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Category: criminal

09/30/05 11:58 - ID#20627

My Jekyll

uh ooooh, it's that time agan!

i have been very, very well behaved for one month. long enough, in my book. the time has come, yet again, to get absolutely trashed.
(e:lilho) talked about going out tonite- whether that materializes or not, i will be drunk and stupid tonite. i have a bottle of tequila and i'm not afraid to use it! this week has been LONG and the past couple have been confusing and full of me being sick and grumpy. NO MORE. tonite i will not think! i will drink, and then drink, and then drink some more!
and if you are a boy i suggest you be on yr guard, i'm a bit of a jumper, in the best of all possible ways.

maybe i should give a name to my jekyll half that comes out on these nites. any suggestions for my sot-loving, bowl-smoking, on-top-of-bar dancing alter ego will be much appreciated.

i am going to be a stupid moron tonite... i absolutely cannot wait.

in the meantime, let me divulge to you my brilliant plan!

okay. it is now lunchtime, after which will be 6th, 7th, and 8th period. now, 6th period i have astronomy, which isn't a big deal, just a boring ass class. whatever. 7th i have a history of china test which i am SURE to fail should i go. SO, i'm going to go into the infirmary at the end of lunch/beginning of astronomy, stay sick and study for my 8th period art history quiz, then emerge to take it having missed me 7th period history of china test!

i know i'm good.

now, complications: someone could realize my brilliant plan, spill, and come to get me in the infirmary. fuck. what will i do? deny, deny, deny. be sick and unable to go upstairs for aforementioned test.
also, my art history classroom is just beyond my chinese history classroom, which means i'll have to pass by to get to my 8th period class. fuck. how stealth can i be?

i'll guess we'll see.
ooh, seniors doing shots in the second floor bathroom? i must join in...

i love private school.
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