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01/17/07 07:23 - 24ºF - ID#37748

Sweat Lodge

Hope this post doesn't make the natives restless, no pun intended:)

Buffalotribe Lodge at Ehk-wheh-heh- weh
Sunday January 21st at 9am, fire starts around 6:30 / 7am.

Your presense is always appreciated when you show up early whether you're helping out with the fire or not. It's nice to have people around.
This is my last scheduled lodge to pour at Ekwh for the Buffalotribe lodges. The one year commitment that we made with Tahwehdahqui will be up next month, Feb. 2007. Christopher Sierzchula is scheduled to pour that lodge (Feb. 18th). I was going to do that one but I'm going on vacation for 3 weeks in February so I switched with Christopher. Thanks Chris!
I would love to share this sweat with you if you feel called to come. You don't have to sweat in order to participate in the experience. If you're wanting to come check it out, but not ready to do a lodge, you're welcome to come hang out by the fire (help or not help with the fire and the door to the lodge), or keep warm in the kitchen / classroom building where we will be having a potluck after the lodge.
Suggested donation is $10. However, all are welcome, with or without a financial contribution. In case you're wondering what happens to the money, most of it goes to Tahwehdahqui to pay for resources to use the lodge, and the building, as well as to add to a fund that has been going for the new bathroom we're in the process of building.
Please bring a dish to pass for after the lodge. Please take home everything that you bring (except the food that we eat, that might be a little difficult to get back. ) Bring drinking water, warm clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, a towel or two is a good idea, a plastic bag to put your wet clothes in after the lodge, loose light clothes to wear in the lodge - shorts, tank tops, etc.. Feel free to call me if you have any questions.
A sweat lodge is a traditional native american purification ceremony. It is done outside, next to a fire that heats up the rocks which are brought into the lodge before each round. There are four rounds sybolizing the four directions, or four stages of life. You are welcome to leave the lodge anytime you need to but once you leave you have to wait until the next round to re-enter, unless you are a dog (we have a sweat lodge dog, Jack, who comes and goes as he pleases, no kidding). Look forward to seeing you!
Peace and Blessings,
Laura Jean
716 465-7408

p.s. - I hope to lead more lodges at Ekwh after this one, but I can not promise anything at this point as it depends on more than just me. You will be notified if there are more buffalotribe lodges scheduled after Feb. Either way, Tahwehdahqui pours lodges near or on the Full Moon every month, as well as during gatherings in the summer, and on New Years eve every year at Midnight after the fireworks. He has been an amazing teacher in my life and a good friend as well.

From the 90, take 290 west to Niagara Falls Blvd.
Turn Right on NFB, heading North on 62
Continue on NFB, and then turn Right on 425
Turn Left on 31 (Saunders Settlement Rd., also called Witmer Rd off of the 190)
Take 31 West and turn Right just before Smokin Joes
This road is called Chew Rd, but may not be marked. If you get to Smokin Joes you wen to far, it's the road just before Smokin Joes on the Right.
Then Take your First Right onto Printup Rd. (also may not be marked, but it's the First Right), as you turn Right onto Printup you'll see a driveway on your left. That is where you turn. Ekwh is on the corner of Printup and Chew. Turn Right on Printup, and Left into the Driveway and you are there.
2323 Printup Rd. Sanborn NY 14132
(I also sent a yahoo map to buffalotribe. )

Give yourself a gift & call Laura Jean for a massage! 716 465-7408
www.geocities. com/earthloveljc

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01/17/07 10:24 - 17ºF - ID#37739

I'll Follow The Sun

We're finally experiencing a true Buffalo winter with ice-coated trees making for splendid photo opps, particularly when the sunlight illuminates creating a sparkling effect, like something out of a storybook. So the temps have turned cold and so have our beloved Buffalo Sabres who hope to eclipse a three game winless streak with a visit tonight by the Beantown Bruins. I really do love hockey and long for a return to the days of playing on the pond after school. But that was then and this is now. It just doesn't get any better than right here right now. I could really feel it this morning during my meditation. I was visualizing a golden stream of "exotic matter" entering into me through the crown chakra, bathing my aura and cleansing any impurities. When I came out of it I felt so incredibly high, an all-natural high to be sure.

