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Category: photography

03/26/08 03:01 - ID#43798

Feels like Christmas

While on the way to Zhang's Buffet (eww gross, i wasn't into it) with (e:paul) (e:mrdeadlier) (e:enknot) (e:fing) & others, I got an automated call from UPS (which is weird) saying my shipment is in route. It should arrive sometime tomorrow while I'm at work.

My new Canon Rebel is on its way... woo hoo!

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Category: photography

03/24/08 04:26 - ID#43781

Thinking about DSLR cameras.

My little 5mp digital point and shoot camera finally bit the dust after 5+ years of use. During that time my wife and I took a few thousand pictures of all sorts of stuff. I'm considering taking it up a notch into the realm of digital SLR's.

So, I'm thinking about the Canon Rebel to get started. But I'm such a newb at cameras. Anyone know of any good review sites or any experience in purchasing a decent camera? I'd rather spend some time reviewing options before making a decision.
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