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Category: politics

02/26/08 03:48 - 31ºF - ID#43471

Future Governor of Wisconsin

Rev. Dr. Aneb Jah Rasta Sensas-Utcha Nefer- 1 Ph.D

So... I'm at work, doing my thing, and I see that I have another random spam email...

"Contact Authorhouse Publishing regarding my books.

I am Rev. Dr. Aneb Jah Rasta Sensas-Utcha Nefer- 1 Ph.D (aka Rev. Dr. Billy Jo Perry - 1 Ph.D.) I am the founder of Tejauma Na Nia Corp. It is located @ 620.5 South Memorial Dr. in Appleton, Wisconson 54911. The telephone nuber is 920-364-9254. I have taught that Cancer is a universal illness that man has cause and brought amongst itself for years.

- Rev. Dr. Aneb Jah Rasta Sensas-Utcha Nefer- 1 Ph.D"

At first, I thought... yep, just another spam email. Then I read the line about cancer. And I thought, what a freak. So I entered his name into Google and of course the top link returned is this...

Total nutjob... and it made my day. Incredibly funny to read. I couldn't even make this stuff up if I wanted to.

Apparently he ran for Governor of Wisconsin in 2002 and was actually on the real ballot state wide. He came in dead last and received 900+ votes.

And he also has a 600+ page book for sale on Amazon Living Organism. I'm tempted to buy it for the laugh.

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Category: lan party

02/12/08 09:52 - 10ºF - ID#43290 response to Enknot


Here we have Tony enjoying a Star Wars video game... well, maybe not actually enjoying it too much.
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