. I went home before the first half was over with New England up big looking to repeat history with a playoff thumping of the Colts. It wasn't until this morning that I read in the paper that Indy had pulled off the biggest comeback in conference championship history vindicating playoff demons past as Peyton Manning deservedly earns his first trip to the Super Bowl. It's also a first for head coach Tony Dungee and the city of Indianapolis. In two weeks they will meet the "monsters of the miday" from Chicago, coached also by Lovie Smith making for the first ever Super Bowl pitting two African-American head coaches. Times, they are a changing...

This culture is so sexually repressed it's insane. We all want to enjoy the ecstasy of our sexuality without any shame or guilt, yet we do just that and limit the degree of pleasure derived. Sex is as spiritual an act as there is in the human experience. Many of us were brought up with religious doctrine preaching to the contrary, especially we Catholics. I'll never forget the priest who came into our 7th grade classroom to teach sex ed. May I ask, what the hell does a man who's taken a lifetime vow of celibacy know about sex? How can you teach about that which you do not know from experience? It's completely insane! And so if someone were to accuse me of being crazy, or insane, I'd reply quite simply that it takes one to know one. Insanity is the pattern of doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. The world is full of people chasing their tails hoping and praying that they may actually get a hold of it. Quit chasing your tail and start living your life for chrissakes! I know I am and so who am I to deny all these love-starved women clamoring at my door? Booyakasha!

One Love

Would you believe, SEAN, that there is nothing about your life today, not even what hurts, that you won't eventually appreciate, with happy tears running down your face?

Chokes me up just thinking about it -
The Universe

January 22, 2007
Joyous Surprises
Libra Daily Horoscope

Unexpected good news will likely please you greatly today. You may be surprised to hear that you are in line for a promotion at work or that a loved one has been the recipient of a financial windfall. The amazing announcement that comes to you via the grapevine may be emotional in nature, such as the coming together of two important people in your life. Because you will likely be caught off guard by this happy news, you may not know how to respond. However, collecting your thoughts can be as easy as taking a moment to determine what you are really feeling. If you allow yourself time to adjust today, your reaction to bombshells will likely be uniformly positive.

The pleasure of life's little surprises lies in their ability to catch us off guard and to remind us that there are many blessings still to come. When we are surprised, the unexpected joy we feel acts as a potent antidote to the daily grind and encourages us to remember that we cannot always predict what is lying in wait for us. Our expectations of the future are thus indelibly changed, as we understand that even our grimmest prophetic visions may be interrupted by positive circumstances at any time. Conversely, we are motivated by this notion to strive for excellence in every aspect of our lives because we also know that we are equipped to influence fate in our favor. The pleasant surprises that come into your life today will lift your spirits and add a spot of joy to your experience.

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Category: nursery rhymes

01/21/07 12:37 - 18ºF - ID#37800

Duck duck goose!

Earlier this morning, I brought myself up to speed on some local and international news while enjoying a cup of Seattle Dark at Wegman's. Hillary Clinton has officially tossed her hat in the ring for the 2008 Presidential Race, which I'm sure will be met with grave reaction from the likes of my father, the prototype middle-class Conservative Catholic suburban father of three man. My brother, sister and I roasted him a couple summers ago for his 60th birthday and created a spoof on the Budweiser "Real Men of Genius" ad campaign. It was hilarious. We recorded it on video and should have it converted to digital file so I can upload it here in my vids archive. In other news, the bike path rapist suspect has been arraigned on all counts over the last 25 years of unsolved cases. Whether or not the po-po got their man is of little interest to me. People want to think to that by removing someone from society it will somehow serve to make the world a safer place. But it don't work that way. There will be another to take his place. And women who wish to remain out of harm's way are best advised to apply the principles of The Secret. This might sound harsh, but I speak from a space of experience as a victim of a near fatal attack years ago while in college. I made myself a victim based on my sustained thoughts and feelings. Now I'm in an entirely different reality, if not dimension. And I am most grateful.

