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It didn't help that I kept laughing my ass off when I went to bed last night. I kept thinking about what I had posted in my blog and also a couple of email exchanges with some myspacers on the subject of irrational fear vs rational fear. In my opinion there is no such distinction. Fear is fear and carries with it a vibration that attracts people and events to match the beholder's vibrational resonance. I think I finally got to sleep around midnight perhaps and when the alarm on my cell phone went off at 3 AM I was like, "Fuck!" So I took my probiotic/ wheatgrass cocktail, gathered a few items to prepare myself to head out and instead plunked down in my soul chair. When I got up over an hour had passed, no kidding. Fortunately, I only needed a little better than 3 hours to clean up and detail the 6 commercial properties on my route. They're calling for lake effect snow with another 2-4 inches today and by the looks of it out my window the bands have already organized with winds out of the WSW. As I've stated in previous blogs I am completely diurnal in nature and can not sleep during daylight hours. Hopefully the snow comes and goes by sunset so I can get an early start on my route this evening. I heard on the radio that meteorologists are predicting the advance of a Siberian air mass beginning next week that will put is in a deep freeze through February on into March. Seems El Nino has retired. Better batten down the hatches.

So I've scared off another prospect in the lady department. I got a message from this girl I had met at a local business networking group a couple weeks ago. She asked if I was single and expressed an interest. I replied that I do not have a girlfriend, although it would appear otherwise with my profile status set to "in a relationship." We made plans to meet for coffee today, however this morning there was a message saying, "Glad I read this...ha, ha...wrong impression lol...nevermind...maybe we'll meet again..." Obviously she read my blog. For the record, I've established "in a relationship" status to indicate that I am in a relationship with myself. So if you're reading this ladies, don't hesitate to inquire. I'm a hot commodity these days looking eventually to settle down with my Queen of Queens. You think you got what it takes to match your King of Kings then holla. Otherwise, don't hate!

I've had nearly 400 hits to my blog in less than 3 days. My previous record for a one week period is a little over 500 hits. Hmm, I have to wonder if recent content is stirring up a ruckus? I wonder if peeps are promoting my blog all like, "You gotta read what this kat is writing, 'slipped a finger in my ass' lmao!" Let's face it, sex sells and I love it, sex that is. And I'm not even selling anything, at least not ostensibly. I am sort of promoting a belief system, in short, "Life is what you make of it so why not make it effortless?" I'd probably be quite a Casanova had I the inclination to pursue a piece of ass at the exclusion of other passions. But I know it's just a phase I'm going through as I continue to raise my vibration and self-actualize. I really do want to be in a long-term monogamous relationship and I have a feeling this recent sexual frenzy is a last hoorah of sorts. So to all my female fans out there if you want some of this now's ur chance, hit me up at yahoo IM "inspiraysean." Speak now or forever hold ur peace!

One LOve

"The people who mind don't matter and the people who matter won't mind."
Dr. Suess

OK, can you keep a secret, SEAN?

Let me tell you what happens...

There'll be trumpets, fanfare, and parades. Happy tears, giggles, and hugs. Shrieks of joy, fits of laughter, and reunions with best friends.

There will be quiet, reflection, and revelations. Ah-ha's! No-way's! And, of course, You-have-to-be-kidding's!

Eventually followed by a deep, often surprising, longing for what will by then be viewed as the dream-life you led.

You could plot it on a chart.

The point, SEAN, of course, is that you are now living that dream-life.

The Universe

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