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12/30/06 04:03 - ID#21802

The bus

I can't help but think of the violent femmes everytime I've ever waited for a bus. I was very dilligent this time to check the schedule online from my phone, making sure I was on time. Naturaly the bus was not. I was waiting patiently at the stop listening to some music I heard on myspace and subsequently downloaded every track the artist had availible because it was really scratching an itch that I had for new tunes and was absolutely in love with, only to find out later that the artist was a friend of mine....deep breath...and so yeah at the stop jammin out and of course what should I do to pass the time waiting for the late bus but check out estrip! and I thought to myself I should post a pic of this bus NOT being here at 3..or 3:01...or get the point. so I take the pic and the people driving by were staring at me photographing elmwood & Forrest. And my first thought was why are they staring? in this technological age camera phones are pretty common place. But that made my head start to wrap around what living right now is all about. I'm riding on the bus with my little gadget, just like everyone else and there little gadgets, and I'm jammin out some mp3s while resizing a photo, while posting my little blog out on wild wild web. I wonder if this is what it feels like to be japanese? all tech savy and shit. There is just something so comforting about being on the bus with everyone else that is busy going on about there daily travels, exchanging polite smiles while at the same time checking in with (e:peeps) situated all over town. neigh the WORLD! well potentially anyway.

anywho without further adieu I give you "no damn bus"

somebody told me a couple weeks ago that they liked the way taking the bus made you feel like you were keeping in touch with the people. I'm sure I'm paraphrasing a bit but the point being that when she said that the first thing in my mind was, have you seen these people?!? its like a lepper colony. But that was my first trip in probally 4 years or so. Now that I've gotten past my phobia of the public at large specifically when it comes to busses, it feels good to be part of the populous again.

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