Also in the bulky Sunday edition was a piece in the Escapes and Getaways section on timeshares and vacation clubs. I was somewhat shocked to read of the investment required to acquire a share in some of the world's most notable and luxurious locations. You're looking at anywhere from about $13K to $25K plus annual maintenance fees over typically a 48 year term. There are of course wonderful amenities and flexibility with scheduling and trading options with comparable global destinations; however, clearly such places are the playground for the affluent and leisure class. I was inspired to investigate the subject further as part of my freelance travel intentions. I have in mind something of a travel guide or review, like perhaps a couple's guide to narrow down the niche. Tell me that wouldn't be a fantasy come true to go on tour of first-class facilities and exotic locales and get paid for it!

Among the plethora of emails in my inbox this morning was the latest newsletter from International Living, an on-line and off-line magazine offering a host of investment opportunities and information for the world traveler. In today's edition they are offering exclusive membership in the IL World Club, which includes perks like discounts on IL events and "red carpet" treatment at the most posh of venues worldwide. They are offering only 100 memberships for 2007 for a mere $4K. I'm tempted to just go for it and board the Express Train, although of course I have reservations about charging such a sum of cash to my AMEX card. I've been considering attending the AWAI Lucrative Traveler's Conference next month in Ft. Lauderale as well, which would likely run me about $2K for conference fees, lodging, airfare and food over 3 nights and 4 days. So I inquire of myself as I go deeply into contemplation, "What am I afraid of? Am I allowing fear to make my choice, either to go or to forgo?" These are questions with answers not always readily distinguished. I can remain in my current lifestyle indefinitely and there's nothing wrong with that choice. Or I can explore the burning desire within my spirit to put myself out there into the international scene and satisfy the quest for experience, knowledge and self-actualization. Reminds me of Dr. Suess, "Oh the places you'll go..."

I spoke with my man Gordon from western Mass. yesterday who called to say hello and mention that he's looking to return here to make some cash offering his tree trimming services. He was stoked about the Patriots making another Super Bowl run, although I confessed I'm rooting for Peyton Manning and the Colts in today's AFC championship game. I asked him what he's been doing to line up work and he replied that he made a couple calls that show some promise, but nothing concrete. I suggested that perhaps I can explore selling some jobs and make it worth his while to come to town. So now I'm mulling over running an ad in the local Bee Group classifieds perhaps at the cost of better than a $100 depending on the size and number of words. There's still a lot of trees requiring attention in the wake of the October Surprise Storm and we stand well-positioned to attract a portion of the cash on the table. If I can line up a few weeks of work for the month of February and the weather continues to cooperate as it has I could feasibly make myself a few grand and apply it toward my freelance ventures. I could also use the money to build a landscape service, or perhaps a combination of both.

The vision I've held for several years now is working 8-9 months out of the year and having winters for sabbatical. One scenario I've considered is continuing in the landscape profession, which is seasonal from the months of March thru November, and then having December thru February to develop my travel writing career. Hmm, I can see it coming together now. It would be easy to get overwhelmed and lost in the possibilities, but the trick is to just keep going and trying new things. I know I have control issues, which is really about feeling empowered. I need to trust my intentions and moreover, trust how the Universe shall line it up for me. This is exciting and should be fun. Who knows? I might wind up on Oprah someday as a featured guest on mastering the law of attraction. I had to sneak that prayer in there too. Call me narcissistic, but really, who doesn't like being the center of attention?

One Love

Got the winter blues?

January 21, 2007
Sooner Begun, Sooner Fun
Libra Daily Horoscope

Your dependable nature will likely serve you well today as you endeavor to address your routine obligations both quickly and capably. Because this attitude can inspire you to get your work done before transitioning your attention to playful pursuits, you may find you derive more pleasure than usual from fun. The freedom you feel upon crossing the last items off your day's agenda can surprise you. You may feel compelled today to test your newly-developed theories regarding work and play at home and on the job. While your main concern is likely maintaining a mindset of reliability, you may discover that the recreational activities in which you normally take pleasure become even more enjoyable when you can concentrate wholeheartedly on them.

When we habitually make an effort to address challenging or taxing duties before pursuing life's pleasures, we can enjoy ourselves with clear heads and hearts. The factors that most often interfere with our ability to appreciate play are related to our relationship with our obligations. Fun becomes a top priority only when we are confident that we have taken care of our responsibilities. Thus, reliability carries with it a gift that permits us to achieve work/life balance easily because we, by our conscientiousness, have made room in our lives for obligations as well as play. We can fully immerse ourselves in our enjoyment, never needing to give mind to unfulfilled responsibilities because we are consistently thorough in our steadfastness. As you have put your domestic and career obligations before your personal pleasure today, you can easily have fun without worrying.

