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01/31/07 10:20 - ID#37946

my funny anti-valentine

if you know me, you would know of my disdain for the hallmark holiday referred to as valentines day. only in this day and age can we have a holiday meant to bring people together making them feel more isolated and alone.

i for one, will not stand for it. so i bring to you, my avid fellow valentines-haters, two weeks of anti-valentines celebrations (a division of Vycious Entertainment, TM).

starting tomorrow i will begin posting, daily, of my hatred and frustration regarding this most false of holidays. each day will have a new song with posted lyrics and info for your enjoyment, thoughts and impressions on the concepts of romance and romantic love (with the cheapening of such by said commercial day), and maybe a little history lesson or two.

the end of this celebratory will involve movies (anti-schmaltzy-romance) and chocolate sundae overdoses for my fellow anti-v supporters and i, either at my place or some as of yet undisclosed, larger, location.

i look forward to enabling your vents and aiding your days through this most troubling time...

... all hail Discordia!
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