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Category: ramblin

04/27/06 04:14 - ID#29395

How does it get so late?

AT the request of (e:enknot) I'm trying to come up with a good post of some sweet stuff.... I got nothin'. Well not really nothin' but nothin' good...

I had a pretty good day over all, I guess. I told a whole bunch of jokes in my org behaviour(canadian text book) class. Told myself before class that if I walk Melissa to her car again, I better get her number. Let me say I got her number but only after she asked me out. Maybe some of that magic is still there. I always prefer handwritten numbers, though, cause I just wound up typing it in my cell. When I was young I used to have a penny jar that I would fill with numbers and show off to friends when they came over. At one time my sexual prowess demanded quite a bit of respect from the neighborhood boys.

Now that I'm on the subject of the past, I saw this great movie tonight that totally brought back so many memories from the eighties. It was done so well, even the grain on the film reminded me of watching some funky movie from the seventies or eighties. One memory that comes to mind was the time I tried on a condom I found in my parents secret drawer or the memory of there eventual devource (canadian spelling again), which was completely different but I still wound up talking to a therapist about it. This was the only time I ever talked to a therapist about how I feel about anything. But yeah, my brother and I would talk to this guy for an hour then we would leave and he had my Dad come in so he could rat on us. never told him I was experimenting with some heavy duty drugs, never told him I took a tab before mr murphy's religion class, hallucinated and giggled the entire day. I guess divorce does that to kids - tears the family apart, puts them in a funky surreal funk not knowing who to trust. come to think of it I'm glad they sent us to therapy, it shows they cared, we could have wound up even more fucked up. well, that's the only time I've ever needed it so it must have done something for me. not sure if I can say the same for bro. He hasn't talked to my mom in three or so years. I try to talk to him about it but he has his reasons. hopefully he gets passed them soon cause I think it's damaged his view and ability to trust women or something.

Let's see what else....Ahhhh I noticed that there has been quite a bit of foodie stuff going on. I'm surprised I haven't jumped on it. I was thinking though that I should post a recipe or something like that. I guess I would start at the beginning for you amateurs with basic white chicken stock. but that would just be silly. and who cares if you can see a dime at the bottom of five gallons of gelatinous chicken stock anyway. I've seen a lot of people make stock and it pisses me off that even established chefs treat it as dish water - cloudy, bitter, greasy, green from too many leek tops that should have wound up in the trash due to the excessive amount of dirt in them. thats not the way I make stock!!! I always prefer a clean, pure and careful approach. I usually don't have to clarify my stocks with a raft and if you saw them you would probably ask me if we were having lemon jello for dessert. cause that's what happens when you do it right.... lazy bubble fuckers. oh well, we can't all be aspiring Thomas Keller's.

Did somebody say Thomas Keller, I better take that beautiful white cookbook down off the shelf


This is The French Laundry Cookbook


The french laundry you ask?? what does that mean. well my dear readers it means I'm about to peruse a recipe from arguably the best chef in the country. For those of you who don't know who Thomas Keller is I must say that words can not explain the talent and vision of the dining experience that this man will give you. Whether your at Per Se in NYC or at Bouchon in Napa or Vegas I will guarantee you the best meal of your entire life. unless your some picky ass eater who doesn't like onions or something. (and if you don't that's not something you want to tell me). But anyway when the French Laundry opens again, after a remodel, I'm sure it will seize the best in country title again. This is what food is all about. I wish I had the audacity to go into it here but I've already said enough. A real discussion of Keller would deserve a post of its own. He deserves it being the best and all.

SO maybe I should go now, it's fucking 4:10 and I got fresh red-420 count sheets on the cadillac of mattresses, not my softest but they'll do.

Enjoy the Pink Floyd inspired by the Squid and the Whale. and if you want to get a little serious about your food buy The French Laundry cookbook. I would say out of the 40 or 50 I own its my favorite and you would believe me right??

Love it, MrDT
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Category: ramblin

04/26/06 01:40 - ID#29393

One Down One to GO

So I've been workin my ass off the finish this semester with straight A's. I don't know if it's going to happen, we'll see. I never really cared about getting A's, I always just wanted to get through and get things over and done with. Things are a lot different in grad school - if I don't get atleast a b- I might as well have failed the coarse cause the credit doesn't count toward a degree (or atleast that's how I think it works).

Yeah I was thinking about how hard I had it. I sold my google stock early Monday morning and figured I would have enough money to live off all summer (stock sky rocketed before the close of Friday). Then I realized that it was really fuckin early and my decimal place wasn't in the right place. Fuck me and the mundane details. Then I'm reading the NY Times today and I realize that this kid has it harder than most and he's achieving better than most.

Poor Kid - check it out if you think you got it tough

I presented my first case study today on Barilla Pasta's JITD development. I tried to make it interesting and built in a few jokes but these things suck. Nothing worse then a ten minute presentation on topics not fully explained bu the teacher and having to BS your ass off when he asks a question. Then with 20 minutes left in the class he gives us our last open book quiz. Which was 40+ true or false questions. I was on question 23 when he was like 2 more minutes. I decided at that moment it would be better to get a few more right and when he said time was up I would just start circling "true" for the rest. I hope that strategy worked...I haven't had time to evaluate it yet and I don't think I'll bother.