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01/20/07 02:01 - 19ºF - ID#37791

Secret Society

It's afternoon on an arctic, though sunny Saturday. I finally got to catch up on a sleep deficit from the previous night's all-nighter, although I'm not quite there yet. I got up this morning only to return to bed for more sleep until about 8:30, but I was still groggy. Even now I can feel my body seeking more rest. Fortunately, the weather is looking to cooperate as the snow off the lakes has dissipated with the remainder mainly well south in ski country. I could really use another full night's sleep to recover. It's amazing how much one disrupted night affects my rhythm. Thank God we didn't have to go out again last night.

The weather on the ride to Rochester last night made for moderately hazardous driving conditions. Tara and I enjoyed some wonderful conversation on the way to meet up with friends for dinner, as well as on the return trip home. It wasn't until about halfway there that we discovered neither one of us had directions to our destination. She had set up a massage with Christopher to precede dinner, but assumed I knew how to get to he and Julie's home. I had never been there before and since we we're meeting up there rather than at the restaurant I didn't even bother to bring directions. It was funny. It might have been a nuisance back in the days before cell phones had become as common as, if not moreso, than a wristwatch. We got our directions and after some difficulty following them we required further guidance from a local gas station attendant who provided us the final steps on the route.

Christopher and Julie have created quite a lovely mulit-purpose living space, including running a holistic center out of it, The Balance Point, where they offer massage, energy work, tai chi and group functions pertaining to spirituality and wellness. Julie's father was in the midst of receiving a massage as we visited over tea. I was feeling the exhaustion creep up on me and considered migrating to the spare bedroom for a nap. However, I hung around and felt invigorated after the mint tea. We made merry with laughter and innuendo, par for the course when I'm in the mix, and set the foundation for a truly delightful evening. I even went so far as to make a perverted comment when her father came out from the massage asking Kate, the massage therapist, if she found a handkerchief among the sheets following the session. I said, "I didn't know you guys offer happy endings here?" Her father didn't appear to catch the joke and it also went over Kate's head until Julie reiterated later after her father exited. So she slapped twice, once for her and once for Kate. You just never know what might come out of my mouth, or appear in my blog.

Christopher had excused himself for a bath before his massage and once ready he and Tara relocated to the back room. Julie took a shower while I checked my email on her iMac. Upon emerging zestfully clean she and I enjoyed intimate conversation while Christopher was getting his massage. I shared with her details of what's been going on for me in recent months, the profound transformation and shift into higher energy states and consciousness. She seemed attentive taking sufficient interest to google my astrological chart on-line and provide for me a brief report. I had sent her a friend request earlier from myspace and noticed on her profile that she's a Leo. I remarked to her that Leos are my favorite and that I nearly married one many years ago. Had it been a different period in my life where I was in a space to do so I would have most certainly closed the deal. Megan was a great woman and we enjoyed a deep connection, including communication and sexuality. But alas, that was then and this now. I haven't so much as heard a word from her in years, and while I think nothing but fondly of her, I've no lingering regret. It went the way it was supposed to and now that I am coming into my own I'm in a much better space to enter into a long-term union with my Queen of Queens. In the meantime, I've never more enjoyed the bachelor life than I am now.

Everything proceeded in a timely fashion and we we're on our way to dinner on schedule. Our friend Michele called as were en route inquiring of our whereabouts and wondering if dinner had been cancelled. Julie reassured her directing her to a clock noting that it was not yet 7 PM, the agreed upon time to meet. Setting appointments and being on time is one of my strongest points. I am rarely late and when I am it is typically a situation where there was a loosely agreed upon time frame between me and another party. I much prefer establishing set times for all my engagments and honoring my word by being on time. In such a way I enable the Universe to conspire even more in my favor, which was palpable for the duration of the evening's flow.

