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Category: weather

02/15/07 09:30 - ID#38162

enough is enough

I keep the little weather gadget in my sidebar so I can compare the temp here to Phoenix where my dad is. And I'm thinking I should just quit torturing myself.

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02/01/07 09:18 - 27ºF - ID#37957

I did my taxes today

And it infuriates me everytime I do it and see that I pay at minimum 1/6th of my income in taxes straight out of my check. And then of course I have to pay sales tax on the goods I buy. This in addition to the "sin" tax for certain goods. And naturally I have to pay more taxes for taking money out of my 401k to cover my ass for the month or so I'm unemployed. While I'm at it, it would be heavenly to pay some more taxes for the privelege of driving legally, which of course brings up the the additional taxes I pay on the gas when I go on my now legal driving trips. And oh boy I can't wait to see what cool new taxes the gubment can come up with when I manage to scrape up enough pennies for a meager down payment and buy a new car. My ass hurts.

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