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04/12/2010 12:47 #51381

Category: facebook
I've been wiped off the face of facebook for almost a week now. For apparently no reason. And I barely used the site anyway.

theli - 04/16/10 13:57
Congrats. I'm taking a hiatus from posting on all online social sites.

theli - 04/16/10 01:30
There is no relationship. Every inch I give turns into a mile. There was never any stability. And my wanting to live my own life is beset by guilt trips of the highest order.

I feel bad for inflicting this upon estrip.
metalpeter - 04/14/10 18:47
This sounds insane, I'm so lost. Maybe you will find another social networking site that she has no part of . For everyones sake hope things work them selves out.
theli - 04/13/10 09:53
No. It has nothing to do with the mystery girl. Never saw her again.

I have no idea what is going on. All I know is that I was once on 3 different social sites. And now I have found myself routed away from them all because of this one person. It happens over and over and over.

I just want her to raise her hell and move on. I've given up on trying to reach her. I'm resigned to having everything I have turned to shit until this person self-combusts and I can finally start rebuilding a reasonable life.
tinypliny - 04/12/10 23:49
All these exes are totally confusing. LOL.

You have an official stalker, (e:theli) - no, it seems a bunch of crazy stalkers. ;-)

We told you not to go after random people with bleached hair!
libertad - 04/12/10 22:36
Who the hell is stalking you?

02/16/2010 13:53 #51022

How easy... is to disappear from online things. I'm off okcupid. Off instant messenger. Haven't posted anything here in 9 months...

Much of my life is still lived online. But I haven't been making many attempts to communicate with anybody other than a small group of people. Oh well.
jenks - 04/13/10 15:40
anonoman- who the hell are you? What is this 'yah' and 'it ain't work that way' intentional awful grammar? is that 'cute'? 'funny?'
tinypliny - 02/16/10 21:06
But its hard to stay off people's minds. :) We were just talking about you a few days back and how you seem to have vanished. Welcome back! :)
metalpeter - 02/16/10 19:54
Well nice to see you posting here

In Terms of okcupid that is an odd site, in my case I have never meet anyone on there but i Have found people ther i Allready know

05/14/2009 09:08 #48665

To the bleached hair girl...
Category: girls
...boarding the Delaware bus this morning a little after 8 at W. Delevan...

You're cute! If I wasn't driving my friend around, I might even have chatted.

Ehh, who am I kidding... Far too shy with new people...
metalpeter - 03/16/11 16:50
Well he is back we shall see if more posts come along with that......
tinypliny - 03/15/11 23:58
You are alive! :)
theli - 03/15/11 23:41
Yay! I win!
paul - 03/15/11 21:14
I was looking through stats today and this blog had the most comments ever - almost 50.
theli - 05/18/09 19:07
Indeed. Cautionary tails of online dating are well represented in modern pop culture.
metalpeter - 05/18/09 19:02
I couldn't help but think of this post last night. The reason is one of those connections lost ads from craig's list was on American Dad. Roger winds up being the girl and not Hailey the guy was checking out. But when he gets to the party (alien not sure of the sex really but dressed as a girl) it is a pig party.
theli - 05/17/09 15:00
Har. I don't know about all that. Thanks for the sentiment though.
metalpeter - 05/17/09 14:54
The funny thing about the goth thing is a love all that dark imagery pictures of that look really cool. I just added a bunch of those today to my Deviant Art account. I have a free one and never order anything. I learned about it from a couple people on (e:strip) posting about it. I agree with (e:theecarey) that if she does find this and gets a kick out of it she is a keeper. With any luck she will find the craig's list thing and come here and then add her own story if that where to happen you know she is awesome and that she is a marriage canadate.
theecarey - 05/17/09 13:10
(e:theli), I hopee you cross paths again with this girl- let her know she inspired quite the story, and if that doesnt totally spook her, then she's a keeper :)

oh yeh, the goth without his candles made me snicker, too
tinypliny - 05/16/09 17:05
haha.. you know, I am so not the right person to own an axe or a saw. My anger tantrums last around 10 seconds before I am all at peace with the universe again.

I think I have a hard time staying angry because I have a terrible memory of why I am supposed to be angry anyway. Not to spoil your grand story or anything (I loved it!) but after drinking a gallon of coffee if someone accosted me in the bathroom about a library book, I would probably give it up, walk straight home, download it off the net or finish it online. Hahaha
metalpeter - 05/16/09 16:43
I have to admit writing is something other then blogs that I have no talent for and nothing really comes from it most of the time. It was nice to see that wasn't all ways the case.