Upon arrival it was obvious that Michele was a bit wound up. Once we were seated in the rear corner of the restaurant she proceeded to ramble on with enthusiasm about her adventures in Spain with a physical therapist. She noted the striking beauty of Barcelona going on at length about her new found love, the pros and cons. I was admiring the mural scene spread out over an entire wall depicting perhaps a native Ethiopian village with thatched roof abodes set in the jungle habitat. Michele asked how I'd been doing and to make a long story short I explained that I'm in a really great relationship with myself. I went on to assert that things are coming together as I set intention without any doubt of it manifesting. I mentioned that it's imminent and she asked, "What's that?" I responded with the dictionary definition, "About to happen," which was met with laughter and a high five from Julie as Michele looked perplexed. She wanted to know what specifically, "it" was and I explained that I'm staying open to whatever "it" will be within the stated intention of living effortlessly. The tone of the conversation had been set for the remainder of the evening with many tales shared amongst the five beautiful mirrors in attendance.

If you're ever in Rochester do yourself a favor and pay a visit to Abyssinia. It was my first experience with authentic Ethiopian cuisine- and it won't be my last I might add- so I've nothing to compare it to. Rest assured, we were absolutely treated to a five star meal and hospitality with two platters the size of a large pizza covered in an array of tangy delights. Our mouths burst with flavor as we each made it plenty known the degree of ectasy with giggles and moans. It didn't take long for us to scarf down the contents scooping it up with our hands in tightly rolled thin slices of pastry-like bread resulting in satisfied palettes and appetites. Christopher and I each enjoyed a strong cup of fresh brewed Ethiopian coffee flavored with cinammon and cloves. It was a potent and peculiar flavor, though splendid indeed. We made sure to inform our server of our gratitude and intention to return once again. He seemed pleased and honored as we departed.

Tara had suggested that we go somewhere for dessert, which was more a gesture expressing interest to continue enjoying one another's company than it was an interest in further sustenance. Julie directed us to Java's, a hip, eclectic coffee house in the city proper, replete with funky artwork on the walls, dimly lit ambiance and a crowd of upstate New Yorkers heartily gathered on a winter's eve. We ordered drinks and confections before taking up space in another corner location adjacent a piano and picture window. The conversation revolved around consciousness as we took turns sharing what it is we are intending for our lives as we ponder the possibilities for bright futures. We also shared some of our struggles and misgivings, in so doing offering a space of support and compassion with feedback. I joked how I felt like we we're a secret society meeting to commiserate and pontificate, noting how we had created a sphere with no other patrons immediately seated nearby despite a full house. I was in such a sense of gratitude in the moment realizing how blessed I am to have attracted such amazing people into my life. Michele offered me her services with a "reiki attunement" and so we made plans to meet again in a couple weeks with perhaps another trip to Abyssinia. I was grateful that the wintry weather had dissipated for the drive home as Tara and I continued the insightful nature of the evening's interaction in tandem. Upon arriving home I hugged her good night and went straight to bed out like a Christmas light.

I could actually go for a power nap right about now. I really don't sleep during the day, but I do manage to sit in my soul chair, close my eyes and rejuvenate periodically during this introspective season of setting intention we know as winter. I made plans to meet up with (e:theecarey) at Spot to reconvene for our vision board project. She's without a car at the present moment pleasantly stranded in Buffalo. My brother is due in later this afternoon and we'll be dining together with my parents. I also have tentative plans to meet up with Andrea later in the evening for a "date." I'm not sure where we shall meet or what we shall do, but I'm mainly curious to see if there's any chemistry. It would be nice to have a "girlfriend" but I'm not attached to an outcome. At this point it really doesn't matter. I'm so in love with Sean that everything else is a bonus. So long as I stay out of my own way and resist the urge to micro-manage the Universe my life is effortless. And I've got a hunch that many "bonuses" are on the way to be received.

One Love

January 20, 2007
New Realms of Thought
Libra Daily Horoscope

Feelings of youthful abandon can lift your spirits today, inspiring you to seek out opportunities to enjoy yourself. As your day's agenda may not allow you to toss aside your obligations, you may find yourself facing a unique situation in which you are desperate for fun yet anchored to a long list of mature responsibilities. Thus, this can be the perfect time to integrate play into your daily life through creative thought. If you cannot play games, you can turn your work into a game by challenging yourself to outdo your previous performance or engage in showdowns with amiable colleagues. You may discover today that your focus on play allows you to explore new ideas without feeling restricted by notions of correctness.

