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03/15/04 12:40 - ID#32984

Site Updates

I love the new banners (especially because there are maps involved)! I also really like the "latest updates list" and the "email a journal" functionality. Go webmaster!
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03/12/04 02:11 - ID#32982

St Patrick

It seems like nobody really knows much about St. Patrick other than that he "drove the snakes out of Ireland." He actually converted a lot of people to Christianity, and the shamrock is a symbol for the holy trnity.

If you go to this site, you can email him. Yes, that's right, you can email St. Patrick. I notice that the site sells a lot of Catholic paraphanalia. I have a sneaky suspicion that if you email a saint, which requires you to provide your own email address, you may get solicitations from the Catholics. I'm not willing to experiment, but if it's true, that's pretty rotten.

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03/11/04 12:11 - ID#32981

Position Wanted

Position: Bartenders
Names: Rachel and Lilho

- 15 minutes bartending at an upscale establishment in the vicinity of the beautiful Niagara River

- Willing to mix crazy concoctions
- Able to turn a bar into utter chaos
- Free drinks for everyone because we don't know how to use the register

Lilho - I'm sorry he turned out to be a pig. We'll find you a good one.
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03/10/04 11:15 - ID#32980

The Mysterious Flacidness

He calls me. I don't call him. There is never a number to return his calls. Just messages. Of course, he's always a great time and a good friend. But you never know when he'll show up.

Maybe some of you know what I'm talking about.

TK - it's Wednesday (Mixer's Day) and Geoffrey needs his boots back.
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03/09/04 07:55 - ID#32979


Feel free to ignore this entry. It's just my way of venting.

Work has been so monotonous lately. I like my field, but I'm stuck on a task for a project that keeps dragging on and on and on...... I'm the lowest on the ladder in my department, so I pretty much always get the grunt work. On top of that, there is someone who gets paid way more than me and does nothing but cause frustration for everyone else. Isn't there one of those in every workplace though? It seems like they always get promoted. They need to hire an intern so someone is beneath me.

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03/08/04 02:08 - ID#32978


Another fun night with TK and Jeffrey. Always a good time to hang out with.

Very important plans to go to Kenmore and spend time with my cat. We've been overdue for some quality bonding and napping.

Trip to IKEA!

What else could I ask for?
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03/03/04 10:18 - ID#32977

Truth in Politics and Media

Does anyone have additional information on the push to revive the draft? I've looked online and haven't found too much. I've also read that this is just a political ploy from the Democrats. Is the media really ignoring this issue? Who do we believe? The move to fill the draft boards is rather suspicious, but I would like to know more.
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03/01/04 06:59 - ID#32976

Super Tuesday Eve

I'd like to make a few more points:

1. If you want to work from outside the system, do that too. The MINIMUM you can do is vote. Do both. However, I don't see anyone working from outside the system. If you are, tell me how and count me in.

2. The reason we have so few options with candidates is that the younger generation doesn't vote. Politicians don't care about what younger people, who are arguably more liberal, are looking for in a candidate because this demographic group is seen as apathetic and not willing to vote. The only way to change this is to get out there and vote.

3. Maybe the democracy is working (in response to Terry). Democracy is based on the will of the majority. Face it - most of us on the e-strip are politically left of the majority of Americans.

4. If you don't vote, consider yourself voting for Bush. Republicans/Conservatives are far more unified than Democrats/Liberals, and they tend to vote more. Democrats and Independents need to vote to counter them.

If you don't care about whether abortion is legal, if there is oil drilling in the Arctic, if we continue this insane amount of military spending, or about any of the many issues that the Democrats and Republicans disagree on, then maybe it doesn't matter if you vote. But you do care. I know you do.
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02/26/04 12:29 - ID#32975

An Appeal To Robin and Everone Else...

Please vote.

Although it's true that in the U.S. electoral system we've generally had only two choices, there is such a thing as the lesser of two evils. Kerry doesn't stand for everything that I do. But Bush is FAR worse.

During the last election, I voted for Nader. At the time, I was living in Maryland, an extremely Democratic state, so I didn't have to worry about "throwing away a vote." Since I didn't have that risk, I felt like I needed to make the statement that the Democrats were not supporting the traditional Democratic ideals, or anything that actually resembled liberalism.

At this point, George Bush has caused more damage than I could have ever imagined. I would not vote for a third party candidate in this election, because he needs to be removed from office. I sincerely believe that he is the closest thing the U.S. has ever had to a dictator, and if allowed, he would be.

Between Nader's influence on the 2000 election and the amount of supporters Howard Dean has had throughout his campaign, I think the Democratic party has realized that it needs to be less centrist. No - it's not exactly the party I want to support. But politics has always been about compromise. And I have no doubt that John Kerry would make a better president than Bush.

If you can't agree with that, at least take into consideration the influence of your local politicians, and vote for them. In reality, local politics often has a greater impact in our personal lives then the President. If nothing else, vote for those running for local office.

Politicians cater to younger voters less than any other demographic group because we vote the least. Make that change. I beg of you all.

"Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that has."
- Margaret Meade

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02/25/04 02:30 - ID#32974

Gay Marriage Amendment

The gay marriage amendment is yet another terrifying and drastic assault on our civil liberties. The only constitutional amendment that has limited individual rights was Prohibition, and we all know how well that worked (if you don't, check out the 21st Amendment). The Patriot Act has already set a dangerous precedent. If the gay marriage amendment is passed, the U.S. will be on its way to developing a pattern of basic human rights violations.
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