I flipped on my laptop and was challenged shortly thereafter to remain above the line upon reading a response to one of my posts at (e:strip), just one of many social networking sites where I'm active. I could feel my ego craving to go down below the line with this individual, which I did for a brief period. Once the truck warmed up I headed out for my morning coffee and newspaper ceremony at Wegman's on Sheridan Dr. I was pondering how I might respond to this "criticism", which I found to be destructive, rather than constructive in nature. My mind ran the gamut from an all-out personal attack to something much more appropriate and in harmony with my purpose. Upon returning home I settled on the latter and posted accordingly. Part of the lesson for me is really not giving a fuck what people think about how I choose to live and believe. Another part of the lesson is to convey my beliefs in such a way as to open peoples' hearts and minds for I really believe it to be of infinite value. And like any lesson, whether it be piano, voice or life lessons, it requires practice.

This is cool:

One Love

"One day you'll find that I'll be gone, for tomorrow may rain, but I'll follow the sun..." The Beatles

Do you know what most people wish for, SEAN, when it comes to improving their own life?

More stuff. Especially abundance.

Because they think having more stuff will contribute to their overall happiness.

But do you know what most people wish for when it comes to the lives of the ones they most love and cherish?

Happiness, peace, creative work, fulfilling relationships.

Because they understand that once these things are in order, stuff, especially abundance, will automatically take care of itself.
One of these two things doesn't belong with the other...

The Universe

January 17, 2007
Blessings Called to Mind
Libra Daily Horoscope

An introspective slant to your thoughts and feelings can inspire you to seek a comfortable, quiet, and private place in which to be alone with your reflections today. As you settle in to your meditations, you will likely find that the mainstay of your musings revolves around home, family, and other delicate concerns. You may find that this one-dimensional focus offers you a splendid opportunity to search for insights into the soul of your personal life. Try to remember that your thoughts are neither right nor wrong, no matter what their composition. If you simply let your introspective journey unfold naturally, you may discover that aspects of your relationships and circumstances that were once hidden are now revealing themselves to you in great detail.

The more we muse upon all of the breathtaking blessings we have been given in this life, the greater our appreciation for the bounty we enjoy in our everyday existence becomes. The deep sense of gratitude we feel when contemplating our material resources and emotional connections grows stronger when we bring these gifts to mind because they are thus ever-present in our thoughts. As a result, we are less apt to take the most precious aspects of our lives for granted. We become thoughtful where our spiritual and worldly abundance is concerned, and always ready to articulate our thankfulness and acknowledge the good fortune we enjoy. The richness of your life will become evident to you today as you reflect upon the blessings you have received.

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01/16/07 06:58 - 18ºF - ID#37725

new thread on the spam issue

Yes, I have copied and spliced into my journals excerpts from various on-line sources, mainly DailyOM and And yes, I blog primarily at myspace and often transfer what I've posted there to (e:strip). I got an email from (e:strip) new year's day inviting me to journal here after signing up early last year. I had forgotten all about it and when I went to my journal there was but one brief post with a comment from (e:theecarey) whom I've come to befriend thanks to this site.

Please understand that what I post is with nothing but the best of intentions. I am an extremely passionate individual with wisdom that I so love to share with the world. If I in any way, shape or form offend or annoy anyone that's their business, for it is not in accord with my purpose. There's a saying I really like that serves to keep me navigating sometimes controversial waters of self-realization and actualization, "If you want inner peace you say 'Om!' and if you want outer peace you say 'Fuck Om!'"

One Love
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01/16/07 02:06 - 19ºF - ID#37719

Effortless Prosperity in 2007

Join us this Thursday Jan 18th 2007 at 6:00 pm (pdt) 9:00 pm (edt)
Mastery Effortless Prosperity
Learn to easily transform your life in 5 days!
Mastering Effortless Prosperity The truth is within you and the one that knows exactly what you need to stay prosperous is your own higher self. Bijan became aware of this profound truth in 1989 and since then has taught many people to master effortless prosperity. This February he will be sharing once again the foundations of flawless wealth and abundance. Please join us and share in the upcoming 5 day seminar, MASTERING EFFORTLESS PROSPERITY. This seminar will open you up to your Unlimited Potential and to Flawless Wealth! This powerful five day seminar will take place from Monday, February 26th through Friday, March 2nd, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Special Pricing: At this time your investment for this five day seminar with Bijan is only $500 per person. Take advantage of this early bird pricing and plan now to attend. Space is limited, so please register early. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to open up your heart and your mind to the possibilities of MASTERING EFFORTLESS PROSPERITY. Samia

Greetings Everyone!

