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South Buffalo


Mater Creatoris
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It was just one of many latin phrases scribed throughout the ornately decorated Basilica that I had no clue as to the translation. Even with my scientific background in latin nomenclature I was at a loss. However, the utterly glorious display of paintings and sculptures throughout the sanctuary captured and held my interest as I sat in the pew contemplating. I was turned on to this magnificent holy place a few months ago when I met a couple friends out for dinner who wanted to visit on the way to the restaurant. It had such a pacifying effect that I'll never forget. Indeed, the estimated 1500-2500 angels scattered about in artistic display soothe the spirit no matter the state of mind. I enjoyed about a 1/2 hour visit on this trip as several people lingered, some touring the stations of the cross where Jesus made a most legendary journey from the garden of Gesthsemane to crucifixion. It is a tale that has inspired controversy and debate for over 2,000 years and for good reason. Personally, I think it is a powerful metaphor for dying to this world so as to bring in the next.

Upon leaving the Basilica I noticed the sun poking through the overcast skies ahead appearing in the shape of a heart. It was profoundly touching as I attempted to capture it with my camera phone. I made my way just a few hundred yards north for my next stop at the botanical gardens where I enjoyed communion with flora from the world over. It brought back memories of my visits to greenhouses atop Illick Hall back in college when I had made botany an academic focus of my life. I imagined what might have been had I pursued it further than a bachelor's degree, but alas that was then and this is now. I was bummed that the south wing remains closed for renovations where had been my favorite among the facilities' numerous collections- the tropical fruit trees. Funny thing is I had an intuition before leaving today. When I thought of my favorite spot 'mangrove' came to mind. And wouldn't you know it they're are in the midst of installing a replica of the Florida Everglades ecosystem, wherein mangroves are native. I'm looking forward to a future visit upon completion.

I've chosen to pass up an opporunity to gather for a Buffalo Entrepreneur Meet-up this evening. They'll be hosting a viewing of the highly acclaimed film The Secret. I'm feeling the need to continue my rest and recovery. I feel better today, although still not much of an appetite. I felt that wave of gratitude come over me this morning inciting a perm-a-grin type reaction. It's wonderful to be so alive.

One LOve

Every life is heroic, SEAN.

And yours has certainly been no exception.
With deep gratitude from the bleachers -
The Universe

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