Play can be a wonderfully potent antidote to the hardening of the heart that often accompanies maturity because it gives us a means of exploring new ideas in a safe and non-threatening fashion. When we engage in playful behaviors, our imaginations are pressed into service as a matter of course and we can fully investigate concepts that initially strike us as unrealistic or bizarre. Because we are not subject to our usual limitations during games and imaginative play, our minds are free to wander into realms where notions both beautiful and fanciful dwell. Oftentimes, these creative and strange ideas become the seeds of refined, workable plans that enable us to approach our personal and professional objectives with flair. As you play today, you will find that your musings transport you to new worlds of creativity and focused thoughtfulness.

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01/17/07 07:23 - 24ºF - ID#37748

Sweat Lodge

Hope this post doesn't make the natives restless, no pun intended:)

Buffalotribe Lodge at Ehk-wheh-heh- weh
Sunday January 21st at 9am, fire starts around 6:30 / 7am.

Your presense is always appreciated when you show up early whether you're helping out with the fire or not. It's nice to have people around.
This is my last scheduled lodge to pour at Ekwh for the Buffalotribe lodges. The one year commitment that we made with Tahwehdahqui will be up next month, Feb. 2007. Christopher Sierzchula is scheduled to pour that lodge (Feb. 18th). I was going to do that one but I'm going on vacation for 3 weeks in February so I switched with Christopher. Thanks Chris!
I would love to share this sweat with you if you feel called to come. You don't have to sweat in order to participate in the experience. If you're wanting to come check it out, but not ready to do a lodge, you're welcome to come hang out by the fire (help or not help with the fire and the door to the lodge), or keep warm in the kitchen / classroom building where we will be having a potluck after the lodge.
Suggested donation is $10. However, all are welcome, with or without a financial contribution. In case you're wondering what happens to the money, most of it goes to Tahwehdahqui to pay for resources to use the lodge, and the building, as well as to add to a fund that has been going for the new bathroom we're in the process of building.
Please bring a dish to pass for after the lodge. Please take home everything that you bring (except the food that we eat, that might be a little difficult to get back. ) Bring drinking water, warm clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, a towel or two is a good idea, a plastic bag to put your wet clothes in after the lodge, loose light clothes to wear in the lodge - shorts, tank tops, etc.. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.
A sweat lodge is a traditional native american purification ceremony. It is done outside, next to a fire that heats up the rocks which are brought into the lodge before each round. There are four rounds sybolizing the four directions, or four stages of life. You are welcome to leave the lodge anytime you need to but once you leave you have to wait until the next round to re-enter, unless you are a dog (we have a sweat lodge dog, Jack, who comes and goes as he pleases, no kidding). Look forward to seeing you!
Peace and Blessings,
Laura Jean
716 465-7408

p.s. - I hope to lead more lodges at Ekwh after this one, but I can not promise anything at this point as it depends on more than just me. You will be notified if there are more buffalotribe lodges scheduled after Feb. Either way, Tahwehdahqui pours lodges near or on the Full Moon every month, as well as during gatherings in the summer, and on New Years eve every year at Midnight after the fireworks. He has been an amazing teacher in my life and a good friend as well.

From the 90, take 290 west to Niagara Falls Blvd.
Turn Right on NFB, heading North on 62
Continue on NFB, and then turn Right on 425
Turn Left on 31 (Saunders Settlement Rd., also called Witmer Rd off of the 190)
Take 31 West and turn Right just before Smokin Joes
This road is called Chew Rd, but may not be marked. If you get to Smokin Joes you wen to far, it's the road just before Smokin Joes on the Right.
Then Take your First Right onto Printup Rd. (also may not be marked, but it's the First Right), as you turn Right onto Printup you'll see a driveway on your left. That is where you turn. Ekwh is on the corner of Printup and Chew. Turn Right on Printup, and Left into the Driveway and you are there.
2323 Printup Rd. Sanborn NY 14132
(I also sent a yahoo map to buffalotribe. )

Give yourself a gift & call Laura Jean for a massage! 716 465-7408
www.geocities. com/earthloveljc

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01/17/07 10:24 - 17ºF - ID#37739

I'll Follow The Sun

We're finally experiencing a true Buffalo winter with ice-coated trees making for splendid photo opps, particularly when the sunlight illuminates creating a sparkling effect, like something out of a storybook. So the temps have turned cold and so have our beloved Buffalo Sabres who hope to eclipse a three game winless streak with a visit tonight by the Beantown Bruins. I really do love hockey and long for a return to the days of playing on the pond after school. But that was then and this is now. It just doesn't get any better than right here right now. I could really feel it this morning during my meditation. I was visualizing a golden stream of "exotic matter" entering into me through the crown chakra, bathing my aura and cleansing any impurities. When I came out of it I felt so incredibly high, an all-natural high to be sure.

