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Category: vegas

01/05/06 02:20 - 34ºF - ID#21776

its so sunny

hello again. not much to say, but im in daniels apartment just wasting time and i thought i would write in my journal. last time i was here in vegas, i hated it. it was so miserably hot and i didn't want to do jack shit. but now that i am here now, i am so loving it. it's beautiful and there is so much to do. I am getting excited about moving here actually. Danny and I are looking into possibly getting a condo.....its the same as rent here at the place he is lving.

i taught in dannys class yesterday. they are all mexican first graders and all are the sweetest little things ever. i taught them about germs and they were so excited. i got tons of hugs and i laughed a lot because they are so adorable. I might go back monday to see them again because they think im the coolest. YES! i still definitely don't want to teach no no.

yo, im watching the first 48 on A&E....i love this channel. they always have the best shows on. i don't have cable at my im so spoiled right now. i love tv. really, it's so entertaining. i get sucked in and watch it for hours though. so i guess its good i don't have cable.

alright. im out.
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12/29/05 02:33 - 38ºF - ID#21775

viva las vegas

well...i hope everyone had a good holiday. things here have been insane. the holidays are always nuts....but man i am glad christmas is over. I think i need to move across the world to have an excuse not to engage in such a stressful holiday with my family. anyway, i guess all went well.

i leave for vegas tomorrow. i am really excited to get out of town and into a relaxing and warm place for once. I am really going to miss my puppy, but my mom will take good care of her.

o, and my hair is blond. really blond. sarah did it....and i have dyed it lots in the last week, because it was hot orange when we initially did it....but it's alright now. but im still not sure i should be blond. we will see....

i got my girl scout cookies finally. they are wonderful. I want good food. like little horderves and chicken tikka masala and pad thai and a mcdonalds double cheese burger. mmm. im hungry. i want mikes subs. maybe i will order. yummy in my tummy.

i am at work right now. some last minute hours to try and get some cash for my trip. i am in desperate need for mullah. sophia is with me too. i love her.

i got a 3.4 this semester. i am so pissed....i know that sounds really dumb because a 3.4 isn't bad at all....but i got a B on my senior thesis because my professor is a bitch and doesn't know anything about physical anthropology. I am going to take it to the dean because i know i deserve an A on that shit. fuck her.

alright. im out for now. goodbye.
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Category: teeth

12/20/05 07:00 - 24ºF - ID#21774

i am the dentist's money making machine! i went to the dentist yesterday to get my tooth fixed, when the realized that my tooth is so screwed up that they couldn't just do a quick fix, and since my tooth is a 4-root molar, i need to go see a specialist for my root canal. So after all of that drilling, I am back to square one. boy o boy. i love the dentist.

i am at work...O! I AM BACK IN BUFFALO! its a good thing. so yea, i am at work at good ol' frizb's. today is jeff's birthday. so, i am all alone. I really miss working here all the time. I have been working here sooooooooooo long now, but now i don't' work much since i live 8 hours away, and when im home, there are new employees to work, so i fit in where i can.

I know the death cab for cutie cd has been out for like 5 months, but if you don't have it, i think you should. It's good. that's what i have to say about that.

today, i bought a present for (e:hodown) because (e:lilho) said (e:hodown) wanted it.... so i found it and bought (e:hodown), (e:lilho) will be bearing a gift from me to you....although, i think (e:lilho) thinks its from her, but it's not. its from me.

so i am babysitting my boyfriends black pug. He is the cutest little thing. all he wants to do is cuddle....and sophia is not liking it at all. she is so hatin on him its hilarious! she is not used to other dogs up on her mom, so she is a bit jealous, but i have been giving her extra attention just because i feel bad. I ordered her this pink hooded sweatshirt last night. its so cute. i hope it gets here for christmas. and my mom bought her a down pink jacket with a fur hood. not real fur, but faux. it's so cute too! my dog is the most styling dog out there.

im going to see (e:lilho) in about an hour....she is doing my hair. im no longer going to be a darkie. im going light! im kinda nervous, but i am sure it will be wonderful. I need a change.

did i mention it is freezing outside? fuck.

and i am sick of these Bush speeches interrupting my normal shows. i mean, no one wants to watch him speak, more or less hear what he has to say. i mean, come on.

im out.
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12/16/05 12:08 - 35ºF - ID#21773

fuck the snow.

alright. well. i was planning on leaving today after my last exam, but plattsburgh has decided that it was way cool to get dumped on with like 49587340985 feet of snow. Yea, it took me a half an hour to get out of the parking lot today to go to my, I have decided that to be on the safe side, not to leave until tomorrow. ugh....which means i have to get up at the crack of dawn because i have to be in Syracuse by 2 tomorrow. boooooooooooo.

but my exams are done. so, i guess this gives me a night to celebrate in plattsburgh!

well, im still hatin on the snow.

here are some more pics of sophia. i hope you all enjoy.






