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07/12/05 11:56 - 83ºF - ID#20944


Today was so hot and muggy. I came home on my lunch and went swimming. I think I pulled something in my left arm when I fell off the rock this weekend. After I finished doing laps, my arm really hurts.

I hope tomorrow is just as nice. I want to go sailing. :)


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07/12/05 07:48 - 71ºF - ID#20943


the pressure is on, I just noticed that I have had 2848 views in a little over a year. I guess I should write something worth while. :op

its gonna be a H O T day. I wish I could just stay home and swim all day.


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07/11/05 07:20 - 86ºF - ID#20942


Yeah! The watermelon motif is back. haha this is my favorite one!

(e:paul) I hear you about running in place. I really resented Canisius after graduation when I realized that most of us didn't have a job and didn't have the slightest idea when we would be getting one. What a let down. Paul is so talented; just look at this site. I don't think your $70k was a waste, you're going to find something to do that will make this whole thing worth while.

haha the flip side of all of this is that my friend Geoff is teaching piano two days a week and loving it, never finished college and is ridiculously talented. is it really more talent than intelligence or are they one in the same? Not to say that Geoffrey isn't intelligent,its just that he could have gone to college to become what he already is.

blah. here's to spending $20k more so I can hang another diploma on my wall in 2007.
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07/10/05 01:50 - 82ºF - ID#20941

Pictures from panama rocks

here are some pictures from yesterday. the weather was so great.

I jumped a couple seconds later and landed on my ass. all these little kids were underneath where I was standing and laughing at me.




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07/09/05 08:11 - 79ºF - ID#20940

Panama Rocks

Jeff and I went to Panama rocks today. What a cool trip. The place wasn't that big, but we spent about three hours climbing rocks and walking around. I slipped and whacked my hand pretty badly, but it still works.
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07/04/05 09:30 - 85ºF - ID#20939


type type type What an awesome summer this is turning out to be. Its been really hot but its nice to be able to go out and enjoy it after work.

My workspace mate and I are investing in a fish tank and some plants this week to make our windowless, air conditioned box more humane. She almost had a panic attack on Friday when she realized that she could be doing this for the rest of her life. haha

After watching almost 15 episodes of King of the Hill today, I think I finally warmed up to it. Slow day on FX I guess.

(e:mike) when are you gonna call me so we can chill?!

I wish I was a dog sometimes. Mine are pretty spoiled.
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05/14/05 12:49 - ID#20938


Anyone remember NesQuik and the metal canisters that hurt your fingers when you tried to open them?

Mmm yea!
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05/11/05 10:44 - ID#20937


Canisius sucks... even more that they hired another noname to hassle students.
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05/04/05 06:40 - ID#20936


I have strep throat for the third time this year. Amoxicillin is my friend. On a good note I blew off work for the rest of the day, got my Nexus pass and bought some neato lights from Pier One.

Keep your fingers crossed for (e:paul)
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04/30/05 12:20 - ID#20935


After one of the suckiest days ever, I race out of work to the Apple store...only to find it closed until 6pm. Two hours later I go back and purchase my copy of Tiger.

Its really not that impressive. I think its cumbersome. Dashboard is a neat application but the widgets are not really what I was expecting. I wish I could customize them more than I am able to.

The address book is still lame and iPhoto is no longer included. ugh. I had to go back to my Panther disc and reinstall an older version of iPhoto.

Spotlight is neat as is Safari RSS but I really like firefox.
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