Unconditional love VS conditional love Most love on this planet is conditional love. Unconditional love does not judge nor have any boundary and is unlimited. Once you feel the unconditional love for someone, there is nothing they or anyone can do to change that feeling. We even love ourselves with condition. The most important unconditional love one must have is for themselves. Then, and only then, they are able to love others unconditionally. God only has and is unconditional love. This love extends to us so we can shine like him on this planet. On this coming Thursday Bijan is going to describe to us, in an easy and loving way, what unconditional love is and how it can empower us at every moment when we open ourselves to it. Please do not miss this Teleseminar since the next one will be on Feb 8th when Bijan comes back to Las Vegas from Toronto's seminars. We would like to invite you and all your friends to be part of this life changing Teleseminar. Please join us on Thursday, Jan 18th when Bijan will explain to us about "Unconditional love VS conditional love" Please call 646-519-5800 / pin 6559# and Enjoy!
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01/16/07 09:50 - 19ºF - ID#37713

King of Kings

What a glorious winter morning scene! The ice clings to tree limbs with a fresh powdery coating of the white stuff, though not nearly enough to require our plowing services. I tried with little success to scrape the half-inch thick layer of ice off the side view mirrors in the work truck. I noticed myself getting irritated, or angry, which is of course preceded by a feeling of powerlessness. Guess I got some "work" to do yet on the path of peace and harmony. I allowed something outside of me to bring me down below the line, but at least I didn't take a picnic basket with me. I noticed it, gave thanks and returned above the line in a matter of seconds. Like I said, it takes practice and no matter how good I get there's always room for improvement.

As if the line at the post office wasn't sufficient to arouse some anger. Rather, I felt peace and joy standing there patiently with a smile on my face eager to send off my application to reserve a shelter at Letchworth State Park wherein I will host a 35th birthday celebration next October. It might sound like overkill in the planning department, but I am actually behind schedule as I missed the cut-off to participate in a lottery drawing for booking facilities at the park in 2007. When I called and spoke with a rep she informed me of this fact so I asked her if I had any chance of getting a confirmation in October, which falls outside the peak season between Memorial Day and Labor Day. She said that my chances were good and so we shall find out hopefully in the very near future. Intuition is telling me to be prepared for spontaneous events during this year of profound transition, so the least I can do is plan a few things in advance. I inquired of the postal clerk how I might go about renewing my passport, which doesn't expire until 2008. She handed me a form and explained the process. I am prepared.

I'm not quite sure how to go about the day ahead. I'm considering meeting up for lunch with a dear friend who lost her aunt to a stroke over the weekend. I also have in mind perhaps going to a movie with my friend Beth cashing in on a free voucher compliments of my bank. I have tentative plans to meet up with this chick I met here on myspace for dinner. Then there's this call on the "six fatal mistakes to avoid in travel writing/ photography" at 8 PM this evening. I haven't even called Andrea yet to make a date. This weekend I have plans to meet up with friends in Rochester for dinner at an authentic Ethoipian restaurant Friday night and I think my cousins are hosting a house warming party. My brother will be in town Saturday evening. No kidding, life is full even though I continue in the luxury of leisure time, thanks in part to a most abnormal winter weather pattern. I have so much to be grateful for and the blessings of this life are many. Carpe diem!

One Love

Anger, SEAN, is a fabulous reminder that there are still a few things being misunderstood.

In all cases.
The Universe
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01/15/07 11:04 - 32ºF - ID#37696

Find Love TV

A sheet of ice obscures the view out my front window facing east into the advancing storm front. The rain is forecast to changeover to snow later in the day and overnight, but they said the same about last night. I dropped off my Honda last night at the collision shop to finally repair the damage from the October Surprise Storm. I couldn't find the key drop so I returned this morning to deliver the keys in person, which turns out worked in my favor as the shop manager failed to recall details of the work order. I reminded him of the location of the damage and the price range he estimated, which seemed to jar his memory. So now I'm without my white stallion for the next few days, although not without wheels as I had my co-worker Ken drive me over to the nursery to acquire a work truck for the interim. It's a nice job perk for which I offer gratitude. I flipped Ken a fiver for gas and offered him a heaping plate of leftover eggplant parm to which he happily accepted. It's always nice to tithe to keep the balance in the favor department. It not only serves to favor the other party, but also has a way of returning the favor to its origin via the law of abundance.