I flipped on my laptop and was challenged shortly thereafter to remain above the line upon reading a response to one of my posts at (e:strip), just one of many social networking sites where I'm active. I could feel my ego craving to go down below the line with this individual, which I did for a brief period. Once the truck warmed up I headed out for my morning coffee and newspaper ceremony at Wegman's on Sheridan Dr. I was pondering how I might respond to this "criticism", which I found to be destructive, rather than constructive in nature. My mind ran the gamut from an all-out personal attack to something much more appropriate and in harmony with my purpose. Upon returning home I settled on the latter and posted accordingly. Part of the lesson for me is really not giving a fuck what people think about how I choose to live and believe. Another part of the lesson is to convey my beliefs in such a way as to open peoples' hearts and minds for I really believe it to be of infinite value. And like any lesson, whether it be piano, voice or life lessons, it requires practice.

This is cool:

One Love

"One day you'll find that I'll be gone, for tomorrow may rain, but I'll follow the sun..." The Beatles

Do you know what most people wish for, SEAN, when it comes to improving their own life?

More stuff. Especially abundance.

Because they think having more stuff will contribute to their overall happiness.

But do you know what most people wish for when it comes to the lives of the ones they most love and cherish?

Happiness, peace, creative work, fulfilling relationships.

Because they understand that once these things are in order, stuff, especially abundance, will automatically take care of itself.
One of these two things doesn't belong with the other...

The Universe

January 17, 2007
Blessings Called to Mind
Libra Daily Horoscope

An introspective slant to your thoughts and feelings can inspire you to seek a comfortable, quiet, and private place in which to be alone with your reflections today. As you settle in to your meditations, you will likely find that the mainstay of your musings revolves around home, family, and other delicate concerns. You may find that this one-dimensional focus offers you a splendid opportunity to search for insights into the soul of your personal life. Try to remember that your thoughts are neither right nor wrong, no matter what their composition. If you simply let your introspective journey unfold naturally, you may discover that aspects of your relationships and circumstances that were once hidden are now revealing themselves to you in great detail.

The more we muse upon all of the breathtaking blessings we have been given in this life, the greater our appreciation for the bounty we enjoy in our everyday existence becomes. The deep sense of gratitude we feel when contemplating our material resources and emotional connections grows stronger when we bring these gifts to mind because they are thus ever-present in our thoughts. As a result, we are less apt to take the most precious aspects of our lives for granted. We become thoughtful where our spiritual and worldly abundance is concerned, and always ready to articulate our thankfulness and acknowledge the good fortune we enjoy. The richness of your life will become evident to you today as you reflect upon the blessings you have received.

What do you think?
Discuss astrology and share your opinion

Want more DailyOM?
Register for your free email, or browse previous horoscopes
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01/16/07 06:58 - 18ºF - ID#37725

new thread on the spam issue

Yes, I have copied and spliced into my journals excerpts from various on-line sources, mainly DailyOM and And yes, I blog primarily at myspace and often transfer what I've posted there to (e:strip). I got an email from (e:strip) new year's day inviting me to journal here after signing up early last year. I had forgotten all about it and when I went to my journal there was but one brief post with a comment from (e:theecarey) whom I've come to befriend thanks to this site.

Please understand that what I post is with nothing but the best of intentions. I am an extremely passionate individual with wisdom that I so love to share with the world. If I in any way, shape or form offend or annoy anyone that's their business, for it is not in accord with my purpose. There's a saying I really like that serves to keep me navigating sometimes controversial waters of self-realization and actualization, "If you want inner peace you say 'Om!' and if you want outer peace you say 'Fuck Om!'"

