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07/31/06 08:52 - 82ºF - ID#36284


I uploaded one of The Alison Pipitone Band's songs to my page ;) It's called sUnShinestAr. And it's one of my favorites :)

I also forgot to mention in my last post that if you can't pick up the Lake, head over to and you can listen online :)

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07/31/06 08:45 - 82ºF - ID#36283

Alison Pipitone Interview Tonight!!

Everyone has to listen to 107.7 The Lake tonight at 10:00 PM. The Local Show is on, and there will be an interview with Alison Pipitone and Pat Shaugnessy of The Alison Pipitone Band. I'm interning for them, so I got to go to the studio when they did the interview :) It is rad! Hilarious! And very informative. They talk about how close Al's first band was to signing to a record company and how they got screwed over.
I think everyone should listen :) Also, pick up the band's latest album, Tigerbabies, in stores now!!

  • mwahs*
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07/04/06 11:19 - 70ºF - ID#36282

Alison Pipitone's New CD

I LOVE it!! Everyone who's anyone has got to pick up this cd and take a long hard listen :) It is beyond superb!! I went to her VIP CD release party and Al and her band played the whole cd live for us. WOW. I LOVE seeing Alison perform live with the full band :) Takes my breath away everytime :)

So anyways...check out:

And look up the Alison Pipitone Band at Myspace. No new songs up yet, but I'm sure there will be soon :)

Until then, if anyone would like to preview a few songs before rushing off to buy the album, let me know and I'll send them to you :)

  • mwahs* And happy Fourth of July :)

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Category: drama

12/13/05 04:24 - 21ºF - ID#36281

Oh la la..

Ma petite soeur....she got in a huge fight with her little friend. And they are best friends...and they started yelling and swearing at each other on the phone. So I had to step in and stop it. I started telling them all this stuff, like, even though they are mad at each other, they should control their tempers, and not swear or shout. Because it could bring about the end of the friendship and they could say something they really don't mean....and then my wee sister got mad. but I had to do it...
i hope they work things out. cuz they are both being rude to each other. and blah blah blah...I've never gotten in a fight with my friends..and I'm soo glad about that..
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12/08/05 04:20 - 26ºF - ID#36280

*Daddy's CD*

My dad was in the studio last weekend recording his first ever cd! I'm really proud of him :) He's dreamt of recording an album since he was about my age. And then me and Heather decided we wanted to take a Song Writers Workshop at Keppler's Music Center in West Seneca, that Alison Pipitone was teaching. But we didn't want to take it unless Daddy came too. So he decided he'd go. And he started writing songs again! I guess that for the past few years, he has only picked up his guitar a few times. Cuz things have been so busy and stuff. But after he joined the workshop, he started writing every night again. And then one day Alison told him that his songwriting was amazing, and that he should record an album. And now, he's recording that album at Audio Magic :) And I'm very happy for him. Cuz he's so excited and happy about this whole thing. I think he's doing vocals and stuff this weekend. And then the cd will be "out" sometime in the first few months of 2006.
I'm excited. My daddy's music is good, even if it's not totally my style :)

That's all I feel like saying...cuz I really do not feel like talking about school, lol. I'm just too sleepy.
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Category: religion

11/20/05 07:33 - 45ºF - ID#36279

Conformation Retreat...

so yeah....i had to go to some stupid all day retreat for my conformation...and it was so freaking insane. Firstly, it's all day on a sunday...I just like sitting around at home on sundays..cuz I've gotta get up and go to school on Monday..
But here's the juicy part:
He asked us 26 questions and had us fill out this paper saying if we agreed, strongly agreed, disagreed, or strongly disagreed...and then he would say the question number and we'd have to go to the corner that corresponded with the answer we chose.. Well anyways, this guy was so freaking conservative... we all got really offended by some of the stuff he was saying, so some kids started debating with him...cuz that's what this thing was..a debate. But he got all defensive and stuff. He'd cut us off when we tried to express our opinions on "God's Will" and on premarital sex and abortion and all this other crap. And then he'd make us listen to his opinion... So this girl finally raised her hand and was like "excuse me, but I thought this was a debate. We try to tell you our opinions, and you just shoot them down. Then you expect us to listen to you and believe in your opinions." And then he got all mad...and eventually he yelled and told us that none of us were open minded...but he's the real close minded person..
Ooo, and this guy was like "you're just telling us the black and white of things, and expecting us all to see everything that way. But there are so many other things to consider..." And the preist got soooooo mad..
So, eventually the guy got so frustrated and mad at us that he just got up and left. And he didn't come back for like an hour for the parent/kid mass... It was funny. But I still feel bad for the guy...
I guess it took all the other retreat groups like 45 minutes to complete that whole 26 question debate thing...and it took us more than an hour and a half to get through only 10 questions.
Welp, I guess we just care more about our opinions or something...
Oh yeah, this guy kept telling us how none of us followed the rules of God anymore, and that in like 10 years, there would be no rule left in our world... And we somehow got to the topic that maybe God has to change some of his rules, cuz the society we live in is so different from the time Jesus lived in..and the preist got really, really pissed off... He was ranting about us all to our parents at mass...