Dinner at Tara's last night was a splendid treat. Not only was the main entree, eggplant parm, a personal favorite of mine, but the company was especially delightful. My friends Sarah and Gabe with their cherubic daughter Navah Rain joined us for the feast, along with this other kat Chris who is quite the jovial fellow. Tara certainly knows how to throw a dinner party and set a table with exquisite attention to detail, an artistic masterpiece. Her home is an equally ornate expression including elements from Nepal, west Africa, Latin America, both the Near East and Far East. What is most striking about her residence is the vibe, which is warm and tranquil, a pleasant compliment to the visually stimulating decor. I had such a wonderful time that I've been inspired to host my own dinner party in the very near future, perhaps with an oriental theme seated on the floor dining on a tangy stir fry. I really do enjoy entertaining guests and it's on the agenda for 2007.

Before meeting up at Tara's for an evening's repast, I dropped by Shanghai Red's on the waterfront to investigate a reality show seeking candidates for a Buffalo-based show Find Love TV. My mother mentioned it to me at the hospital and later my friend Lydia called me saying that I'd be perfect for it. So I followed this guidance with some resistance only to discover that there was a better than 2 hour wait for interviews. This kat Addison, a rep for A&E, snapped a Polaroid of me and directed me to fill out a brief questionnaire. As I was doing so I was making wise cracks asking if Simon was present to hear me audition Peter Cetera hit for American Idol. One of the questions asked, "What is your idea of the perfect date?" I turned to a couple of the ladies seated in the room asking for help on this one. One of them responded, "Beer and pizza," and I was like, "So what are you doing later?"

This kat seated across from me wasn't offering any help referring to me as the "competition." I mentioned myspace and he immediately went on the offensive critcizing me for having a profile on the controversial website at my age. I responded that the target demographic is ages 18-34 and that people use the site for many purposes. He wasn't hearing any of it commenting how his teenage students think it "creepy" for anyone over age 25 to have a myspace profile and implied that I must be a child molester. We're all entitled to our opinions, although the weaker-minded among us are easily influenced by others. I chuckled and noticed this attractive blonde to my left was getting a kick out of the exchange. So I ended up writing in for my idea of a perfect date "dinner at Fiamma Steak," the owner of which was seated next to me whom I recognized from a feature in Spree magazine. However, what I said out loud differed considerably, "Puts out on the first date." The blonde placed her hand over her mouth trying to hide her hysteria.

I handed Addison my completed form with the paparazzi photo stapled to it and sauntered over to the bar area looking to catch a glimpse of the score in the Patriots/ Chargers game. I sat on a cozy chair by a faux fireplace scanning the room and gazing out into the idle harbor where sailboats dominate the scene in the summer months. I felt the urge to get out and explore making my way for the exit. I strolled along the historic canal slip and paused along the water's edge with a stiff breeze coming off the lake chilling me to the bone. Yet it was quite mild by January standards and I noticed a rollerblader glide by as I was pondering a vision for the future of the highly debated and underutilized lake shore and riverfront. I like the idea of an eco-recreational commercial state-of-the-art "new town" district emerging, while the existing downtown becomes known as "old town" featuring 19th century buildings converted to residential urban loft style and municipal purposes for political and civic services. I'm a fan of privatizing and regionalizing government as well. I say run government like a business and allow basic market dynamics of supply and demand to dictate it's evolution. The days of tax payers picking up the tab for limo rides and big government are numbered.

I returned to the fancy interior of the waterfront's self-dubbed "jewel" for a minute before heading out to grab a mocha latte at Spot Coffee. I debated on whether or not to return to the restaurant, which I did as I had time before dinner. Addison informed me that there was still an hour's wait and directed me back to the bar, obviously doing his part to generate business for the establishment so kindly hosting the operation. I strolled into the bar, did an about-face and bounced. It wasn't until after 7 pm that I got a phone call from a Kevin asking if I was still in the restaurant and would like to be interviewed. I explained that I had dinner plans and would not be available, although I inquired if they'd be hosting a second round of interviews. He said that they may and would keep my name and number on record. So if it's really meant-to-be I'll get another shot at it. I'm really not attached either way. I'm sure it would be fun, or should I say, I'm sure I'd make it fun.

