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12/11/2015 16:47 #60360

O Tannenbaum
O Tannenbaum, in honor of Joe's post about the upcoming Deutschland trip. Does the Ellicott Square Building have the largest indoor Christmas tree? This thing is huge...and beautiful. If you find yourself in this part of town, I highly recommend ducking into this amazing lobby to check it out.

metalpeter - 12/13/15 01:35
That is pretty big it reminds me of the old Main Place Mall days (yeah still there) at the end there was a bank and it would have really tall Christmas trees since it was two levels high .........

12/05/2015 14:40 #60355

Warm December
I love how warm it has been so far this winter, and I love that we haven't had any snow yet, but I can't help but wonder if this should make us concerned about climate change. What's good for us could be really bad for other parts of the planet. In any event, the great weather makes for a great weekend. We started on Friday with lunch near my office, at Handlebar on Swan Street. This place is pretty awesome, but there weren't many other customers. I hope it gets busier at other times, because I'd hate to see it go away. Then we headed up to Allentown/Elmwood after work for the First Friday gallery walk. I wasn't too interested in the art we looked at in the shops, but it was fun to walk around with friends, and you couldn't help noticing how lively the city was, feels completely different from the place I left in 2009. We had dinner at Don Tequila, which was pretty solidly good and super budget friendly. Wish I would have taken some pictures there, but the only one I snapped all night was of this Buffalo statue in front of a gallery/house on Bryant. Today the Niagara gorge looks beautiful from the street in front of my house. I hope this weather lasts for a while longer!



ExBuffalonian - 12/13/15 11:12
I agree it seems weird to have 60-degree days in December in Buffalo, but I heard this morning that next weekend is finally going to be a little more wintry. My hope is that this delayed winter weather will make Spring seem to come that much sooner.
joe - 12/09/15 00:46
I'm ready for it to snow actually. It's too weird to be warm this late.

I like the idea of Handlebar but it is expensive. Sometimes they have GoBike events there, that's the only time I've seen it crowded (plus we had the World Naked Bike Ride afterparty there)

11/29/2015 12:02 #60353

Niagara Falls Pizza
After more than 6 years in Baltimore, I have come to realize that the best pizza really is in New York. NYC probably has the best, but WNY comes in at a close second, in my opinion. My favorite comes from this place in Niagara Falls that you'd never ever notice unless you were looking for it. It's on a residential street, and feels like a step back in time. There are only two people working there, and you can see the gigantic flour sifters, long table, and all the equipment they use to make this old fashioned pizza. Totally vegetarian, goes great with red wine, and I don't know what they put in the sauce--maybe crack--because I am so addicted to it!

DG Bread & Pizza, though locals tend to call this place Trusello's because I think that used to be its name.


Somebody made a Youtube video of the place. It's a little long, but you get the idea:
vincent - 12/10/15 20:40
Yea they call it "Old Fashioned" or "Sicilian" Also another good place to go for Pizza in the Falls is Pizza oven down the 19th st at Niagara. The neighborhood is very sketch, but they do make some good pizza. I also get a craving for another place in the area Frenchies also on Niagara St once in a while as well. But Pizza oven is one of a kind & very internet worthy.
metalpeter - 12/06/15 18:37
In Terms of Pizza there are Different Kinds New York style is very thin crust and one could if they wanted to roll it up towards the crust into a roll up all most ... That right there in the picture is called Old World Style ... It is very good ... I have not had it in the falls or been to that place ..... But there are or where a couple legendary places in the falls (don't know what they look like or know the name ) ..... If that is the one someone I know goes to they aren't allways open
libertad - 11/30/15 11:12
That looks so good, i want it! I love pizza w/o cheese too!
paul - 11/30/15 00:21
I love that kind of pizza.
joe - 11/29/15 13:41
Wow, I've never had pizza that saucy. I think I've seen similar looking slices on the counter at Guercio's so it must be a hardcore italian thing. It looks really good.

11/04/2015 21:56 #60312

Back in WNY
After nearly 7 years away in Baltimore, we decided to move back home, closer to family, in Western New York. My previous time in this area has always been spent in Buffalo, downtown and Allentown, so it feels a little strange this time to be living in Niagara Falls. But our new house has a view of the Niagara gorge from the living room windows, and that's a perk that makes my new location easier to accept. I took these pictures from practically across the street from our new house over the past couple of months. It's good to be home!

metalpeter - 11/15/15 18:22
Nice Photos Hope the concert was great ..... I have never been there since I don't know the falls Area and yes they do get a lot of great shows
ExBuffalonian - 11/10/15 06:21
The Rapid Theater does get good shows. We're going to see Skinny Puppy on Friday. Third Street also has a great Vibe. Wine on Third, The Bistro, and 24 Below Gallery & Cafe are all interesting places. There's also an Indian Restaurant that we like, not much to look at but really good food. Deveaux is an awesome neighborhood. The neighbors are super friendly, and I am impressed by how many people take good care of their homes, obvious pride in the area.
vincent - 11/09/15 12:46
Welcome Back! I'm out your way so it's good to see the Northern Niagara River get represented on here.

The area off of Main St to Deveaux still is affordable. There is a great vibe from the Rapids Theater which always brings in great shows but hopefully things will get better in NF. There is only one way to go but up. Hopefully the some of the artistic creative class people will flock here due to the low rent & picturesque landscape?
ExBuffalonian - 11/07/15 17:14
Thanks guys! Maybe I'll eventually meet some of you eStrippers in person now that I'm back in the area. Hiking in the gorge, and cocktails after, would be fun!
joe - 11/06/15 23:46
Welcome back!

The houses in that neighborhood look awesome. I've never really explored outside of the gorge though.
paul - 11/06/15 01:24
That's awesome. I need to head back there soon and go hiking. I always thought that neighborhood was cute.
libertad - 11/05/15 08:49
Welcome back! Seeing the gorge from your living room is definitely a perk!

01/11/2015 10:47 #59739

Tiffany & Co supporting gay marriage

Paul's recent post about his wedding ring made me think of this advertisement I recently saw from Tiffany & Co. I worked for them in the late 1990s, and I am proud of my former employer for taking a stand on an issue that's important to me. It may be a smart marketing campaign, but it's also good to see them marketing directly to the gay community, because it moves us farther away from the margin and closer to normalization. I'm thinking back to when I was an adolescent, and how nice it would have been to see these things in mainstream media. It would have made me feel less alone, and would have allowed me to daydream about my future wedding and marriage one day, like most people do (and take for granted). It's these seemingly small things that add up and eventually change society's values and attitudes. It's a great way to start the new year, looking forward to the future! Happy 2015!
paul - 01/11/15 11:42
Its so crazy when you think about all the lost marketing opportunities over such a long period of time.