And I must say, that was a huge f**king waste of my precious time....I could have practiced my French, or listened to music, or read a book, or did my homework, or spent some time on the computer, or wrote...instead of going to that 7 hour retreat...

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11/12/05 10:43 - 52ºF - ID#36278


I'm awefully tired....just got back from a friend's birthday party...well, actually, I didn't just get back about 2 hours ago, but whatever....I've been listening to some good music for the past long while... and I've got this line from a song stuck in my head....I've gotta make it into a song, just keeps playing and playing and I'll have to sing it to Heather so we can put it to's not the most poetic line, like I'm used to writing, but it'd make for a good punk song...
"I'm on the ground
I'm on the ground and bleeding
You shot me down
You shot me down and now you're gonna pay
Yeah, now you're gonna pay
F*** You!"
...and that's all I've got. Maybe I should write more to't feel like it. I'm practically falling asleep as I write! I realized these past few months that I'm really a morning person...I canNOT stand getting up early, but once I'm up, I've got too much energy....and when I try to stay up late, I'm just dead! I swear, it was like 7 PM today, and I was falling over half's insane.. Of course, it could just be school....cuz we all know what that can do to a person..
Wow, there are so many little icons up there for different things I can do to customize my blog, but I have no idea how to use them, or what they're for...maybe I should take a day and learn, lol. maybe it would do me some good...
I can't feel my right hand. and it's really's really cold, but my left hand is nice and toasty warm, and I don't know why...they are both like, together or whatever....doing the same thing...typing....
I haven't been able to drink coffee these past few weeks without getting really sick, it gets my heart rate up. It never used to do it. Maybe I just drink it at the wrong time or something. I love coffee, so I drink it like an hour or two before bed sometimes, but then I can't sleep cuz my heart is like, going crazy,'s insane. Then last night, I went to bed and hadn't had any coffee all day, and I just feel right to sleep....insane indeed...
I've got a song by Anti-Flag stuck in my head....
"F*** the flag and F*** you!
F*** the flag and F*** you!"
and blah blah's one insanely great song.
I watched their Death of a Nation dvd last night. It was great fun. I actually wanted to write some new songs with Heather. But she wanted to watch tv. So I grabbed my dad's laptop and the dvd and watched it on my bed.. the entire thing: all the songs, all the special features...took quite a while too. But it was well worth it. Those guys rock.
I need some good chick punk/rock bands to listen to...I've got plenty of guy bands....but I've gotta support the girls, lol..
The Juliet Dagger freaking rock:

They are insanely good. And they are the sweetest people too. I speak with Erin and Josh quite a bit.. Oh, look at that...just went to the site cuz I haven't been there in ages. They are doing a show on Nov. 18th at Nietzsches....of course, it's 18+, so I can't go for two more years...It's at 9PM. So if you're over 18, go see them and tell me how it goes...
Oh yeah...Shira Girl is quite awesome too....I forget the website for that..haven't gone there much. I saw them at Warped Tour. Pretty good. Very different.
Sooooo....I'm running out of things to fingers are becoming slurred, lol...instead of my speech, since I'm not talking... Maybe I should go to BED! I should....But I don't feel like it.
Oooooo, I'm going to the PanCake House tomorrow morning! I can't wait...I haven't been there in ages, and I want some raspberry pancakes! mmmm....
Oh shit..that also reminds me..I've gotta write up a Psychology report for Tuesday...3 to 4 pages long...which really should be nothing, since I always write huge long things....cept this is a school report, not a creative writing piece, or whatever....I freaking hate reports...Oo, and I also have to find someone to print for me, since the printer is still fried....and I still have no freaking idea how it wasn't on in a lightening storm or anything... Daddy has to get it fixed..or buy a new one...whatever he feels like doing I guess...Sucks though, cuz it's gonna cost a ton of money that we don't have.. But once I get a job I can help pay for things like that.