As fate would have it I got a phone call from my cousin Joni during dinner. I returned her call when I got home and listened as she described a rather peculiar incidence. Turns out the blonde who was finding me quite entertaining at the reality show gig recognized me from a picture taken at a New Year's Eve party. Joni's friend Michelle had in mind a fix up b/w her friend Andrea and I having invited her to the party with that intention in mind. However, she never made it to the party that evening so Michelle instead provided her evidence of my presence in the form of a picture. Apparently she liked what she saw, not to mention the impression I made at the interviews. She called Michelle explaining that she thinks she met "Sean Kennedy" and wanted to get her phone number to me via my cousin. Joni said something about co-hosting with Michelle a mojito party next month and inviting Andrea, but when Michelle suggested this to her she replied, "I have to wait until next month to meet him?" Wow. I feel like a celebrity, or perhaps getting a glimpse of what it might feel like anyway. So I took down her number joking with Joni that perhaps I'll invite her out to their chalet in Colden for a soak in the hot tub. Joni was like, "Hey anything we can do to help!" She's such a sweetheart.

So the potential is there for some "action", however my astrologer has advised me against engaging in casual sex, something to do with Saturn and Venus in my 8th house, I dunno? Here I was thinking maybe I should try casual sex with my astrologer? But seriously, I've no clue what to make of this most recent love interest. The good news is that her name is not Jen. I had met two blondes by the name of Jen in the last several weeks so I must finally be over her, thank God. How did I get so stuck on that anyway? I didn't trust my initial instincts and it lead to some smackdown in the heart chakra. But hey, live and learn as the say. I got options in all areas of my life. The main thing is to stay the course with my devotion to effortless living from here on out. If something doesn't bring me peace and joy either I need to change my perception of it or remove myself from the circumstance. Truly practice of the former will lead to the latter by virtue of The Secret. That's the rub!

One LOve

It's no accident, SEAN, that when you look closely into the eyes of another, the very first thing you see, is yourself.

That when you hold their hand, you can feel your own warmth.

And that when you give of yourself, you give to yourself.

Because, quite simply, both you, and they, are me.
Let's get it started, un-huh -
The Universe

"The coming months are to be a bit of a crazy time, when one moment you will seem to reach new heights, and in the next one you will be brought back down to Earth. Whatever happens always keep your eye on the greater goal, and know that this way you cannot be deterred or deflected from your path.

You will feel day-to-day changes, but overall you will be moving up into the higher vibrations. Everything is changing, and look to your younger generations for the wisdom and love they have brought with them. They are also here for a special purpose, and they will come into their own as the months roll by and people will understand that many are extremely evolved souls. Already you have become aware of some who have started their mission, and they will help immensely when the time comes to change the world.

You just do not realize the number of masters who are already with you, and they do not advertise their presence but get on with their work with unparalleled dedication. Heaven has not allowed matters to completely take their own course, and freewill is tempered by the need to ensure that the path ahead is clearly defined, and lit up so that you may find your way.

If you could but see the marvelous interplay of energies that are upon Earth and also reaching it from the higher dimensions, you would be greatly uplifted. Large pockets of light continue to grow exponentially, and a glorious show of many colors permeates the darkest of regions."

- St. Germain 03-January-2007
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01/14/07 02:25 - 31ºF - ID#37683

fire the grid

According to myspace statistics I've had 4,856 visits to my blog in just over three years, with perhaps a third of those visits coming in the last several months as a result of my devotion here. It's effortless for me because I love writing, especially on the subject of Sean. It was actually my 3 year myspace anniversary as of January 12th, hip-hip hooray! So barring a shutdown of myspace I should surpass the 5,000 visit mark sometime this week. I want to thank each and everyone of you who have tuned in over the years, especially my 13 loyal readers, the first of whom subscribed back in late 2005. Nyaweh!

