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Category: birthdays

09/01/14 01:25- ID#59354 pmobl

Happy Birthday Mike

So many birthdays in one month.


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Category: jabe

08/31/14 06:06- ID#59353 pmobl

Worms need not apply

I'd be scared to be a worm around Jabe.


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Category: jabe pond

08/31/14 05:38- ID#59352 pmobl

Last Day

A week of wonderful weather until the last day. We left just in time for the rain to start. This is the last blur of the green forest surrounding Jabe before we pulled away. The speed of the shot and blurriness almost make it look like a painting.


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Category: camping at jabe

08/31/14 05:36- ID#59351 pmobl

One Last Night Of Fire

I will miss having camp fires and roasting meat every night. Not sure if my heart feels the same, lol.



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Category: birthdays

08/31/14 05:34- ID#59350 pmobl

Happy Birthday Terry

We coudln't find a cake but we managed to find a pie at a bakery in Ticonderoga near Jabe and some birthday candles at the general store in Hague.

It was an amazing pie and I think (e:terry) had a pretty good day. The weather was amazing and we let him sit around in the shade and read his book.

Even the little camp mouse that stalked us got excited when a cherry fell on the ground and he rushed over to snatch it up before we could grab it.

I can't believe how fast the years go by. I love you so much! Sorry if I stress you out with my terrible driving. Happy birthday!!!

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sina said to sina

sina said to paul
this place really is beautiful
I love to be there.
Incidentally, the photos are so beautiful...

sina said to paul
wow haaapppyyy birthday dear terry
<3 <3 <3...

sina said to mike
happy birthday to you dear mike
wish the best