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08/20/10 06:24 - 76.ºF - ID#52480

Free range

This is my Uncle's chicken coop. His kids love it especially my cousin Patrick who is shown below. They just got the roosters back from being processed and are now in the fridge. I would love to have some fresh meat and eggs from real free range chickens.




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08/18/10 07:28 - 73.ºF - ID#52472

Plumbing issues

I just found a small drip under my kitchen sink. I don't want to call the stupid maintenance line to have them fix it because I won't know when they are coming to fix it and I don't like having the workers they hire to be in my house. They don't know what they are doing for the most part anyways. They could probably fix this but I don't know for sure.

Here you can see on the left a small drop of water coming out of the joint. I felt above it and it was dry so it is definitely at the joint.

This is from the bottom up. Again you can see the drop at the joint.

This picture is to ask if the knob at the right end is to turn off the water before I try and fix it?


I have no idea what I am doing so I just want to know if I can fix this myself or if I should call the dumb and dumber team to try and fix it? I really don't want them coming in here when I am not home and I know they won't try and arrange a mutual time to come and fix it. Last I knew it was they just show up on Saturday morning to come and fix whatever problem without giving notice first.
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08/11/10 03:06 - 84.ºF - ID#52415

Boring breaks

My breaks are so boring. Recently they forced us to take half hour lunches and two fifteen minute breaks when we used to just take a whole hour. Now we are too short staffed to have everyone out on lunch around the same time...

So I need more fun things to look at because I really have seen just about all I can handle from I need exciting and fun webpages to keep me occupied. Any suggestions besides estrip?

And here is the latest from people of walmart.

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08/10/10 02:59 - 82.ºF - ID#52407

Flowers in the Attic

The other day I was thinking about probably my favorite "novel" of all time. I say "novel" because it is said to have some truth in it. I suppose they all have some truth, maybe even more truth than non-fiction. Anyways, my favorite book when I was younger was Flowers in the Attic. My mom got it for me from the library. Looking back I can't believe she got that for me because she sheltered me from so much on TV. The book was definitely controversial for its time, even now it deals with the taboo.

It really is quite scary and totally insane. So when I started thinking about the book I decided to see if I could find the movie online and I watched it on youtube in about 15 parts. The movie was really good too. It didn't quite get into the incest but it dabbled in it. Flowers in the Attic is really dark and disturbed.

This is the book cover, although when I read it the book was a black hard cover with no jacket. It made me not want to read it considering the title was Flowers in the Attic, I thought what kind of crap is this.


This is the woman who plays the grandmother in the movie.

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07/21/10 01:54 - 80.ºF - ID#52249

are you a. straight b. gay/lesbian c. bisexual d. transgendered??

As part of our demografics questions at work we have added questions regarding people's sexual orientation. I kind of like it because I am nosey. So far haven't had any objections to it being asked.

I think SNL should do a skit about calling a "Quitline" to get free patches in which the caller is asked all of these ridiculous and personal questions. When the caller objects asking what this has to do with smoking the phone rep can remind them that these questions are mandatory if they want the free product.

For example....

Which of the following do you consider yourself?

c. bisexual

You're gay ok. Now which of the following best represents your preference
c. versatile

So that's my idea for an SNL skit. I think it would be really funny.

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07/19/10 09:25 - 73.ºF - ID#52242

Shit fuck-sorry it's just how i feel

The smoke from this industrial fire is going right into my windows. I hope the air isn't too toxic.

Fire sends tower of black smoke skyward

Updated: Monday, 19 Jul 2010, 8:43 PM EDT
Published : Monday, 19 Jul 2010, 8:38 PM EDT

* Posted by: Eli George

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - Fire is destroying an industrial building on Elmwood Avenue near Hertel in north Buffalo.

Fire crews were standing on the roof of adjacent buildings to try and quash the flames, but had to pull back as the intensity increased. They continue to fight the blaze at this hour, and News 4's Jericka Duncan will bring us the latest on News 4 at 10 and 11.


I just closed all my windows. I just got home from a bike ride and saw it going into the air. I feared it would be an industrial fire.
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07/17/10 05:56 - 82.ºF - ID#52218

I hate crappy landlords

I really hate my building management/owners. It really pisses me off how badly I have been treated by them. I pay my rent every single month on time or early since October. When I moved in I had an awful experience with the maintenance men and with the entire process of getting essential and not so essential repairs. This weekend I called the emergency pager...

I got home yesterday and noticed that there was water dripping down from my bedroom window frame. Definitely something was wrong. I am wondering if maybe someone upstairs left water running or was having a plumbing issue so I call the emergency pager and let them know what is happening and that I would go upstairs to knock on the door to see if anything was wrong. It turns out that the girl's air conditioner was not placed properly and the water was running down through the walls into my apartment. So more than 24 hrs have passed by and nobody responded to my emergency page.

As much as I like my apartment I really can't wait to get out of here. I hate being treated like trash when I don't deserve it. When I do get out of here I am going to make a journal about what jerks these owners are and I am hoping to make it googleable. They really truly disgust me right now. I may be here for a while so I am hoping nothing goes wrong between now and when I move out.
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07/16/10 09:51 - 76.ºF - ID#52178

Your grandmother's scrub brush

Cause I am super crazy I ordered a case of scrub brushes because they are so hard to find. If anyone wants one I'll set one aside for you. They are $4 a piece which is very cheap (at cost).

They are 9in by 2.5in and have wooden handles. The bristles are tampico. They are very long lasting if you let them hang to dry out. These are definitely your grandmother's scrub brushes. Because there is no plastics they are much better on the earth.


Cash only peaches
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07/14/10 10:01 - 77.ºF - ID#52168


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06/30/10 09:42 - 62.ºF - ID#52069

Texts out of context

im going to be a star in an RPCI motivational interviewing video.

back to getting on my knees for my money.

yup. fuckers

sure. not sure if i will be home or not. will leave money.

i know. i feel so bad for her...

definitely but it is weird now.

potatoes with cheese and bacon. just mike

typical asian house wife.

kids ruin everything!

im so thirsty.

im grillin at the river. we should do it together next time.

that guy freaked me out so bad. when they came i thought they were pissed about he noise or something. i had a good time though thanks for having it.

one more pair of ripped shorts i can't wear anymore.

nice pic

fuck yeah!

what is your house number?

your apt is still 4rent. they should advertise their drug window.

yes. i just walked in the door. hope they don't see my burn.

this fucking bitch is cleaning the fridge and they havent even finished packing. i swear i just want to walk out.


ill call you later unless you need me right now. reception is bad.

u better win me some money.

omg there are poops.

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