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Category: abroad

03/19/15 02:37 - 24.ºF - ID#59913 pmobl

settled in Denizli city (Turkey)

hello everyone. I miss all of you my friends. I'm in southwest of Turkey and living in Denizli

this not very bug city but it has good and green nature.
I did rent a small apartment but haven't wifi yet. (just 3G from my cellphone).
I hope I could share more news and photos from here.

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Category: on the way to capital for flight

02/27/15 04:20 - 7.0ºF - ID#59866 pmobl

finally it's time yo leave the country

finally it's time to go...
the last moments..
it's will be a new life
but I'm stressed


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Category: abroad

02/15/15 01:08 - -4.ºF - ID#59839

step by step to leave

Time to going is close.
Soon I will leave my country for a long time.
I have a mixed feeling of excitement and stress and discomfort.
But I fight for what I want.
Having kind friends is all that I have.

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Category: food

01/25/15 04:42 - 28.ºF - ID#59790

Japanese kit kat

look at to those Japanese kitKats. I like to try these local products.

and these are Japanese drink. one of them made with mint and mango, and the second one was made with banana and strawberry.
I tested both of them, banana and straw was awful, actually does not the taste of banana or even strawberry. but the green drink was good!
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Category: birthday

01/23/15 03:46 - 29.ºF - ID#59779

happy birthday Paul!

happy birthday to you dear Paul.
i wish you the best moments and good event!

11/02/13 the date of my first post at , just after a picture from Paul by this caption: this one's for Sina.
before that i checked this site 3 or 4 times a week, and i remember sent 2 email for Paul!
now I am very happy, because i have good freinds like you, and wish some day meet you!

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Category: memorial

11/26/14 07:01 - ID#59622 pmobl

childhood memorial

as I said before, I want to abroad, and these days I have to clean my closet and under of bed to throw away additions.
I found a lot of toys and things from childhood that have nostalgia for me.
most of them belong to 1988 to 1995


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Category: estrip

11/25/14 01:16 - ID#59620

estrip app

finally I install estrip app on my phone, before i searched that but couldn't find, so searching paul's name and click on the his android apps on the google play, find and install
now i want to open this app on my phone and work with app.
thank you :-)
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Category: friendship

11/23/14 05:17 - ID#59615

after eight

Last night I saw my friend. actually he was friend with one of my best friends, his name is Tolga, he lives in salzburg, and some months ago invited my friend to travel to austria, and when my friend was with him told him about me, now he arrives to iran last night and my friend and I went to the airport to greet him. he was soooo friendly such that I felt that he knew me a long time. then I spoke some germany with him and he was very happy.
I took them to the terminal to going to another city (the city that my friend lives there) and Tolga surprised me with giving a lovely gift, that was amazing and nice feeling
Danke schön dear tolga.

he bought a box of after eight chocolate that has a mint taste and is perfect.
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Category: food

11/21/14 12:50 - ID#59601 pmobl


Today I try pamelo, it has great taste but not very juicy
my mom make jam with its skin




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Category: help

11/15/14 03:18 - ID#59582

abroad going

as I chatted with (e:joe) some days ago, I decided to abroad from my country, because here I can't be my own, anyway, I have to go turkey then, go to north america, now I don't know which country is better between U.S.A and canada, or which state or province is better for life.
(e:joe) proposed me to make a post here and ask you to consult with me, because maybe you visited more area of north america.
one thing: I have more chance to going to USA in rather than canada.
I have in mind to continue my education from master to Ph.D, which country is easier for me as the immigrant to educate?

thank you in advance.
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