In terms of the goth kids with out candles, I think where that came from is an old SNL skit I think. There is nothing wrong with being goth or dressing all in black I love black by the way. In one of these skits not much really happened. There is the goth hair flip thing. But to me there are some people who are really that way and then some people where they are that way as like a trend. So if you are that kind of goth it has to be dark and you read or do what ever you do by Candle Light. But if you have no Candles what would you do. It isn't cool to like turn on the lights it would kill everything. That being said not picking on goth at all. I have this shirt I really like with a chick in a dark church walking with candles that looks like it should be on a Opeth or some other bands album cover.

I have never acted anything out, but I have been close to this angry from the second story before. If I was about to watch the End of 24 and someone turned my power off, I might have to go over to (e:tinypliny)'s and get her ax. Or maybe just a saw.
tinypliny - 05/16/09 07:50
Mission accomplished? LOL :D
theli - 05/16/09 07:44
Well, if that girl did somehow manage to find this blog you've all just scared her away.


  • mutters*
tinypliny - 05/16/09 07:25
Pretty heartening to know that I am not a talentless hack after all but a violent and bloody manga-inspired zombie.

Seriously, I am impressed that I can apparently lay an entire library of Buffalo out cold, chop and flush them down the toilet in under 20 minutes. You don't see skillz more morbid that that.

Goth kid with no candles?!?? What the hell was that about. HAHAHA
heidi - 05/16/09 01:24
I agree, reading is more important than having heat!

Beautifully done!!! (e:metalpeter), just beautiful!
theecarey - 05/16/09 00:51
Yes reading is more important than having heat! :D

I love my books, so this story is something I can relate to!
A few of my fave lines at first read:

"Now she doesn't care about the dead body or having to pay for the book, the blood could make the book unreadable"
(and don't for get the pee!)

Book nazi- no book for you (LOL)

Everything is red she is hearing death metal in her head, and not even the bands she likes.
(awesome line of perfection! so very relevant!)

the rage simmers a bit and it is like watching a great butcher slowly slicing meat apart.
(very visual)

and she leaves with her her books and it was all in a good day, and she has no regrets.

metalpeter - 05/15/09 19:59
Well it all started out as a nice day outside. (e:tinypliny) was walking downtown as she say the Libarey (sorry I can't spell). There was still a bit of ice on her hand and she didn't even remember her previous death in her own ice box. She had planed to go the Price Rite and was very Hungry at the time but hey I can all ways eat and read at the same time so of to get a book.

Little did the people who worked there new, It would be there last day on the Job. As (e:tinypliny) walked up she could feel her excitement growing. By the time she found where the food was she was about to pass out.
"I would like a coffee and what ever that snack thing is there"
"Ok regular or Decaffe"
"who drinks decaffe give me a regular"

So Tiny wonders off with about 3 days of food and it is off to find "The Perfect Book". It takes a bit but (e:tinypliny) settles in and reads for hours and hours. She is in Heaven but then that coffee starts to kick in. Ok off to Bathroom. Well as she is leaving a worker walks in and tells her that book in now tainted and she must buy it.
"What this isn't seinfeld"
"Mam you must pay for that now"
"But I only have 10 pages left"
"To bad that will be $23.45"
(e:tinypliny) wants to say something but the rage or maybe it was just the Gallon of Coffee is building. As her mouth opens to say something the rage takes over and one arm drops into her bag and before anyone knows Axe to the head.

(e:tinypliny) feels so much releif it is like a cleansing of ones soul. "Take that you Book Nazi" she yells. Then thinks I hope no one heard that.

Then it hits her no there is blood all over the book, as she starts to cry. Now she doesn't care about the dead body or having to pay for the book, the blood could make the book unreadable or even damage the book. So qucikly she cleans the book. That was a close one everything is readable. She then thinks "Do I finish the book or get rid of the body". It takes hours but she hacks up the body and flushes it piece by piece down the toilet. Then goes out to finish her book.

Well (e:tinypliny) has had a great day and it looks like they are pushing people out so she needs to go home but she hasn't finished her most recent book. So it is only (e:tinypliny) and the people who work there. So one of them comes up to her and says
"sorry you have to go but you can check your books out"
"Ok let me finish this page"
"oh I'm sorry you have to finish that one another time that is one of the ones that you can read hear but has to stay here"

Oh The rage is starting to Build that last kill was so rightous maybe another one. At the same time she knows that there isn't time to hide this body and check out so she will spare this lady this time, but next time it could be death.
"Oh I'm sorry I didn't know that ok, I'll come back and finish it another time"

So (e:tinypliny) takes her books to the check them out and all is well in the world. She will go home and have all kinds of adventures and learn all kinds of stuff. She even has the perfect limit of how many books you can take out. She gets to the counter and starts the the process.