I brought my mother a grande cup of organic green tea to the hospital this morning. She really enjoyed it yesterday so I thought I'd treat her to another serving, not only of tea but also the presence of her eldest child. She appeared noticeably better. It was obvious she was anxious to be discharged from the room and sent home as she sat on the edge of the bed with the fluid dispenser on casters switched to the opposite side where it had been yesterday. She told me that she took to heart what I had shared with her yesterday, which was simply that she needs to put herself first in her life and take better care of herself. She explained that she's been getting that message from God over the years and so hearing it from me has perhaps empowered her to act upon it. I also pointed out that if going to school for her nursing degree is taking a toll on her health that it's better to quit than continue. I went on to say that if your studies do not bring you peace and joy then give it up. She is no less or more a person with or without that degree. If, however, she can make the mental switch in her mind and find the peace and joy in the process, then by all means carry on. And she knows it as she admitted, "What good am I in service to others if I'm not taking care of myself first?"

The water for the tea was tepid at best so I sought out a nurse to direct me to a microwave for a zap to bring it up to temp. I was delighted that the first one I encountered as I stepped out of the room was a sexy little brunette heading down the hallway toward me. She cordially lead me to a small kitchenette with a microwave too small for the large cups. I had to be innovative so I grabbed a small styrofoam cup from the cabinet and proceeded to heat a portion of the water before returning its contents to the original container. Upon returning to the room I sat down as my mother commented on the article she'd been reading in a magazine. It was describing how we're all connected, that we're actually "wired" together providing examples of how a smile or tears affect others. Some of us are more connected, or empathic than others, but it's just another example of science supporting spiritual principles. Science and spirituality is a sign of the times and a native prophecy fulfilled.

The fact (not the theory) that we are all connected is what inspires me to continue my own personal evolution as I raise my vibration progressively through the practice of unconditional love. I know that as I grow in peace, joy, prosperity and gratitude that I can empower others to evolve in kind. In so doing I serve to fulfill my mission which is peace and harmony in the world. I felt myself doing just that yesterday morning when I met with a friend who's been having difficulties of late at her job and domestic life. In a way she's like a client of mine, but rather than charge her for my services I am rather paying it forward so to speak. I understand the principle of karma to be simply what goes around comes around. In a sense, I am really giving to myself when I reach out to uplift another with my wisdom. And the gifts were immediately tangible as I noticed my vibration escalate during our brief meeting at a downtown cafe. The more I can do my part to "fire the grid" with acts of self-love the greater the effect on the whole. We are in times of rapid transition toward multidimensionality. I feel so blessed to be here.

I've got some really good information and tools that I've gathered over the years. And its not like I've mastered it by any means. Reaching out and connecting with others serves to advance my own personal application of the life-changing principles and concepts. It's like anything else, the more you practice the better you get. I remember when I tried out for a lacrosse team in college years ago and I really stunk at first. I had virtually no experience in the sport and it showed. I began training a month before tryouts so I did have an edge in my fitness levels. But it wasn't until perhaps halfway through the season (I "made" the team because there weren't any cuts as it was a new program) that my skills had improved dramatically. By the end of the season I was voted most improved player. And while it required a tremendous amount of work and focus it was rather effortless. Why? Because I absolutely loved playing. If you want an effortless life do what you love. If you're stuck in something you loathe begin by giving thanks and start focusing on where you'd like to go. Before you know it, everything you do will be effortless!

There's a winter storm warning for tonight into tomorrow which means we are on alert for snowplowing. Right now the rain has changed to snow so it is quite likely I'll be working overnight. I don't mind snowplowing, but I do loathe the hours as I'd much rather be sleeping. My intention is to have another source(s) of income by next winter season enabling me to retire from snowplowing. I am thinking that travel writing would be a wonderful opportunity. In the meantime, I'll do my job in the spirit of gratitude and excellence. In such a way I tweak my vibration to put me in resonance with that which I seek to manifest in the material realm. I'm looking forward to a homemade eggplant parmesan dinner tonight gathered with friends. I am so blessed to have such beautiful souls in my life. Truly, my life is incredible!

