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Category: travel

03/02/17 08:17 - ID#60771

I love these goldfishes

when I went to visit one of my friends in Istanbul, I was waiting for him in lobby
suddenly I fell in love with these big goldfishes.

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Category: building

11/23/16 04:28 - ID#60718

Trump Towers in Istanbul

I was at Istanbul for some days to doing Interview by USA embassy, then I saw Trump Towers!

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Category: food

07/14/16 07:38 - ID#60553

mantı (manti)

as we know dumpling is an international kind of food, we can find variety of dough filled foods by different shape and size in countries, for example in china, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Greece, Afghanistan, India and ravioli in Italy
but I didn't know Turkey has similar food.
its smaller than others and filled by meat and vegetables and comes with yogurt and some spices .
it was delicious


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Category: cat

07/10/16 10:03 - ID#60549

my new girl

hey all
she is Misha, my new girl
actually some weeks ago she lost her mom, then I took her, she was in growing period and need many minerals and proteins
now I am happy because finally I could help her

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Category: moving

06/17/16 05:23 - ID#60539

my life is moving

after one year I came back to Denizli again.
I was so sad, but now it's OK. I went to Ankara and did something for immigration to USA and Canada.
If USA accept me, then I need to wait and do something more, then move to US.
do you have any idea which state is better for an Environmental pollution engineer (!
maybe next time I will meet you in US.
let's see!
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Category: birthday

08/06/15 05:18 - 55.ºF - ID#60154

happy birthday dear Joe

haaaaaaapppppppyyyyyy birthday dear (e:Joe)
i hope this year of your life will be one of the bests.
always be happy lovely friend. your smile makes others happy, so i wish you will be smiling.

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Category: life

07/27/15 09:09 - 68.ºF - ID#60134

busy life

hello everybody, I miss all of you. as I said, I changed my city to Antalya, and now i am satisfied and love this beautiful city in south west of turkey.
i had very bad days for moving to this city, stress, excitement and so on..
now I got 2 home mate, we rented a big apartment with 3 rooms, 4 balcony, 2 salon,... but the problem is age of the building. :)
the most impressive to me at this city is population of Antalya, actually approximately half of them are tourists, this mean new friends, new culture, new meetings...
also there are many nice places, such as waterfall, 2 type of beach (sandy and rocky), aqualands, historical zone (there is an amazing place by name as Kaleiçi that i'll make new post for that)..

shape of Antalya is like a crescent. in some photos you can see western part and beach and eastern.

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Category: travel

06/08/15 06:15 - 74.ºF - ID#60026

Istanbul meeting

during the last month I was very busy. I met an awesome french friend in Istanbul, we had amazing days ( i think round about 5 days). we knew each other from Dubai, actually before leaving Iran, I had a travel to Dubai with some funny Iranian guys, I remember when I was in Dubai, I saw one french man in Scruff application of cell phone, I sent a greeting to him (and I think I woofed him) without goal and never checked his answer again that day.
when I came back home (Iran), I saw he sent some msgs, I read and we start to chat approximately sometimes during the days, I found him very understanding and good man.
we was keep in touch all the time such as we are in he knew my plan for leaving Iran and told me when you come to turkey, I'll come to visit you ASAP. finally we met in may.
we visit many places of Istanbul. a beautiful city that has mix feeling such as happiness and sadness. (because many people meet and leave each other in this city. especially who one can't come back to his/her country such as Iran.)

we visited some historical places such as Topkapı Palace, underground temple, blue mosque. and we had a long time Bosphorus tour (the ship took us in an island for lunch).

we tried many amazing restaurants (Italian, French, Turkish...), coffee shops, ate awesome sea foods, went to traditional malls...

when I came back to my city in turkey (I mean Denizli), some days later, I went to another amazing city (Antalya) for a job opportunity.
I was keep in touch with (e:joe) and I told him about my travels.
I will write about second travel...

getting ready for trip
beautiful clouds

very few space for each passenger in the plain of AnadoluJet

Topkapi Palace museum

nice resturant beside of sea and palace

Bosphorus tour

sleepy cat in mosque

funny Souvenirs
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Category: abroad

03/19/15 02:40 - 24.ºF - ID#59914 pmobl

flying from home toward fate


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Category: abroad

03/19/15 02:37 - 24.ºF - ID#59913 pmobl

settled in Denizli city (Turkey)

hello everyone. I miss all of you my friends. I'm in southwest of Turkey and living in Denizli

this not very bug city but it has good and green nature.
I did rent a small apartment but haven't wifi yet. (just 3G from my cellphone).
I hope I could share more news and photos from here.

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  • sina 11/29 05:04 I can not read or write any comment :(
  • joe 11/07 01:05 hey!
  • mrmike 11/07 12:29 hey ya all
  • Linnie 10/17 06:57 Hi Neighbors - I just bought a groovy renovated carriage house on Linwood Ave, and I'm so excited to live in our wonderful city! The large house in front of the carriage house burned down in the 70's. An article I found about the property cited that 'Matthew' on this site had posted a series of photos called 'Lost Linwood" (article was from 2012). I thought maybe Matthew was still on this site or perhaps someone could help me find the photos. I'd love to see the original house and carriage house
  • joe 09/12 01:54 well maybe the fall and setting up my computer again will get me to post regularly

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