Good Night.
Bon Soir.
A Bientot.
Tu es dans mes reves.....
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11/03/05 03:33 - 61ºF - ID#36277

Sally Anthony

Soooo.....Sally Anthony is an amazing singer/songwriter! mwahaha...I got her "Vent" cd for free in the mail one hot and lonely summer day...And I took a listen, and fell in love with the sound....It's a lot different from the stuff I usually listen to, though. It's like...I don't know..Weird chick rock? lol...She's got lots of different influences. And it makes her sound so unique.
But anyways, if anyone reads this, check out her site at
Or find her at MySpace. Cuz she's such a sweetheart :)

And on to the next subject.... Field Trip Tomorrow!! Woot! Field Trips were totally cut out of the Orchard Park school district budget for a few long years...and now they are back! And since I'm so awesome and smart and taking French 4 Honors, I got the opportunity to go on a field trip to Olde Fort Niagara! Yes!! It's like, my favorite place to go!! My family actually just went there a few weeks ago, for the firest time in years...I convinced them to take me, haha. And I had the time of my life! And now, I'm going again! I can't wait! And what's even better, I get to speak French ALL day! mwahaha...and of course, I miss a whole day of school!
I can't wait...
A Bientot!
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11/02/05 04:30 - 52ºF - ID#36276

another day...

School kinda wasn't really that bad tho..just one of those days where you're sleepy, but you aren't dying to get out of class... Only aweful thing was that I had some work to make up, cuz I was sick yesterday. I got to stay home. Which was very fun, actually. I went a wee bit on the net, I took a really nice long shower, I backcombed my dreadies cuz they were starting to loosen *gahhhhhh* And then I played my bass and practiced my band's new song. Since I'm the one who's gonna be stuck singing it. But lol, that's fine with me.
I have to make up a Psychology test tomorrow after school. which will kinda suck, since I hate staying after on thursdays, cuz that's when I have drum lessons...But Ray isn't here this week anyways, so it's ok. If I feel like staying home, I can. But I love going and sitting at Kepplers. lol, I socialize with everyone! I'm such a non-talkative person at school...but then you get me to music lessons, and I'm buddies avec everyone....
But anyways.. Rina was just over for a little while. She stayed after and such. And then she came over and hung out. We've got band practice on friday!! woot! I'm excited. Extremely excited. We haven't had a band practice in a few weeks! Heather and I wrote up a list of things to discuss with Adam and Rina about the band. Like, when we meet and stuff. We want to get in at least one practice a week...and if we can't have one during one week, we'll have two the next week or something... Cuz we seriously need to get working. We've gotta get some more new songs down, too. Cuz besides the one I'm singing, we don't have any more. Cuz Heather wants to reform Boy in Band, and rewrite the guitar and stuff.....
I can't wait for Friday! woot! mwahaha

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10/28/05 06:03 - 44ºF - ID#36275


Yes!!!!! So, I finally got my surprise from!!!! Woot!! It's the site's 1 year birthday....and the wonderful woman who runs it is friends with Alex Band (The Calling) and he sent her a wonderful little song that he wrote for Doll Graveyard, one of his father's cute little horror movies! tehehe...I freaking love it!!!!!!! I've been listening to it for hours now... can't ever get sick of it! So..if anyone happens to strole upon this journal, go to and listen to the song!!!!!!

On another's the weekend!!!!!!! And Halloween is on Monday!! And I have to teach religion tomorrow...but that's fine. Mwahaha, I can't wait to watch all those stupid bad "horror" movies on tv this weekend!! I love them...I wonder if any of Alex's dad's movies will be on? One can always hope...

"100 years of waiting, 36 thousand days....." What a great song...

Hmm...what else to say...
Louis, our French exchange student, left today. It's really sad. He was very nice! And very cute, lol...and he speaks french!! lol.. dreamy....

  • hugs*
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ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...