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Category: lan party

04/08/08 09:02 - ID#43951

LAN Party coming up this weekend, woot!

(e:mrdeadlier) ((e:enknot) maybe) and I will be attending...
LAN Party Extravaganza this Saturday. Yay! Here are a few pics from 4/17/2007 (last year) at the same event.

(e:mrdeadlier) on the left and me on the right (getting my geek on):

(e:enknot) (duh) on the left, (e:mrdeadlier) on the right:

and here is me again:

Was fun! Let's do it again! Any other gamers out here in (e:strip) ? Maybe we can get a (e:strip) LAN Party together or something, who knows.

/stares at tony... you better not miss out on it this Saturday =P

PS. I promise at some point I'll post something non-game related. Yarr.
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Category: lan party

04/01/08 12:10 - ID#43860

Indianapolis, LANs, Geekiness, etc.

PC Gaming = Fun.

My weekend...

First, a little background info... my best friend's occupation is any 18 year old gamer geek's dream job. He is the PR manager for Palit for all of North America. Basically, his job is to keep customers happy by attending LAN parties across the country and do some PR stuff as well. His company sells high end gaming video cards. This weekend I met some of his customers. Who are his customers? Glad you asked...

...these guys:

Darren occasionally asks me to join him for a free "vacation" to random LANs when he drives instead of flies. This one happend to be in Indianapolis (all on his dime too, whoo hoo) for a 2 day 200+ person LAN Party called Stompfest. Which was being held inside a school auditorium.

40+ hours of smelly geeks dressed in black (mostly) playing video games on their PCs. Woo Hoo!

With my wife home attending to our children for the weekend (surprisingly, I don't feel guilty about this, maybe I should), I stepped back into my teenage/twenty-something years and proceeded to play video games and eat junk food the whole weekend till my eyes were crazy blood shot and had to run to the bathroom to puke. I figure I spent close to 50 hours inside video games over the weekend (between the LAN party and a day or so at a hotel gaming it up).

Yes, I happen to be a gamer and absolutely love competing in tournaments. Oh, I'm PC gamer, not a console gamer. There is a big difference. But tis not important right now, I digress.

I am such a geek.

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Category: lan party

02/12/08 09:52 - ID#43290 response to Enknot


Here we have Tony enjoying a Star Wars video game... well, maybe not actually enjoying it too much.
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