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Category: grossness

10/11/06 06:58 - ID#37207

disgustingly delicious...

oh my god. two days later, and im starting to feel the pain of the pound cheeseburger, onion rings/fries, halfa milkshake, and two sodas i had on monday at cheeburgercheeburger. and that was just for lunch. i think i may have some crazy eating disorder where i just can't get full. has anyone ever heard of such a thing?



then, after you have gorged yourself on bovine gristle, they come out with aformentioned (in image!) pretend burger. they commence to announce your slothenliness to the rest of the diner. there is clapping and the flashing of camerabulbs.

so yeah. doing that, then eating the leftovers of somone elses meal about an hour later- coupled with playing dodgeball till you are sweaty and then standing out in the cold is apparently enough to make me sick for some reason. muscles are sore from coughing.

so what did i do? i took offa work today. i may not be that sick, but id rather take my chances on getting better before i get worse. my boss is cool enough to let me just change my schedual on the fly like that and come in on another one of my days off. so thats what im doing. no way i would be able to work with the combined acid reflux/coughing/sore throat/sore muscles i have today. i can hardly sleep as it is, but im gonna try.

anyone wanna bring me some chiken soup? :P
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