Hopefully some of you got to enjoy the Doors track I had up cause I'm changin it again. It's a tune from the swordfish soundtrack. I've been feelin really full of myself lately. I don't know...there's a lot to be said for the way I achieve on a daily basis. Everythings comin' together finally, a little slow but its comin' togehter. (e:paul) you should have seen me pushin up 65# dumb bells like a fuckin maniac. (not bad for a fat kid who a year ago was struggling with the 30's)

Love ya, MrDT
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Category: ramblin

04/14/06 03:04 - ID#29384

Its been way too long

Man, I need to get laid.

Love, Mrdt
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03/31/06 01:25 - ID#29376

Feelin Better

Well here I am again. Its 1:00 and I'm the only one up in this camp (except the (e:lurkers)).

I've decided to that I want to share my favorite song with you. Its my user sound that hopefully you are listening to right now. if somebody posted a chat don't worry, just hit the play button again and it will play all the way through even though people are chatting. This is my favorite song because it was my first slow dance ever in the seventh grade with Tracy Settaducato. I had such a chrush on her. It took me all night just to work up the courge to ask her to dance then this absolutely fuckin' beautiful song came on and I got the chance to dance with the most beautiful girl in junior high. I'll never forget it ever. And Tracy, thank you for saying yes even though people told you if we got married your name would be Tracy Tracy.

Actually, the real reason I'm posting this song is because I'm trying to reach out to someone who reminded me what its like to touch and to be touched a few days ago. It's been so long and I've been so busy working on myself that I forgot how good it could feel. So this is for you.

Accepting all Ive done and said
I want to stand and stare again
Til theres nothing left out, oh
It remains there in your eyes
Whatever comes and goes
Oh its in your eyes

Not much else other than I'm meeting with my old trainer tomorrow to discuss my goals for the next eight weeks. I need some coaching and motivation to push myself to the extreme. not to mention I have some symmetry issues to work out. i have to make sure that my dominant side doesn't start to look different than the other. I'm gonna try and put on two more pounds of muscle which isn't easy. my diet has to be perfect...too many calories and I'll get fat which will produce estrogen and not testosterone which is needed for muscle growht. not enough calories and my body will go through atrophy and not grow. my goals are to increase and widen my pecs; round out my shoulders (which will give me a wider appearance); add some height to my biceps; define my tri's; strenghten and straighten my upper back; add some muscle to my famous glutes and add definition to my perfect thighs, hams and calves.

with the greatest love in the world, MrDT
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03/07/06 10:48 - ID#29365

me,myself & I

yeah I had a feelin' that was gonna happen. i just wrote a few lines and published it with the plan to update it. i had this feelin that it wasn't gonna post and it didn't. once again it seems like I'm the last to post for the day. even got paul beat and (e:ladycroft) if your an insomniac where the hell are you???

changed my user sound again for all you music lovers. this time were takin it old school.

as I was saying, i just finished an enormous salad with a piece of mid-rare flank steak. I over dressed the salad but let me tell you that Ken's sesame and ginger lite is the bomb. this was the first time I didn't over cook my meat, usually the foreman wineds up steaming instead of searing and I get a well done piece of meat in about 4 minutes. Not Tonight!!!!

i've been thinking about my trip coming up. its gonna be so much fun but i don't have anyone to enjoy it with. i'll probably call my old friend mary jane up to keep me company while i sit by the pool or beach and read a few books i have picked out. i didn't leave her for health reasons....i just had to say goodbye for work related reasons and she was getting in the way. not to mention the fact that i love her so much: the way she sparkles in the moonlight; the way she smells so intoxicating; her red hairs;the way she tastes; the way she makes me feel and the way i feel so relaxed around her. it just sucks that i have these killer plans set up and its just me. I have the mariott timeshare in orlando right on a 27 hole championship golf course with a hot tub master suite, swim-up bar, 3 restaurants and $200 in gift certificates for massage or disney or universal or the ritz-carlton. Then there's two nights in Ft Lauderdale at a Starwood property right on the fucking beach which is absolutely free. And of coarse can't forget about the car rental which is brand new drop top ford mustang. Phatty, phat, phat, phat.

Its tueday night and I leave early Saturday morning...if anybody wants to go...plenty of i just playin...i don't know. Well anyway I'm excited as hell. I hit more than my goal weight this morning...12 lbs in a little over 6 weeks. I should be able to squeeze out another half pound or so....but whats the difference the second i get down there the old me is comin' back out. actually maybe not the old me but i can tell you when you're alone alcohol does wonders for the confidence.

I just watched that HBO movie Ms. was about the Scarboro Diet Murder. Pretty good...I have always loved annette bening. It reminded how shitty people are to one another and how deceptive they can be. All I can say is what goes around comes around. Life ain't fair but thats no reason to be a shitty person. Some days I wake up feelin like I got the shitty end of the stick and I'm a little sad and suicidal but I don't go and take it out on other people. so be good to people damnit and quit being so fuckin stuck up. who do you think you are??? you're just like the rest of us unique/confused/lonely/happy/ better than the rest. and help one another---don't wait for somebody to ask when you see them struggling. don't forget we're all in this shit together so lets make the best of it. as a matter of fact lets all get naked and f.......

With lots of love, MrDT
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