One Love
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01/16/07 02:06 - 19ºF - ID#37719

Effortless Prosperity in 2007

Join us this Thursday Jan 18th 2007 at 6:00 pm (pdt) 9:00 pm (edt)
Mastery Effortless Prosperity
Learn to easily transform your life in 5 days!
Mastering Effortless Prosperity The truth is within you and the one that knows exactly what you need to stay prosperous is your own higher self. Bijan became aware of this profound truth in 1989 and since then has taught many people to master effortless prosperity. This February he will be sharing once again the foundations of flawless wealth and abundance. Please join us and share in the upcoming 5 day seminar, MASTERING EFFORTLESS PROSPERITY. This seminar will open you up to your Unlimited Potential and to Flawless Wealth! This powerful five day seminar will take place from Monday, February 26th through Friday, March 2nd, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Special Pricing: At this time your investment for this five day seminar with Bijan is only $500 per person. Take advantage of this early bird pricing and plan now to attend. Space is limited, so please register early. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to open up your heart and your mind to the possibilities of MASTERING EFFORTLESS PROSPERITY. Samia

Greetings Everyone!

Unconditional love VS conditional love Most love on this planet is conditional love. Unconditional love does not judge nor have any boundary and is unlimited. Once you feel the unconditional love for someone, there is nothing they or anyone can do to change that feeling. We even love ourselves with condition. The most important unconditional love one must have is for themselves. Then, and only then, they are able to love others unconditionally. God only has and is unconditional love. This love extends to us so we can shine like him on this planet. On this coming Thursday Bijan is going to describe to us, in an easy and loving way, what unconditional love is and how it can empower us at every moment when we open ourselves to it. Please do not miss this Teleseminar since the next one will be on Feb 8th when Bijan comes back to Las Vegas from Toronto's seminars. We would like to invite you and all your friends to be part of this life changing Teleseminar. Please join us on Thursday, Jan 18th when Bijan will explain to us about "Unconditional love VS conditional love" Please call 646-519-5800 / pin 6559# and Enjoy!
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01/16/07 09:50 - 19ºF - ID#37713

King of Kings

What a glorious winter morning scene! The ice clings to tree limbs with a fresh powdery coating of the white stuff, though not nearly enough to require our plowing services. I tried with little success to scrape the half-inch thick layer of ice off the side view mirrors in the work truck. I noticed myself getting irritated, or angry, which is of course preceded by a feeling of powerlessness. Guess I got some "work" to do yet on the path of peace and harmony. I allowed something outside of me to bring me down below the line, but at least I didn't take a picnic basket with me. I noticed it, gave thanks and returned above the line in a matter of seconds. Like I said, it takes practice and no matter how good I get there's always room for improvement.

As if the line at the post office wasn't sufficient to arouse some anger. Rather, I felt peace and joy standing there patiently with a smile on my face eager to send off my application to reserve a shelter at Letchworth State Park wherein I will host a 35th birthday celebration next October. It might sound like overkill in the planning department, but I am actually behind schedule as I missed the cut-off to participate in a lottery drawing for booking facilities at the park in 2007. When I called and spoke with a rep she informed me of this fact so I asked her if I had any chance of getting a confirmation in October, which falls outside the peak season between Memorial Day and Labor Day. She said that my chances were good and so we shall find out hopefully in the very near future. Intuition is telling me to be prepared for spontaneous events during this year of profound transition, so the least I can do is plan a few things in advance. I inquired of the postal clerk how I might go about renewing my passport, which doesn't expire until 2008. She handed me a form and explained the process. I am prepared.

I'm not quite sure how to go about the day ahead. I'm considering meeting up for lunch with a dear friend who lost her aunt to a stroke over the weekend. I also have in mind perhaps going to a movie with my friend Beth cashing in on a free voucher compliments of my bank. I have tentative plans to meet up with this chick I met here on myspace for dinner. Then there's this call on the "six fatal mistakes to avoid in travel writing/ photography" at 8 PM this evening. I haven't even called Andrea yet to make a date. This weekend I have plans to meet up with friends in Rochester for dinner at an authentic Ethoipian restaurant Friday night and I think my cousins are hosting a house warming party. My brother will be in town Saturday evening. No kidding, life is full even though I continue in the luxury of leisure time, thanks in part to a most abnormal winter weather pattern. I have so much to be grateful for and the blessings of this life are many. Carpe diem!

One Love

Anger, SEAN, is a fabulous reminder that there are still a few things being misunderstood.

In all cases.
The Universe
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