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Category: bitchin

12/13/05 10:29 - 10ºF - ID#21772


well....for some reason, i was sitting here on my computer and I got this overwhelming feeling....of total uncontrol. I guess what I mean to say is that I am afraid of the future because it is still so unknown. I really want to go to graduate school....and I am planning on going to UNLV, but now that I think about it, maybe UB isn't that bad....but the problem is that the applications are due on the first of february. I haven't even taken my GRE's yet...and they only take new students in the if i don't apply now, i can't start till next year....o my gosh, i am just so stressed. what the fuck am i going to do when i graduate? I am going to have $30,000 in student loans....and no health insurance (which i need because i have $400 worth of prescriptions a month). And the chances of me getting a job in buffalo with a BA in Anthropology and Sociology is slim to none. This is why I did the CJ a back up, but now that I have finished my minor, i realize how much I fucking hate the criminal justice system and how corrupt it is. I want nothing to do with it. I want to be an epidemiologist. I just need to keep going to school in order to do that....and in order to keep going to school, I need to get all A's this semester and I have to take my GRE's in the next month. This is impossible! fuck fuck fuck.

and to top it off, my tummy hurts because of this new medicine i am on for my skin makes me so sick. It's like...i am 23....and have been dealing with acne my entire life. I have been going to a dermatologist since i was 10. My parents and I have spent hundreds of dollars to try to make my skin look nice...and it just wont' happen. I take better care of my skin than any single person I have ever met. So what the fuck is going on here?'s either be on the verge of puking every second and have nice skin eventually (i hope) or just keep doing the same thing that has given me shitty skin anyway. Ugh.

im in a really bitchy mood if you couldn't tell....its rare this happens, but when it happens, it all flies in my face at once and i can't get a grasp of anything. I just feel so lost sometimes. worried about sophia. I found a little lump under her mouth...and it might be a little tumor. great. I have to take her to the vet when we get home next week. All i need is the love of my life to be diagnosed with cancer. fuck.
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12/12/05 09:53 - 11ºF - ID#21771

for those of you who care....

I FINISHED MY SENIOR THESIS LAST NIGHT! IT IS FINALLY DONE. THIS PIECE OF SHIT THAT HAS BEEN MY LIFE FOR MONTHS IS FINALLY DONE! least for the class. I guess I still have some work to do according to my mentor if i am going to use it as my writing sample for graduate school....but I can do that in a few weeks. ANYWAY...I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!

and the finals begin....good luck everyone!
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12/10/05 08:28 - 28ºF - ID#21770

kids incorporated....K.I.D.S. YEA!

O yes....does anyone remember that wonderful show? it was my favorite when i was a was great!

anyway....the start of the long finals week is on. Tomorrow i have to do my final draft of my million i have written for my senior thesis. I wrote my paper on Understanding the Epidemiological Research of MS. It's a great topic, and im proud of the work i have done with it....but come on, i have been doing this paper for 5 months now. I have put my heart and soul into it....and really, im ready for it to be done. So, a huge celebration is on once im done.

I have 4 finals. all on thursday and friday. awesome. They are going to suck my penis so bad. If i only had one.

im going out to this club tonight. its not really my scene, but i have to get out of my apartment.

and...for the record...i stll think my dog is the best thing that has ever happened to me....and once this week is over, everything will be wonderful.

i hope everyone that has finals has a good smooth week with no suicides or anything....remember: its not worth it. ok...with that said....goodbye.
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12/06/05 10:41 - 19ºF - ID#21769

pics of sophia

yea...i know my dog is cute.....see below:




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12/06/05 10:24 - 19ºF - ID#21768


After months of convincing from my bf, i decided to try ebay for his christmas gift. I cannot say what I got him just in case he reads this, but let me say, i did not mean to win both auctions, but i did....and now im stuck with two of these things. wonderful.

See, I used ebay a few years back, and i ordered a pair of red pointe slippers... after being inspired from the movie center stage (no laughs please).... and they were posted online as being my size and blah blah blah...there was even a picture! but when i got them in the mail, the were way too small. WTF? i was pissed. And then i ordered these headphones, and when i got them in the mail, they were so fucked up, i was pissed.....i returned them. So, after that, i didn't do the ebay thing except when i was doing the selling at my job at Frizb's....but i decided that I would do the christmas thing to get this stupid shit....and now im stuck with 2. boo.

charlie browns christmas was on tonight. it made me really happy. i like that movie.

you know what also makes me happy: my dog sophia. she is the best. I need to post tons of pics of her on here so all of you can see how adorable she is. I love her.

and school is almost done. thank fucking god.
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12/04/05 03:34 - 29ºF - ID#21767

christmas = ulcer

so....i love christmas time....but it really sucks when you are super poor and have 30 people minimum on your christmas list to shop for. ugh. I have almost everyone done....a few things for my mom....a few things for my sister....and my boss and boyfriend. The two hardest people to shop for. Jeff, my boss, I know what im going to get him....but daniel, i have NO IDEA. not good. and what he told me he wants...this plug and play nintendo controller....does not exist, and if it does, no one can find, im back to square one. ugh.

i made this great little christmas mix cd. i love it. it has all the classics and some new fun christmas songs.

and! it's snowing outside. it's so beautiful. sophia doesn't like the snow though.

and instead of really doing work...condsidering it is the week before finals, im fucking around on my computer and wasting all the time away. i haven't done any work this entire weekend. i suck. booooooooooooooooo.

I CAN NOT WAIT TO GO HOME TO BUFFALO!....and for this semester to be over... only one more left! i can't fucking wait. goodbye.
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