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01/23/04 01:15 - ID#32970


I found out last night that my ex-boyfriend is getting married. Don't get me wrong. Breaking up was definitely for the best, and I'm not exactly upset. But it feels a little weird. After all, it's only been six months. I guess life goes on.. no matter how strange.
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01/20/04 01:39 - ID#32969

Oh Canada

While talking to a Canadian at a club in Toronto last weekend, my friends and I were told that we were responsible for bombing an innocent country. Since all three of us were anti-war, it kind of bothered me. I believe that we have some responsibility for what our government does, but if you vote, protest, and participate in the political process in other ways, I think that you are doing what you can. Here's the kicker though: the guy told us that he would have voted for Bush. EXCUSE ME? AND THIS IS ALL MY FAULT?

After the three of us calmed down from that experience, we met another Canadian that made a similar comment. This young man appeared to have an Arab background, so I was very tempted to make a similar generalization, but I really didn't want to continue the discussion.
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01/13/04 12:26 - ID#32968

Graduation Party Picture

Here are some familiar faces that showed up at my house last weekend.


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12/23/03 12:08 - ID#32967

Love Letters

I'm so happy that Col. Powell is pleased with my performance. I worked on a database for anthrax decontamination at one of the post offices in Virginia. Apparently I need to work on my scanning skills, but this is the evidence. image image
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12/22/03 10:43 - ID#32966

In Response to Paul and Terry

I think Terry is right to focus the issue on the problems of the system rather than the individuals. We all know enough people that have a difficult time supporting themselves in Buffalo, where there are more jobs than in the rural areas that house prisons. Furthermore, a lot of these people that I know (and I imagine most of you know) are well-educated, with college degrees. If it's difficult for people like this, Joe and Jane Culpepper's options are even more limited. Maybe we should all blame ourselves for shopping at Wegman's instead of the Farmer's Market or Food Co-op, essentially putting Joe and Jane's family farm out of business.

In a similar vein, Paul commented on people that join the army to pay for college. I think the real question is - Why should someone have to join the army to pay for an education? True - there are other ways to finance college, but nobody should have to make the choice of joining the army or paying off loans for the rest of his or her life.
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12/19/03 12:49 - ID#32965


I had my first ever casino experience last night. The buffet was good and I got my very own Player's Card. I only lost 6 bucks, so I'm glad I stopped when I did.

The whole experience reminded me once again of what a messed up place we live in. In the middle of all that Niagara Falls poverty, there's a room somewhere filled with money. Not to mention all the food that is thrown out after it goes "bad". I'm so glad I could be a part of such wasteful overindulgence.
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12/18/03 04:52 - ID#32964

Too many idiots out there

Wow - Holly has sparked quite the discussion. For what it's worth, I never thought you emanated a particularly lesbian vibe. Sounds like there are just too many narrow-minded people out there who assume that a woman with some self-confidence must be a lesbian. Sort of like those people that think all feminists are lesbians. Very annoying.
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12/16/03 01:40 - ID#32963

Wilson Farms Pic

Check this out. New York State has released new high-resolution aerial photos. This shows the Wilson Farms parking lot area. These things are freakin' free! Paul - if we can add some zooming functionality to the site, we could put the whole Elmwood area online.
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12/15/03 01:59 - ID#32962

No Sweatshop Shopping

For shopping at the only shopping mall with no products made at sweatshops, visit
. Wish I knew about this before.
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12/15/03 01:57 - ID#32961

Mainstream Media (Lack of) Coverage

I've heard quite a bit about the capture of Saddam. You can barely get away from it. It's certainly a positive development, but while we hear so much about fighting the war on terror, I've heard little on the UN nuclear disarmament vote that took place last week. The US voted against a comprehensive test ban treaty, the elimination of nuclear weapons, and an obligation of nuclear disarmament. Perhaps I'm missing something, but if we can go into other countries on the pretense that they have weapons of mass destruction, even if it hasn't been proven, why are we one of the few countries of the world opposed to disarmament?
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