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12/08/05 04:20 - ID#36280

*Daddy's CD*

My dad was in the studio last weekend recording his first ever cd! I'm really proud of him :) He's dreamt of recording an album since he was about my age. And then me and Heather decided we wanted to take a Song Writers Workshop at Keppler's Music Center in West Seneca, that Alison Pipitone was teaching. But we didn't want to take it unless Daddy came too. So he decided he'd go. And he started writing songs again! I guess that for the past few years, he has only picked up his guitar a few times. Cuz things have been so busy and stuff. But after he joined the workshop, he started writing every night again. And then one day Alison told him that his songwriting was amazing, and that he should record an album. And now, he's recording that album at Audio Magic :) And I'm very happy for him. Cuz he's so excited and happy about this whole thing. I think he's doing vocals and stuff this weekend. And then the cd will be "out" sometime in the first few months of 2006.
I'm excited. My daddy's music is good, even if it's not totally my style :)

That's all I feel like saying...cuz I really do not feel like talking about school, lol. I'm just too sleepy.
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Category: music

11/03/05 03:33 - ID#36277

Sally Anthony

Soooo.....Sally Anthony is an amazing singer/songwriter! mwahaha...I got her "Vent" cd for free in the mail one hot and lonely summer day...And I took a listen, and fell in love with the sound....It's a lot different from the stuff I usually listen to, though. It's like...I don't know..Weird chick rock? lol...She's got lots of different influences. And it makes her sound so unique.
But anyways, if anyone reads this, check out her site at
Or find her at MySpace. Cuz she's such a sweetheart :)

And on to the next subject.... Field Trip Tomorrow!! Woot! Field Trips were totally cut out of the Orchard Park school district budget for a few long years...and now they are back! And since I'm so awesome and smart and taking French 4 Honors, I got the opportunity to go on a field trip to Olde Fort Niagara! Yes!! It's like, my favorite place to go!! My family actually just went there a few weeks ago, for the firest time in years...I convinced them to take me, haha. And I had the time of my life! And now, I'm going again! I can't wait! And what's even better, I get to speak French ALL day! mwahaha...and of course, I miss a whole day of school!
I can't wait...
A Bientot!
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