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Category: heritage

08/27/07 05:33- ID#40760

I am (an) Italian

Well just about everybody knows that that is what I am ethnically but soon enough I will be able to really say I am an an Italian when I reclaim my citizenship. I finally got all the paperwork I needed - really in order. I guess it would be cooler if I could say it in Italian - I think it would be "Sono un italiano"

The next step is dragging myself and my stuff to the consulate in New York City and probably dragging my mother and maybe brother along with me. I suggested we take (e:mike) to and make it a Mom and me trip, lol. I wonder if there is a consolute in Toronto I could go to considering I am applying to reclaim my Italian citizenship which has little to do with America. Seems like it should not matter where the consulate is.

I am kind of excited and a little be apprehensive because it opens up so many possibilities as a world citizen.
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