One Love

January 14, 2007
Keeping in Contact
Libra Daily Horoscope

Today, a lively mood can give you the extra energy you need to both fulfill your outer-world obligations and to spend time nourishing your relationships. Because you likely are in high spirits, you may be on the lookout for opportunities to gather the important people around you for an afternoon or evening of entertainment, conversation, and companionship. If no such opportunity presents itself, consider hosting a casual get-together or a larger party. You may find that your loved ones and associates respond enthusiastically to your invitation and are eager to visit with you in your home. Your shared experiences will likely bring you closer together today, providing you with a potent measure of intellectual and emotional connectivity.

The strength of our individual networks of support and companionship is built upon our willingness to reach out to those who are most important to us in both times of trouble and times of peace. When we take the initiative where our relationships are concerned, surrounding ourselves with family and friends whenever feasible, we make certain that the interpersonal connections we have established through trust, camaraderie, and sharing remain solid. The time we spend enjoying the company of the important people in our lives is not only pleasing to us, but also emotionally nourishing. New bonds are created each time we have communal experiences because we are reinforcing the roles we play in each others' lives. As you entertain friends and family today, you will sense that the ties that bind you are growing increasingly resilient.

What do you think?
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01/10/07 05:22 - 25ºF - ID#37630

El Nino

January 10th and we've plowed but once since the official beginning of this winter season; the infamous "surprise" storm of October notwithstanding. Lake effect snow showers continue to blast off Lake Ontario thanks to arctic winds out of the northwest; however it does not appear to be organized enough for significant accumulation. I remained awake last night keeping vigil as periodic whiteouts visited the region outside, yet it never did sustain. South of the city they got over a foot of the white stuff in ski country where it is being accepted with open arms. Here in the northtowns we remain relatively unscathed by winter's seasonal scorn. And what a blessing its been.

I did end up making it out last night to the Buffalo Entrepreneur Meetup where about 15-16 people had gathered to network, view The Secret and open up for discussion following the film. I was feeling high on gratitude once again throughout the film continuing on into the talking circle upon completion as many of us shared our interpretations and insights on the empowering principles offered therein. What is the "secret"? It is the law of attraction which basically states that we are the cause and everything in our lives is the effect, or we attract it. And like the law of gravity, whether or not you believe in it does not matter, it still applies. If you fall off a building you're going to hit the ground. If you think about something long enough and with enough passion (emotion) you will manifest in the material realm, whether it be conscious or unconscious. This truth can often be at first met with resistance to newcomers on the path of awakening, but really it is the most empowering principle one can adopt. For no matter our current reality, we have within us the capacity to transform it into something more desireable.

On the drive home I was still pumped up but coming down ready for bed. I noticed several car accidents from icy roads and gave thanks that I arrived home safely, as I always do. I addressed an email I had received earlier in the day from a place of love. I had attracted this person and their reaction to my blog so I accepted responsibility. It wasn't a matter of concession out of fear for the individual had little if any legal grounds to pursue the matter. Rather, it was an exercise in the art of letting go, thus you may have noticed I've removed the "2006 Year of Letting Go" post. And I really do need to just let it go once and for all.

One Love

Just because you can have it all, SEAN, doesn't mean there's something wrong with you until you do.

To the contrary, the simple fact that you stand before such infinite possibilities, irrefutably means that you are one bad mamma jamma.

That's a good thing.
The Universe

January 10, 2007
Diffusing Conflict with Love
Libra Daily Horoscope

You may feel edgy today, and unsure about how others will react to your opinions, ideas, or choices. A restless mood can furthermore make interacting with individuals in your home and workplace difficult, as you may respond defensively to critical comments that were likely not meant to offend. Though your ultimate goal may be to avoid conflict, aggression caused by misunderstandings may nonetheless play a role in your day. You can minimize the effect they have on your outlook by responding with copious amounts of love to the negative vibrations that are projected by others. You will likely discover that people cannot maintain their hostile attitudes today when confronted with your generous gifts of compassion and kindness.

When we choose to love rather than react to those who are aggressive, we can easily diffuse conflict because we, in essence, refuse to add any fuel to the aura of antagonism that already has been established. It takes two individuals to hold an argument, and two individuals to keep tension alive. By positioning ourselves apart from anger, and treating those who are angry with compassion, we can effectively quench the flames of hostility. We can better understand the positions held by those in opposition to us because we are willing to examine their thoughts and feelings without posing judgment. Others, seeing our openness to compromise, are then vastly more likely to entertain our own notions of right and wrong. Your feelings of anxiety will disappear today when you approach interpersonal conflict from a strong foundation of love and willing cooperation.

