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Category: health

06/01/10 04:34 - ID#51772

Let's keep it real

Ok. Well. Today I am actually going to write on a new endeavor I am embarking on- healthy, inside and out.

So, tell me how I feel on day 2 of this new situation? So far so good. I have adopted a high fiber south beach diet- of course, my vanity wants me to do it for the glitz and glamour of a good bod for my exciting summer- but honestly, I have to do it in order to be healthy for my future. The sad thing is, I do all this stuff for a living, but being healthy does take some sacrificing and transition. But once the initial hype is over, I am hoping to adopt it full time.

Of course, once I get moving on decreasing my numbers, I will allow myself to be rewarded with a small cupcake here and there. Please, what is life without beautiful and scrumptious cupcakes?

I am motivated. Although I went to the gym today and hated every second of it. Maybe I will start running outside instead. I hate the gym. I hate the way it smells, I hate that I run into people i know when I am at my worst, I hate sweating then having to sit in my sweat till later in the day when I can go home and shower, I just hate the gym.

Does anyone have any motivating non-gym ways to get fit and tone up? Suggestions are always welcome!!!!
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Category: health

01/18/10 11:14 - ID#50848

Massage Therapeutic Arts

This weekend I went to the Massage Therapeutic Arts on North next to the Lennox Hotel. I went for an hour massage. Walking in, the building is pretty cool- an old mansion turned into a little massage/spa heaven. It has 3 floors of treatment rooms, and the business offers many different types of massages, facials, and spa services.

I was taken to the 3rd floor into a naturally lit room with soothing decor and music playing. The linens on the massage table were very soft and warm.

My massage therapist, which I think her name was Lauren or Laurie, was very kind, soft spoken and very soothing, started with my legs and feet, worked up to my lower back, neck and arms. I then flipped over and she repeated the routine. The massage was an hour, and was very nice and relaxing.

I told the therapist that I have been having lower back pain and neck pain, and she worked on the knots in these areas by racking them out.

The prices are the best I have come across, with a 60 minute massage being $55. Great price, a ton of therapists on hand, great atmosphere. I highly recommend going to the Massage therapeutic arts on North.
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