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12/26/2021 23:44 #60870

Many hugs to Paul + Terry + Joe
Category: estrip
It's been a while. Just popped by to reference something and found folks are still finding my Linkage Disequilibrium article useful.

Who'd have thought the article would help folks for this long.

(e:Paul), (e:Terry) and (e:Joe) - miss you all. Hope you are doing well!


paul - 01/02/22 13:31
I miss you too!

12/23/2015 14:27 #60374

Happy holidays, estrip!
Category: e:strip
May the festive spirit always be with you the coming new year!

PS: I miss you, (e:Paul), (e:Terry), (e:Heidi), (e:libertad), (e:mike), (e:Joe) and (e:Dianne) (well, Joe and Dianne, I have never actually met you but miss you all the same!)

PPS: I am sorry for being away so long... but these apologies are kind of empty because I seem to have less and less time to even breathe these days. Regardless, I remember you all often and send good vibes to you all the time! Many many hugs!
metalpeter - 12/27/15 17:27
Hope you are doing well as well ....... I have fallen behind Here again ....
joe - 12/27/15 03:34
Hope you're having an awesome holiday as well (e:tinypliny). I really hope we will meet some day!

As busy as you are I also hope you're doing well.

02/12/2015 03:47 #59832

And yet people continue to smoke.
Category: science
Despite the massively accumulating evidence.

Original article:

NYT Report:

Addiction is a psychological disease. I fail to understand why we are not treating it on a war-footing - or even the same footing as several other relatively milder contagion.

Why are cigarette companies even operating without paying for the health insurance of everyone on this planet? (well... shared equally by alcohol companies and arms and ammunition companies).

To every smoker I know. Please try and quit. At this point, I will be sorry if you die, but I sure as hell won't forgive you if you force the repercussions of your disease on your family, friends and neighbours, knowing well the certainty of this happening.

metalpeter - 02/28/15 17:18
I did not follow the Links .... I can't say why people start ... But I think that yes it is very tough to quit (I think the holding one thing and what do you do instead of smoking one is a bigger factor then the nicotine ) cause it is a physical Habit also... I think with all drugs there is a you really have to want to quit and not just cause you know it is bad for you.... But you also have to have a new (often it is a less dangerous addiction ) behavior or thing to deal with what the smoking was doing .... As a bad example say you write every day for work or school or what ever and you all ways cross your ts and Dot those i s .... Then the rules change and you can't your body tells you to with out you thinking and then you have to tell that automatic response to not happen and I think that is one of the problems with smoking is peoples hands miss that ???
ExBuffalonian - 02/12/15 07:30
What's completely disgusting to me is the way the US tobacco industry has attempted to offset losses from declining smoking rates in the states by directly marketing cigarettes to children in poorer countries, where restrictions don't exist. They know that their product is killing people, and they understand why we try to prevent kids from smoking. Yet they ignore all that evidence to make big money. Evil.

01/31/2015 04:51 #59807

Looking back...
Category: estrip
I just ended up on my own post from almost 4 years ago for the same question I had 4 years ago. Maybe its proof that one never changes inherently.

And I obliterated my FB account just like I shooed away my twitter page all those years back. There is something so indeterminably creepy about FB's security implementation. I am just not on board with it.

On a related note, I don't write for leisure anymore. I sometimes wonder if this is making my general writing more unimaginative.
joe - 01/31/15 21:03
What was the post?

And write more! Your old posts are so detailed and thought out. I never write anything creative but I think estrip has helped my writing and communication skills a lot.

11/09/2014 22:37 #59556

"Healthy Smoker"
Category: science
It cracks me up when I read studies that describe their population as "healthy smokers".

All smokers are clearly mentally sick. How is this "healthy"?

Healthy smokers, my foot.