"Hi (e:tinypliny) wow you have some great books"
"thanks I'm looking forward to reading them"
"You know this one is a seven day book"
"Yes that one is the first one I'm going to read, so you will see me again in a week"
"good, The others ones you can renew on line"
"Hopefully I won't need to"

So the chatter is about at its end and things are finishing up.
"So lets see your card"
Oh no (e:tinypliny) thinks "I think it might be in my other pants". (e:tinypliny) focuses and thinks as she looks for it.
"I have it let me see where it is now"
The guy behind the counter if he could just bend the rules for his friend would wind up being so much better off, of course he doesn't know this now.
"I've checked everywhere and I can't find it"
"Sorry No books for you"
((e:tinypliny) thinks dam Book Nazi's again) but keeps her cool.
"I'm in here all the time you know me right"
"Yes you are (e:tinypliny)"
"Ok cool so then I'll take these" Then she starts to leave.
"Sorry (e:tinypliny) I know you but you can't take them out with out your card, you have to leave them here"
"I'm sure there is some way to do it with out computers and I'll bring my card in"
"sorry we are closed for the weekend and i would love to but I can't"

The sadness is overcoming (e:tinypliny) like when a goth kid has no candles. The sadness is so heavy (e:tinypliny) sees it raining inside and a dark mist rolls in and the room is almost a purple color.

(crying big huge sobs) "Please I can't wait a few days, please I'm begging you don't make me wait"

"Sorry, All I can do is hold them till you come in with your card"

(e:tinypliny) had these great plans and her friend stabbed her in the back and shattered her dreams, her sadness turns to rage. She is like Wolverine and the rage is growing. That purple is now red. Everything is red she is hearing death metal in her head, and not even the bands she likes. These are the bands who burn down churches. This guy is going to pay she doesn't even care that someone behind her grabs her shoulder and says calm down. The hate is that intense that the guy moping the floor felt it with out hearing her speak.

"Hey mop guy can I use your card"
"I don't have, besides you can only use your own"

His mocking tone Pushed (e:tinypliny) over the edge she was all ready on.
"You piece of shit why are you mocking my love of books, you scum of the earth"

Before the mop can even move or say anything (e:tinypliny) yeildes the axe and names it the Japanese translation of "Protector of truth and Knowledge". She uses it so fast the guy never sees it and beheads him.

Now it is time for that traitor behind the counter. Before the guy can even mutter a word like "ok bring the card in and I'll check you out the next time we are open", (e:tinypliny) goes to town on him. This isn't about death, it is about agony like what she just felt. Even though it is an axe she is some how able to get it to cut like a light sabre. First to go is that evil tounge, now he can't even beg, that hart less pig she thinks. From there the rage simmers a bit and it is like watching a great butcher slowly slicing meat apart. Her cuts are almost surgical she is doing things like cuts out knee caps so the guy falls. Well here comes the old security guard who can't even really see.

(e:tinypliny) is so focused that she hears the guy before he even gets there. She hides and as he comes around the corner the pure gore almost kills the guy. He feels a heart attack coming on. Before he can find out if maybe it is just really bad gas. He sees the axe and he thinks how lucky he is do go this way and that he knows who everyone in his family is and tells (e:tinypliny) thank you. She is shocked but her arm won't stop and she splits the old guy in half like a piece of fire wood.

Some how the guy who wouldn't let (e:tinypliny) takes the books out isn't dead yet. Yes he is a mess and is missing all kinds of body parts but this guy just won't die. As much as (e:tinypliny) really wants to make this guy suffer even more she remembers why she came here in the first place,THE BOOKS (highly over dramatic music plays in her head).

(e:tinypliny) looks around and sees a really big mess and then notices there's a camera. She then remembers she somehow knows where the security room is. So she leaves the bodies there hey that guy has no legs now so he can't go anywhere anyways. So off to the security room.

As she enters She is shocked to see the security guy is reading. Wow someone reading may have saved her. As she gets closer with axe in hand she thinks she is in an episode of some comedy or TV show the guy has one hand on the magazine and where is the other hand. She is tempted to get the guy to turn around and see what he is packing, but that would be a bad idea for so many reasons like he could see the dead bodies. So back comes the axe as the guy yells in pure joy he has hit the height of his day. To bad for him Tiny is in mid swing as he turns and he gets hit at a weird angle. The axe doesn't go all the way in. (e:tinypliny) has seen way more then she wants to all ready so before the guy can do anything else out comes the axe and swing two kills the guy.

