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08/12/04 05:19 - ID#33056

What's the Verdict?

Allen St Hardware is nice but small.

Blu and Mohawk are kind of a hike from Elmwood.

The Chippewa bars will be packed tonight.

I say Goodbar or Faherty's.
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08/09/04 10:55 - ID#33055

Midsummer Party

When: Saturday, August 14
8:30 PM
Where: 23 Inwood Place
Buffalo, NY

All epeeps welcome!

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08/06/04 12:08 - ID#33054


I also received a ticket for running a red light in Manhattan, even though my car has never been there. My car is white, and the photo showed a black car. I wrote a letter and included a photocopy of my registration, and they dropped the ticket. It's really dumb that they can't figure out that the color and make of your car is completely different than the car in the photo.
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08/02/04 11:24 - ID#33050

Drunken Bosses

It was another weekend, another wedding. This one was for a coworker. There's some serious entertainment value in seeing "important people" drunk and dancing. I was even forced to dance with one of the grumpiest guys in the company. Now I have my blackmail material.
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07/29/04 05:45 - ID#33049


this is at test
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07/29/04 11:11 - ID#33048


For women, this is a complicated question. I'm convinced that the amount of pleasure women receive from sexual experiences varies much more than with men. We don't orgasm as often and our state of mind can have a greater effect on our experience than the physical encounter. I'm also finding that things change a great deal with age. As for now, I LOVE shoes, but I'd have to take the other option.

On a side note - anyone have any ideas on mustering up some support from WBFO for a jazz event at the Tralf?

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07/28/04 03:48 - ID#33047

Epeeps make me happy

Yesterday was a shitty day at work and I predicted the day would be a total loss. Then came a phone call from the fabulous southern yankee. We met other epeeps at Bidwell Park and had good drinks and good fun. I also had the pleasure of meeting another epeep - Diana. Always exciting to meet one more in the crew. To make things even better, I found out that lilho is back on the scene. Thank goodness - we all missed her and were concerned that she would slip out of sight. The final epeep coolness of the night was when my parents were interviewed for the site, and were talking about the store they used to have on Elmwood in the sixties (where Sweet Tooth is now). I realized that they were kind of like the original epeeps. The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree, right? Thanks for giving me a spectacular evening cyberfriends.
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07/22/04 02:16 - ID#33046


It's been about a year since my life drastically changed. The short version is that I came home from work one day and my boyfriend who I'd lived with for 4 years confessed that he was a heroin addict.

Some people have told me I was strong for leaving. Others look at me like I'm an idiot and wonder why I was with him for so long. Most of those people never met Shawn.

Nobody can truly understand the dynamics of someone else's relationship, and I'm not going to try to explain mine. I will say that we were in love, and that even though he told me more lies than I'll ever be able to count, he was seriously devoted to me.

Now I'm focusing on what I've learned and how I've coped. My parents were really there for me, and they taught me that I don't have be ashamed for not having a Hollywood movie-perfect life. Problems are something that your family should help you through, not force you to hide. My friends have been great too. I've become more open with my old friends and made a lot of new ones.

I suppose I should find a new hobby or a new age spiritual path. For now, I think I'll surround myself with the people that make me happy and continue to partake in liquid joy.
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07/22/04 10:20 - ID#33045

Boys and Girls

No Stickboy, it isn't obvious[inlink]stickboy,115[/inlink]. Women don't want to smother guys, especially in the beginning. So they give them space. And if he calls, then she thinks he likes her. If you're not interested, don't call. Why bother talking to someone if you're not interested? It doesn't make sense to us. When you say "I'm busy," we understand that to mean you're busy. And women are hard to read?
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07/21/04 11:49 - ID#33044

For Paul

I don't know if you're still having email issues. I have some evaluation software and data for you that my company is getting rid of.
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