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07/14/04 10:40 - ID#33041

Book Club

Anyone interested in joining a book club? We're going to focus on classic literature and leftist writings.

Email me if you want to join.
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07/13/04 10:13 - ID#33040

My movie

I got Fight Club too. How unoriginal.
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07/12/04 09:47 - ID#33039

Meet Haikuster Night At the Pink

The one and only haikuster will be in town this weekend, so I propose that we dedicate epeep Thursday night at the Pink to her. One more event to add to that busy calendar.
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07/12/04 04:21 - ID#33038

Gay Marriage Petition - Sign Now

In less than 48 hours, Congress will vote on an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would permanently deny marriage equality to same-sex couples. This is unprecedented -- never before has our Constitution been amended to take away anyone's rights. We've got to fight back.

Please sign on to our emergency petition to Congress to stop this divisive amendment at:

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07/11/04 11:21 - ID#33037

All Apologies

I have to apologize to the epeeps that called me last night. I was in serious sleep mode and didn't get back to anyone.

A special apology goes out to (e:haikuster) for being too incoherent to remember it was her birthday.

Happy Birthday Deidre! Looking forward to seeing you next week.
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07/09/04 01:00 - ID#33036

Friday Night Haps

There's a girls' dinner tonight with some people from work, one of which is Lisa Visco. She's from New Jersey, so she maintains that she can't be related to e-paul and e-mike. But I am certain they are long lost cousins. I need a digital camera so everyone can decide whether there is a resemblance.

Then it's off to the Mohawk Place dance party. All the epeeps should be there.

Those e-dudes are so cool - ice cold.
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07/08/04 06:15 - ID#33035

Fundraiser For Tommy

This isn't really elmwood related, but it's for a good cause.

My friend Kristen's nephew Thomas was born prematurely, and has had several medical complications. His family is having a fundraiser to help his parents with the financial costs of doctors visits, medications, and several surgeries.

Join us for food, drinks, and live music!

When: Sunday, July 18, 2004
1 pm - 6 pm
Where: Lincoln Arena @ the corner of Decatur and Tonawanda
Cost: $15 Donation - Kids under 10 are free
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07/08/04 12:41 - ID#33034

More on Steve

They were talking about Steve Kurtz on Democracy Now this morning. It's all completely out of control. The "dangerous chemicals" he had can be found in most chemistry sets and purchased legally on the internet. The poor guy couldn't even mourn for his wife. But you all know all this. It's just so disturbing.

On a more fun note, is anyone going to the Pink tonight?
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07/07/04 04:39 - ID#33033

Resistance Is Futile

I really tried to do something productive last night. I even ran 3 miles thinking that would keep me out of trouble.

But then Geoffrey stopped by and wanted to go for "1 drink." That's always the kiss of death.

We headed to Rendezvous and during our "1 drink," his friends called wanting to go to Blu. It was all over.

It's a hopeless cause - trying to behave myself in the summer. You just can't beat those summer patios. And those boys at Blu spin some damn good tunes Tuesday nights. Might as well enjoy it while I don't have to brush my car off.

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07/06/04 10:37 - ID#33032

Phone Back In Order

I got another phone with the same number. All I can say is that if you need to go to a Cingular store, do not go to the one on Delaware. Go to the one in the Galleria. Kerry will take good care of you.
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