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Category: anxiety

12/24/08 10:46 - ID#47167

Social Anxiety

(Another comment that turned into a post...)

Re: (e:vincent) ...

Social anxiety is a bitch. Yeah.

I meet women...through online dating sites. There. I said it.

I find that those sites get just as bad a rep as bars do when considered for the purposes of meeting people.

So it is said that you should instead go about the task of meeting people while in the pursuit of other hobbies and learning experiences.

So, what if you go ahead take up a couple such hobbies, making your best effort to be social. But then come up with nothing. What do you do now?

Do you just stick with whatever hobbies you liked and just not worry about it? Do you move to other hobbies and activities, and drop the ones you were doing because there's just not enough time?

There is a reason people go to bars and clubs, and its not just to get drunk. Drink makes a baseline excuse for an excursion among the company of strangers. There is the potential there for meeting lots of different people very quickly.

That's not to say that drink is a vital component of all social activities. In fact, apparently AA actually makes for a decent place to meet people. (Or so I've heard.) People just need an excuse to get together. And that's all the nightlife is.

I'm not saying that other activities, or just an attempt at being friendly or social during the day, would make a lousy way to meet people. But I also don't think that the nightlife is just a meaningless self-destructive spiral. There is opportunity everywhere.

As for me... I'm pretty much giving those online sites a break. Yeah, it has been good to me... But I'm tired of being incapable of meeting new people in person. I feel the need to move past that and (at least try to) learn a different way.
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Category: work

12/23/08 11:50 - 14ºF - ID#47149

Hardware failures suck.

So I get called up both saturday and sunday because the company's servers were going haywire. Something effed up happened to the hard drives...

Now there are these random issues. Corrupted files all over the place. Ugh.

Of course, I have to fix it... *mutters*
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Category: holidays

12/18/08 10:48 - 26ºF - ID#47106

Holiday Party

Nice to meet some of you at the party this evening. Cheers.
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Category: random

12/01/08 09:48 - 39ºF - ID#46900

I have learned a new word today...




That is all.
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