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05/04/05 06:40 - ID#20936


I have strep throat for the third time this year. Amoxicillin is my friend. On a good note I blew off work for the rest of the day, got my Nexus pass and bought some neato lights from Pier One.

Keep your fingers crossed for (e:paul)
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04/30/05 12:20 - ID#20935


After one of the suckiest days ever, I race out of work to the Apple store...only to find it closed until 6pm. Two hours later I go back and purchase my copy of Tiger.

Its really not that impressive. I think its cumbersome. Dashboard is a neat application but the widgets are not really what I was expecting. I wish I could customize them more than I am able to.

The address book is still lame and iPhoto is no longer included. ugh. I had to go back to my Panther disc and reinstall an older version of iPhoto.

Spotlight is neat as is Safari RSS but I really like firefox.
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04/24/05 08:36 - ID#20934

All Done

I finished Paul's recommendation letter for his application for a faculty position. Thank you for asking me Paul. I hope this helps.


Dr. Barbara Irwin
Canisius College
Lyons Hall
2000 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14208

Dear Dr. Irwin,

It is with pleasure and confidence that I submit a recommendation for Paul Visco. I have known Mr. Visco for three years. Two years of which I was a student at Canisius College studying under the Communication Department.

Paul is hands-down one of the most creative and insightful people I have the pleasure of knowing. I have watched since its inception, a virtual community created by Paul blossom from a small few member virtual discussion board into a fully interactive virtual community called

I believe speaks volumes of Paul's dedication, intuition, and creativity. He has a fundamental understanding of the philosophy and development of technology, particularly its effects on the human population (i.e. students).

As a professor, I noted Paul to be extremely patient. He has a thorough understanding of technology and its best utilization as a learning tool. As an instructor of DMA 201, Paul instilled in his students, including myself, the fundamental skill sets of the programs we were presented with. Walking into the class knowledgeable in most of the programs we were learning, I found Paul to easily cater to my more advanced learning pace while giving first time students time to explore and learn the programs at their own pace. Paul performs the delicate act of balancing learning speeds with ease and confidence.

Creativity is a valuable tool. Paul Visco has enough for two lifetimes. He has tirelessly invested his personal time in the development of A spectacular example of Paul's computer-imaging skills is a 3D interactive model Paul created a few years ago of the environment around his apartment on Elmwood Ave. This 3D model allowed the user to navigate around a virtual makeup of Paul's immediate neighborhood and living quarters. It is one of the most fascinating things I have seen.

As long as I've known Paul, he has never been complacent. He is continually experimenting with technology, teaching himself new things and always pushing the envelope.

Paul Visco is a superior match for your position. Canisius College has strived to bring its students the most intelligent and creative faculty to influence them and help them become the leaders of tomorrow. Paul's skills and teaching abilities have been proven through his employment at Canisius for the past five years. I believe him to be a superior instructor and friend and strongly support an evaluation of his work for this position.


Matthew Grasela
Alumnus, Canisius College
Class of 2004
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04/18/05 07:29 - ID#20933

Stupid Mondays

I don't do complaints. Blah.


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04/11/05 10:45 - ID#20932

Pictures from Letchworth

It was muuudddyyyyyy!

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04/10/05 10:19 - ID#20931


I went to Letchworth today with Jeff. What a great day! It was so warm and quiet.If you are looking for a fun time now that its warmer, I recommend the drive out there. Its still a little muddy, but we had a good time.
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03/19/05 04:38 - ID#20930


I fell asleep at 9pm last night and woke up at 7am. Now I'm super-tired and want to go to bed again.

Anyone going to Trimania tonight? I hope its fun.

Pushing aside Crown and Coke, I've discovered the even-better joy of Jack and Coke.
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03/19/05 01:33 - ID#20929


Happy Birthday Matthew!
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03/14/05 10:30 - ID#20928

The iPod Story

The first time I bought an iPod, I got the 20 gig model and an armband to go with it. The original plan was that I would be able to run with it. I get it home, load the songs onto it, throw it in the arm band and put the arm band on my arm. It was really awkward to use the controls to switch songs, and I kept wanting to look at the screen when I was moving. I wound up taking it back less than three hours later.

Jeff gets back from his trip and has an iPod Shuffle waiting for me :oD So far so good. Its a lot lighter and fits on my arm better. Bonus was that I didn't know it held files until I read the manual.

balls out fun :oP

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03/12/05 07:55 - ID#20927


(e:ajay) geocaching looks like crazy fun!

After eating dinner and coming back up here and reading my naked journal entry, I feel like I should redirect the question to (e:paul).

Would it be so terrible if someone posted a naked picture of themselves on here?

I'm not looking for a definitive answer; just something to chew on. I see no difference in a naked user pict and the pictures of where we view the (e:strip).

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