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Category: bounderies

10/15/06 09:05 - ID#37210

adventures in one dimention...

blessed are the single minded, for they know nothing of their limits.

recently, i have been comparing my (would-be) love life to that of a Möbius strip. being one-dimensional, it is all inclusive and rather limited- although infinite, paradoxically. it spans within its boarders, trailing endlessly. to exist in one dimensional space would allow travel to any time or location.

and here i am. more correctly, we are. i look to the forward me; and i, we, they look back at who i was, am, and shall be. side by side we sit. we always have. the many things outside this space move around the boarders coalescing and forming, but never permeating or sublimating. the actions of the past/present/future have all been within me, change being something matrons whisper to three dimensional offspring. all within me...

eyes shut, the expanse of my will fills the void. consciousness cascading and parsing itself through me, i feel so endless and open. eyes closed- self reigns and the hammer of subjective paradigm holds no sway. its here that my *self* resides, in this limitless/contradictory vessel, free of the simple carbon strands that bind me to that place which will never be real enough.
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