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Category: smoke

08/25/06 12:13 - 65ºF - ID#29432

Ripping the Tube

I hate cops.....

Dear piggies:

You know where you can stick this seatbelt ticket???

You fuckers can't catch that guy runnin around Ransomville??? But you can take the time to set up a road block with 10 officers and cars to print tickets for "people who don't have their babies strapped in right."

I doubt your whole "spotter" defense will hold up in court.

Thanks for wasting my time today and in the neat future...I will be expecting a properly written supporting deposition within the time constraints dictated by the law. So have fun filling it out. And I'll see you soon!!!!

You fuckers...

Love, MrDT

***Middle Finger!!!!***

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Location: Grand Island, NY

Category: party

08/05/06 09:35 - 81ºF - ID#29431


And now it's time for another Tracy Bros. production.

I'm throwing another party peeps!!!! Come on down.

Got to go,

Love, MrDT
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Location: Grand Island, NY



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