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04/08/2009 06:50 #48321

my excuse
Sorry I didn't make it over to the dinner after work. Or call. I had a massive migraine yesterday as a result of stress.

Yesterday on the way into work I hit a drift in the road, slid, and after almost correcting myself, hit the second drift and lost it. Spun around and nailed the guard rail on my drivers side.



The biggest issue here is the wheel damage.

I found a replacement rim for $100 (used) that will arrive at the shopp in Springville, today. Thankfully the tire is fine. Today, I drive BACK to springville on the stupid donut I had to put on and get to find out the rest of my fate. Of which I know:

My alignment is way off, I'm pretty sure I have a bent rotor, will need at LEAST one new rotor, brakepad and caliper. I may need a trailing arm too.

The worst part about the whole thing was that I was on the phone with my mother when it happened (she didn't know it happened, until she asked me why I was swearing) and not TEN minutes earlier we were having a conversation about my insurance being so high, and how I have to do some shopping around, because my deductible is $1000. Fing f f f f f.

ANyways, I hope you all had a great time last night and Sorry I didn't make it!
libertad - 04/08/09 21:39
I have heard your deductibles actually should be fairly high because if you make any claims they can affect your rates for years anyways. Glad you weren't hurt.
lauren - 04/08/09 12:16
you know your profile says you are 27? you are gay and i heart you and im glad you are ok.... these things build character...i accidentally wrote "thesis" instead of "these"...shows you were im at :)
theli - 04/08/09 10:09
What the hell is with these accidents on the way to work?

Is working too hard putting our lives, and by extension our cars, in danger? O_o

(Hee, see what I did there?)
jim - 04/08/09 09:34
Sorry Felly :( That really sucks!
james - 04/08/09 09:18
Oh no. I am so sorry to hear Felly.

04/07/2009 09:30 #48315

I've been getting so drained at work lately... I keep anticipating the time when it will all just go away, and yet it doesn't...

My Lockport store is currently the #1 Wireless zone store for April (out of several hundred), and last month we were#2. It has been SO BUSY!

Which of course is good for profits, but I'm finding it to be a hard time juggling sales, and trying to keep these guys going long enough to keep their other tasks up. I walked into the store Monday morning and it was a DISASTER.

I placed a $35,000 order because we were so very low/sold out of stuff. Seriously - that is a big order.....

I love working in Lockport because it makes my check much more bearable, but holy hell does it kick my ass.

Today I'll be in Springville, which has still been a profitable store, but less chaos. A little relaxation, I guess. Except the admin lady called in, so I get to do her job too. BAh.... AND as a result, I don't get to go to the dinner tonight. BALLS!

Its so hard leading these kids into battle....

oh... haha on another note, (e:lauren) got a ticket yesterday! haha
fellyconnelly - 04/08/09 06:51
no relaxing today. bah
james - 04/07/09 09:50
um... yeah! That sounds like a whole lot of crazy. If you can sneak it in, try and relax a little.

04/04/2009 21:55 #48287

I Bought a Japanese Juniper plant.

it looks sorta like this

the intention is to prune it into a bonsai

like this:

I intend on doing this tomorrow. But I don't have any bonsai pottery. Nor do I have gloves. Which could suck as my hands already have red prickles on them.

paul - 04/05/09 11:58
That sound so fun. I think I would enjoy having some bonsai trees. Keep us posted on the pruning, I am curious to see how it goes.
tinypliny - 04/04/09 22:05
Is this like a prop for the story you are mentally writing while commuting?

04/03/2009 16:31 #48273

Uh, I signed on early to say Happy Birthday Jim, and somehow i forgot that part. Sorry...


Happy birthday!!!
jim - 04/03/09 21:09
Yay :) thank you!

04/03/2009 11:31 #48272

A couplea thingies

Firstly, I was unable to get my shift switched at work so I can't make it to Tuesday. Sorry folks.

Today is my only day off this week. I'll end at probably around 50 hours and I can't wait to see that delicious paycheck. Overtime AND commission. Peaches.

Ive been writing a story in my head in the hour and a half a day I spend commuting to/from work. Its super complicated. And rather sci-fi. Kind of a Harry Potter meets Journey to the center of the Earth.

Here is just a snippet of the craziness I have developed. A Bonsai Bridge. Yes, 6 trees meticulously grown and groomed over thousands of years to become a sort of bridge over a waterway.

Yup. When I say it outloud it sounds reaaaaallly nuts. :)
fellyconnelly - 04/03/09 16:31
i might be able to stop by after work.. but it wouldn't be till 930.....
jim - 04/03/09 14:20