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01/09/07 10:26 - 28ºF - ID#37620

South Buffalo


Mater Creatoris
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It was just one of many latin phrases scribed throughout the ornately decorated Basilica that I had no clue as to the translation. Even with my scientific background in latin nomenclature I was at a loss. However, the utterly glorious display of paintings and sculptures throughout the sanctuary captured and held my interest as I sat in the pew contemplating. I was turned on to this magnificent holy place a few months ago when I met a couple friends out for dinner who wanted to visit on the way to the restaurant. It had such a pacifying effect that I'll never forget. Indeed, the estimated 1500-2500 angels scattered about in artistic display soothe the spirit no matter the state of mind. I enjoyed about a 1/2 hour visit on this trip as several people lingered, some touring the stations of the cross where Jesus made a most legendary journey from the garden of Gesthsemane to crucifixion. It is a tale that has inspired controversy and debate for over 2,000 years and for good reason. Personally, I think it is a powerful metaphor for dying to this world so as to bring in the next.

Upon leaving the Basilica I noticed the sun poking through the overcast skies ahead appearing in the shape of a heart. It was profoundly touching as I attempted to capture it with my camera phone. I made my way just a few hundred yards north for my next stop at the botanical gardens where I enjoyed communion with flora from the world over. It brought back memories of my visits to greenhouses atop Illick Hall back in college when I had made botany an academic focus of my life. I imagined what might have been had I pursued it further than a bachelor's degree, but alas that was then and this is now. I was bummed that the south wing remains closed for renovations where had been my favorite among the facilities' numerous collections- the tropical fruit trees. Funny thing is I had an intuition before leaving today. When I thought of my favorite spot 'mangrove' came to mind. And wouldn't you know it they're are in the midst of installing a replica of the Florida Everglades ecosystem, wherein mangroves are native. I'm looking forward to a future visit upon completion.

I've chosen to pass up an opporunity to gather for a Buffalo Entrepreneur Meet-up this evening. They'll be hosting a viewing of the highly acclaimed film The Secret. I'm feeling the need to continue my rest and recovery. I feel better today, although still not much of an appetite. I felt that wave of gratitude come over me this morning inciting a perm-a-grin type reaction. It's wonderful to be so alive.

One LOve

Every life is heroic, SEAN.

And yours has certainly been no exception.
With deep gratitude from the bleachers -
The Universe

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01/09/07 12:51 - 31ºF - ID#37607

Vedic Solstice

January 14th marks the dawn of time in heaven. This signifies the return of light to the earth plane after 6 months of darkness. On this day the Sun moves into Capricorn. This is the most auspicious time to start a new business, relationship or any other activity. Things done during this time will have divine support.

The energy starts shifting on the 13th through the 15th. All of these days have tremendous prosperity energy. Indra, the king of heaven, rejoices during this time of abundance, fun, and luxury and happiness. To mark this occasion and to welcome the Sun into Capricorn we will do a special homa (fire ritual) for the Sun on January 14th. As this day also happens to fall on a Sunday, it is an especially powerful time.

The Sun governs ones health both physical and mental, self-esteem, proper functioning of the heart and the vision.

Astrological Timings for Ancestors

Each New Moon is a powerful time when the ancestors can interact more easily with you. The most powerful day to perform offerings to the ancestors is on the first New Moon after the Winter Solstice. This year Vedic Winter Solstice in on Sunday, January 14th (ET) and the New Moon occurs on Thursday, January 18, 2007 (ET).

The Winter Solstice is the day on which the relationship of Earth and Sun has changed path heading toward Summer Solstice, and the Earth, Moon and Sun are in a special configuration on New Moon such that the un-illuminated side of the Moon is facing towards the Earth. During this time a special Siva energy is available with great potential for spiritually increasing consciousness.

During this special New Moon on January 18th, your offerings can greatly increase consciousness of ancestors and elevate their awareness. From the other side, on that day, your ancestors are powerful anc can give blessings as they are released into Light. On New Moon days in general, you can maximize this special window or time by doing tarpanam (offerings) every hour between 6 AM and 6 PM.

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