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Category: computers

06/09/10 09:33 - ID#51833

Microsoft Training = Free iPad???

I find this email promotion rather ironic. This training place has resorted to enticing people with Apple products to take classes for Microsoft products.



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Category: computers

08/06/08 05:19 - ID#45258

Spare time.

So, with Eli's surgery and me taking some time off of work, there was some significant downtime when the kids were asleep, or during the evenings, etc. I decided to clean up and move my computer stuff/desk/etc to a new area of the house.

Here is my previous desk.


And here is my new and improved desk. Much more functional, a tad more spacious, and a bit more decorative (thanks to my wife). And organized!


It'll do! :)
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Category: computers

06/19/08 09:17 - ID#44714

Me me me & me...

The typography looks roughly similar. ...I hope the similarities end there.

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Category: computers

05/01/08 12:01 - ID#44208

Only in my dreams...

Incredibly awesome, and it will be completely out of reach financially. Bummer.
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