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He Who Tells All

You stay awake for nearly 24 hours straight and you're going to get grumpy, if not delusional. Last night's outing did not conclude until I hit the pillow around 2 AM this morning after arising the previous day around 3. But thanks to my responsible and devoted nature people awoke this morning to cleared drives and parking lots. I fought heavy eyes for the last 2-3 hours while finishing up my route. The cup of coffee I had around midnight gave me ups for about 30 minutes max as I was clearing my uncle's car wash lot. I also took care of my parents and sister's place. It's just one of many ways that I express my love. It really would be nice if more peeps would appreciate the plowman, rather than get ticked off as he tirelessly toils. On my way to Wegman's this morning for coffee this chick in a Jeep was right on my tailgate and then darted in front of me at the next traffic light. Like I said, you don't get enough sleep and you're on edge. This is perhaps the most important foundation to my overall wellness. I got my button pushed and thrust open the truck door met with a honk by the driver next to me who may have been concerned that I was going to snap. Well I did, but not to the point of anything regrettable. As she sped away from the light I made a turn into the parking lot and noticed that she too was headed for the same destination. I watched as she parked across the lot from me and wanted to pay her visit just to share of piece of my exhausted mind, but she had quickly scurried inside the store. My vibration is down and I need to be careful of what I attract right now. Today is a day of down time and rest, a mental health day if not physical.

I hope the ups from the cup of French Press rain forest coffee I just consumed persists for the duration of this post. I can already feel it wearing off as I type. But as I can not sleep during the day I must carry on in sleep deprivation until the evening hours. Before my afternoon's repast of pancakes I was enjoying a wonderful IM with my dear friend Jerog, one of many amazing peeps I've met here on myspace. No, we didn't get naughty today as she wasn't feeling sexual, nor was I much "up" to the task in my current state of exhaustion. Besides, all I need right now is another myspace romance. Instead we enjoyed a dynamic and uplifting exchange including talk of planning a Contiki tour in Europe before October 2008. The outfit is geared for peeps ages 18-35 and so the cut off for me is my 36th birthday in about 21 months. That's plenty of time for the Universe to line it up. In the meantime, we've talked about perhaps going into business together. She's quite the savvy and sophisticated entrepreneur with real estate investments, on-line marketing credentials, massage therapy and a full-time gig selling insurance. Oh and did I mention she's fuckin hot? I also received a very important message through her when she shared with me a consultation she had with a holistic practioner. She was told that sex and food will help to ground her. Immediately a bell rung for me as just last night I was contemplating why all of a sudden such intense sexual energy for me. And it made sense. I've been going through such intense vibrational tranformation of late that my body is in need of balancing, hence the increase of release of late. I've also been eating heavier foods, including a visit to my parents' house last night for some beef stew, and lots of pancakes, tacos and subs have been the staple of my diet in recent weeks. Of course being that these are the winter months I am adding a noticeable layer to my mid-riff; however, it's nothing that landscaping won't melt away come spring.

Yesterday I got word from a friend that an old friend had crossed over. I hadn't heard my phone ring and so upon listening to the voice mail I could feel my heart sink as I remembered back years ago when Chris and I would hang out amongst friends. I was never real close to him, but there was a period in my life where he was present during some of my first major changes as a young adult. I remember smoking a lot of weed in our circle of friends, which included my cousin. We also went out to the woods a few times and tripped on LSD wandering like fools for hours with giggles at every comment or visual distortion. Yes, it was a time in my life when my future was wide open and with it the field of possibilities endless. It wasn't long thereafter I had gone off to school and endured the most arduous period of my life, both mentally and emotionally. Indeed, Chris' passing is very symbolic of yet another metaphysical layer from my past sloughing off. I'm not one who chooses to peer into the past for any length or depth, but as a tribute to my friend I have this to offer. R.I.P.

One Love

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You really don't have to try so hard, SEAN.

That's why there's magic and miracles.

The Universe

January 23, 2007
Your Comfort Zone
Create A Soft Place To Land

Our day-to-day demands can quickly take their toll on our well-being if we are not vigilant about caring for ourselves as best we can. One way we can ensure that we have an opportunity to relax and recuperate each day is to create a soft place to land when we arrive home. This landing pad, whether it is an entire room or merely a small corner of a larger area, can provide us with a safe and comforting refuge in which we can decompress and recover from the day's stresses. There, we are enveloped in feelings of security that transcend other issues that may be unfolding in our homes. Our landing pads also act as way stations that enable us to shift our attention away from our outer-world concerns and back to our inner-world needs.

To create a soft place to land in your home, begin by scouting potential locations. Or perhaps your entire home is your landing pad in which case you may only need to declutter. Your habits can often provide you with insight into the perfect spot, as there may be an area of your home you gravitate to naturally when you are in need of comfort. Any space in which you find it easy to let go of stress and anxiety can become your landing pad. A basement or attic, spare room, or unused storage area, furnished with items that soothe you, can give you the privacy you need to unwind. If you appreciate the elements, you may find that spending time in a section of your garden or outdoor patio helps you release the day's tensions. Preparing these spaces can be as easy as replacing clutter with a small selection of beautiful objects that put you in a relaxed frame of mind. Remember to consider noise and activity levels while choosing the site of your landing pad. If you know that ordinar! y human commotion will distract you from your purpose, look for a secluded spot.

The soft place to land that you create should inspire within you the mantra, "I can breath here. I can relax here. I know I am safe here." When you return to your home after braving worldly rigors, you will feel a subtle yet tranquil shift occur inside of you as you settle in to this most personal of retreats and feel centered once again.

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