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Category: swimming

09/29/14 03:26- ID#59424 pmobl

Swimming in Erie

We went down to Presque Isle for the day. I wish we left to go earlier, as in earlier in the summer, lol.

It was still nice to swim in a cleaner part of lake Erie. The beaches are so nice there.










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Category: church of the ascension

09/26/14 08:29- ID#59422

American Repertory Theater of WNY

Another group of renters, a different time, same bullshit. People who think parking rules are not for them and its okay to park on a lawn in the city. If everyone parked on the lawn in the city, we wouldn't have lawns.

When (e:Joe) nicely exclaimed through the window, to one of the parkers that its illegal to park on the lawn, he apparently upset them. Matthew LaChiusa, of the American Repertory Theater of WNY, came out to confront me and said, "he is sick of this and isn't going to take it anymore." and that the Church of the Ascension gives them permission to park on the lawn. I seriously doubt this after the intense drama we had in the past over lawn parking. (e:paul,52485) (e:paul,54105) (e:paul,53913)

First, I found this totally weird because I have almost never talked with Matthew LaChiusa other than the first day they started and secondly because I have graciously let them use my skirt to get into Church's illegal driveway for a very long time. I really thought this was all behind us.

I was kind of surprised he was not just saying, "oh sorry, we will move the cars." So I said, "who the fuck cares what the Church says, its illegal, you can't do it and you are taking a nice lawn and turning into a disgusting muddy parking lot. Do people park on your lawn, or your neighbors lawn?"

If the Church is really okay with it, why not just park on the big lawn on the North St side.

He told me I shouldn't use such foul language. At this point I decided the best solution was to turn on the power washer, but sadly it was out of gas ;(

Then they added a second car to the lawn. The third for the evening. Then I decided to call parking enforcement, you know the city loves parking money ( its $50 a ticket afterall) and I gave them a chance to move so I don't even feel bad.

Over time the renters at the church have done such a job on the driveway, grass, sidewalk, walkway etc. Its sad because it seems like the Church people really do a good job keeping up their property otherwise. So many of the browstone sidewalks are cracked from vehicles driving on them.

So here's the deal Matthew LaChiusa. In the end, I am going to win. You can either make sure your attendees and staff park nicely in the driveway like civilized people or I am going to drive them out like last group and make sure that no one ever wants to come here to see your plays again. You can choose.
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Category: food

09/26/14 07:48- ID#59420

Gluten Free Bakery In Buffalo

Saw this today on my way home from williamsville traveling down Kensington Ave by bike.

They have a website too

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Category: stupid shit

09/26/14 12:12- ID#59418

Red Hat Says Client-Server Era Is Over

The age of client-server computing is giving way to cloud and mobile and Red Hat wants to lead the way as enterprise computing makes this key transition from one computing era to another. "Right now, we're in the midst of a major shift from client-server to cloud-mobile. It's a once-every-twenty-years kind of change," Whitehurst wrote in the blog post.

..because a cloud isn't a server and a mobile device isn't a client, right.

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Category: roadkill

09/24/14 02:14- ID#59407 pmobl

The Craziest Roadkill

I never saw one like this before. Its all gone now.

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