So (e:tinypliny) takes the tapes and figures out that there is a a place where things are stored digittly also and deletes that as well.

She heads out and decides to end the guys misery who wouldn't let her take out the books. She kills him quickly. Tiny doing it once before knows how to cut up bodies into small pieces and flush them and now is really good at it. It only takes her 20 minutes. She then takes the mop guys bucket and gets up all the blood and gets rid of the mop head and since she took out the security guy she now knows how to lock the place up and she leaves with her her books and it was all in a good day, and she has no regrets.
metalpeter - 05/15/09 18:39
First of all to (e:Theli) I have to warn you that you may have to take out a lot more of those ads there are a lot of Hot ladies around Elmwood. I have seen some very nice ones on the bus as well.

(e:tinypliny) there are a few places that those ideas came from. I remember someone on here I want to say (e:theecarey) or maybe it was you I can't remember. saying that sometimes when they would read stuff they would also look up some of the source materials and reed those also (when they had the time). Hey if someone can play World of Warcraft or some other video game for hours why couldn't someone read get the heat turned off and not know because reading was more important.
tinypliny - 05/15/09 15:54
Nice try at feigning, mister.

Behold the bloody evidence bag:
theli - 05/15/09 15:43
Hmm? Whatever are you talking about lady Pliny? I cannot tell what you mean.
tinypliny - 05/15/09 15:31
WHOA. That is right down there in the nadir of the Mariana Trench of unfairness considering I don't even own an axe!

You two need some serious soul-searching in your own garage-sheds populated with killer tarantulas and dodgy virtual character whatnots. You know who you are.
theecarey - 05/15/09 15:15
hmmm, I think you are onto something, (e:theli)

well, there is certainly a first for everything; (e:tinypliny) can be our favorite local axe murderer.

(e:metalpeter) needs to step in now and provide with some imaginary awesome dialogue on this new twist in the story!
theli - 05/15/09 15:11

Really, we have tinypliny to blame. Always going on and on about axe murderers. One wonders...
theecarey - 05/15/09 15:07
26 (now 27) comments, has there been any other post to have so many? haha

tinypliny - 05/15/09 12:24
Uh oh. Axe murderer it is. You have been warned. ;-)
theli - 05/15/09 12:22
I don't remember the number. :p Don't think I even saw it.
tinypliny - 05/15/09 12:19
Your ad doesn't have the bus number! Fix it!
theli - 05/15/09 10:42
Heh. Thanks for the attention all!

I went ahead and posted it...
jenks - 05/15/09 08:56
go for missed connections! seriously! nothing to lose, they're anonymous, and, believe it or not- I am 3 for 3 for people responding.
theecarey - 05/14/09 22:58
I dont really know what to say now except, thanks for smiles, (e:theli), (e:tinypliny) and (e:metalpeter). This is seriously the most entertaining thread I've read in awhile. Extra kudos to (e:metalpeter) for that awesome-extra random-imaginary dialogue (post mortum)- poor (e:tinypliny)!
tinypliny - 05/14/09 22:45
What are the chances that the people who come to check out my corpse would have read the book that turned me to ice in the end? What an insanely cracked scenario!! LOL
tinypliny - 05/14/09 22:42
That is most hilarious random wild imaginary conversation I have read in a while (e:metalpeter).

Seriously, who doesn't read their mail even when they are a freezing icicle. HAHAHAHA!
metalpeter - 05/14/09 19:12
I can Just picture the people coming into (e:tinypliny)'s place

"how did she turn into ice"
"well it looks like the heat has been off for months the entire place is frozen"
"That would explain why all the mail is in one pile by the Mail shoot"
"Yeah but who doesn't read there mail"
"The better question is if it got cold why not pay the bill at least"
"well her work did say she went Missing"
"Oh yeah that is right"
"Wait look the ice sculpture has a book in her hand"
"What is really Odd is that I have read this book and these other books that are open on the floor look like they are either source Material or references from this book"

"Well guys you are right to both of those, Hey we should tell the news to call this:"
DEATH FROM READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tinypliny - 05/14/09 18:04
I think that is most pleasant kind of drowning. I would prefer to die that way.
theli - 05/14/09 17:57
I almost drowned at one point. And now must stay away from swimming on doctor's orders.

Only video games for me!

Really, I need to get back into reading. I'm kinda embarrassed about it.
tinypliny - 05/14/09 17:49
hahaha - atleast my neurons were not fried by the "reality" and "talent" shows. Seriously, it was not so bad. I read a lot more than I do now. Sadly my average now stands at an extremely mediocre 1 book/year! It used to be close to 60-70/year.

