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11/02/05 04:30 - ID#36276

another day...

School kinda wasn't really that bad tho..just one of those days where you're sleepy, but you aren't dying to get out of class... Only aweful thing was that I had some work to make up, cuz I was sick yesterday. I got to stay home. Which was very fun, actually. I went a wee bit on the net, I took a really nice long shower, I backcombed my dreadies cuz they were starting to loosen *gahhhhhh* And then I played my bass and practiced my band's new song. Since I'm the one who's gonna be stuck singing it. But lol, that's fine with me.
I have to make up a Psychology test tomorrow after school. which will kinda suck, since I hate staying after on thursdays, cuz that's when I have drum lessons...But Ray isn't here this week anyways, so it's ok. If I feel like staying home, I can. But I love going and sitting at Kepplers. lol, I socialize with everyone! I'm such a non-talkative person at school...but then you get me to music lessons, and I'm buddies avec everyone....
But anyways.. Rina was just over for a little while. She stayed after and such. And then she came over and hung out. We've got band practice on friday!! woot! I'm excited. Extremely excited. We haven't had a band practice in a few weeks! Heather and I wrote up a list of things to discuss with Adam and Rina about the band. Like, when we meet and stuff. We want to get in at least one practice a week...and if we can't have one during one week, we'll have two the next week or something... Cuz we seriously need to get working. We've gotta get some more new songs down, too. Cuz besides the one I'm singing, we don't have any more. Cuz Heather wants to reform Boy in Band, and rewrite the guitar and stuff.....
I can't wait for Friday! woot! mwahaha

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