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11/20/05 07:33 - ID#36279

Conformation Retreat...

so yeah....i had to go to some stupid all day retreat for my conformation...and it was so freaking insane. Firstly, it's all day on a sunday...I just like sitting around at home on sundays..cuz I've gotta get up and go to school on Monday..
But here's the juicy part:
He asked us 26 questions and had us fill out this paper saying if we agreed, strongly agreed, disagreed, or strongly disagreed...and then he would say the question number and we'd have to go to the corner that corresponded with the answer we chose.. Well anyways, this guy was so freaking conservative... we all got really offended by some of the stuff he was saying, so some kids started debating with him...cuz that's what this thing was..a debate. But he got all defensive and stuff. He'd cut us off when we tried to express our opinions on "God's Will" and on premarital sex and abortion and all this other crap. And then he'd make us listen to his opinion... So this girl finally raised her hand and was like "excuse me, but I thought this was a debate. We try to tell you our opinions, and you just shoot them down. Then you expect us to listen to you and believe in your opinions." And then he got all mad...and eventually he yelled and told us that none of us were open minded...but he's the real close minded person..
Ooo, and this guy was like "you're just telling us the black and white of things, and expecting us all to see everything that way. But there are so many other things to consider..." And the preist got soooooo mad..
So, eventually the guy got so frustrated and mad at us that he just got up and left. And he didn't come back for like an hour for the parent/kid mass... It was funny. But I still feel bad for the guy...
I guess it took all the other retreat groups like 45 minutes to complete that whole 26 question debate thing...and it took us more than an hour and a half to get through only 10 questions.
Welp, I guess we just care more about our opinions or something...
Oh yeah, this guy kept telling us how none of us followed the rules of God anymore, and that in like 10 years, there would be no rule left in our world... And we somehow got to the topic that maybe God has to change some of his rules, cuz the society we live in is so different from the time Jesus lived in..and the preist got really, really pissed off... He was ranting about us all to our parents at mass...

And I must say, that was a huge f**king waste of my precious time....I could have practiced my French, or listened to music, or read a book, or did my homework, or spent some time on the computer, or wrote...instead of going to that 7 hour retreat...

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