Do you still dive into pages? :)
theli - 05/14/09 17:44
Oof. Now I see the truth... Overcompensating for a lack of proper entertainment in one's youth...

  • hugs*
tinypliny - 05/14/09 17:42
More on a severely rationed diet of 1hr/week for all the 14+ years at school. One learns to be careful with that one hour. You absolutely can't settle for more sermonizing, drudgery and life-lessons. Craziness, implausibility and complete abandon are the flavours of choice. :)
theli - 05/14/09 17:32
Grew up on a steady diet of television, have we?
tinypliny - 05/14/09 17:26
Maybe so. But I prefer not to learn any lessons while I am being entertained mindlessly. :)
theli - 05/14/09 17:19
There are lessons to be learned from tragedies!

Especially cooking tragedies...
tinypliny - 05/14/09 17:17
Which is why I like cooking videos the best. HAHAHA
tinypliny - 05/14/09 17:15
I am the ultimate monarch of escapism. I go to extreme lengths to find out endings before I watch anything.
theli - 05/14/09 17:11
Ahhh, wonderful escapism.
tinypliny - 05/14/09 17:07
I seldom reference movies that don't have a happy ending. :D
theli - 05/14/09 12:12
Yes! Not enough people have seen that movie.

It's a happy ending in the end at least, right?
tinypliny - 05/14/09 12:11

Just saying.
theli - 05/14/09 10:29
I actually do know at least one person who has found love on craigslist. Amazing, no?

Prison escapee? Eh. Cute all the same.
tinypliny - 05/14/09 10:20
Oh and you need to specify if the bus was a 25 or a 11. For all you know, the bleached hair soul that boarded the 11 before 8 might have been a prison escapee on the loose...
tinypliny - 05/14/09 10:18
I say - post that in the lost connections (is that correct?) on craigslist. You might get some really interesting responses. HAHAHA

05/07/2009 10:51 #48615

For the love of a game...
Category: games
Mucho dinero

14-15 years turned $40-50 into $1025.

I hear a sealed copy of Chrono Trigger went for even more.
tinypliny - 05/07/09 17:28
That too. :)
theli - 05/07/09 17:08
Maybe. I just think it would be nice to be unfettered and not have to worry about too much of that kind of possible loss.
tinypliny - 05/07/09 17:02
I think its a character-building exercise to give away your most treasured pack-ratted stuff. :)
theli - 05/07/09 16:58
Oh, come now. It's nostalgia. If you have the money to obtain something rare which will remind you of joyful times past, then wouldn't you?

If not, I'd understand. I think I'm a bit of an anti-packrat. Thinking of ebaying, or giving away to friends, some of my desired, but not quite adored, merchandise. And I don't even have that much.
tinypliny - 05/07/09 16:54
Just when you thought there weren't any more creative ways to waste money... Haha

04/25/2009 05:06 #48496

Category: random
When you're roaming the city after 4 AM Friday Night/Saturday Morning what, if anything, is there to do?

Sometimes I just want to keep going.
metalpeter - 04/25/09 15:35
Not sure how late Jim's Steak out is open maybe 4 or 5am not sure. It used to be that Spot was open 24 hours. I thought that someone could make some good money on some type of place that served food aimed at the bar crowd (does panos still stay open all hours of the night) maybe from just around happy hour to like 11 am so you could also sell breakfast.
tinypliny - 04/25/09 14:05
Apparently it is! :::link:::

theli - 04/25/09 14:05

Wiki holds many answers.
tinypliny - 04/25/09 14:02
Painterly. Is that even a real word? LOL
theli - 04/25/09 14:01


And a little research turned up a few extra little bits of accomplishment to do. Yay!
tinypliny - 04/25/09 13:59
You braided your hair into dreadlocks??! PICTURE please!!
theli - 04/25/09 13:28
Finished up braid. (Completely.) I can relate to this. *happy*
theli - 04/25/09 12:48
Or louie's, sure.

So... Really nothing out there other than the late night munches and private residences...
carolinian - 04/25/09 12:45
All it's been my experience that all nights out in Buffalo eventually lead to Jim's Steak Out.
paul - 04/25/09 12:00
I don't think there is much of an after hours scene in Buffalo, unless you are partying at someone's apartment, etc
theli - 04/25/09 06:35
Well, I ended up staying at home, bought braid, and got to world 4. Huzzah. Break time.
tinypliny - 04/25/09 05:50
Get back home and cook an elaborately awesome breakfast? :)