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07/01/2011 01:21 #54611

Haven't posted in a while. Been reading though! Nice to feel like I'm staying a bit connected to Buffalo.

I've been working on a business (for political & non-profit CRM) off and on for about a year, getting close to finishing. Always feels like it's only a month away... but.

Anyways, thinking about applying to a couple of the tech startup programs in Oregon.

They're kind of intimidating, one is run by the local economic development commission, and another was just announced opening by Wieden and Kennedy, a really big advertising/media company.

I just really need to do something to get it done. Been dragging it out way too long.

On another note, Portland's been pretty cool. Haven't gotten to see much of the city yet (I know, I've been here like 8 months already). But it's pretty. I can see Mt St Helens and Mt Hood from my office window. So there's that.

Hope everyone is doing well :)
paul - 07/01/11 09:36
Great to hear from you. Sounds like you are super busy. That guy tgat tiny is talkjng about really looked just like you. Feel free to stay with us whenever you are in town.
tinypliny - 07/01/11 02:52
That would be awesome! We should all go on a picnic. :)
jim - 07/01/11 02:34
I was back in april for a few days for work, will probably be back in Buffalo in a month or two again. I'll try to arrange it with a bit more notice, last time I didn't get to really see anyone.
tinypliny - 07/01/11 02:32
Have you been to this store yet: :::link:::

They were out of Pralus when my brother visited. You should check out their drinking chocolate selection. They are the best in the trade...
tinypliny - 07/01/11 02:31
When are you coming to visit???! :)
jim - 07/01/11 02:17
And wow, I've just got a bunch of Tinypliny comments. It's making me feel nostalgic!
jim - 07/01/11 02:17
The C is variable.

CRM: Constituent/Customer/Client/Campaign Relationship Management

Basically tools for non-profits and political campaigns to do fundraising.
tinypliny - 07/01/11 02:16
I really like that website. The navigation is very easy to figure out...
tinypliny - 07/01/11 02:15
What does CRM stand for? Gather Karma! Gather financial support!
tinypliny - 07/01/11 02:11
I really that clippy "how we can help you". V.V cool!
tinypliny - 07/01/11 01:59
Wait.. that is North & Elmwood. Delaware and Elmwood don't really cross except where they start and that is not really a crossing either...
tinypliny - 07/01/11 01:58
Good luck!! Just apply, you will get both the jobs and will be spoilt for choice I am sure! :)
tinypliny - 07/01/11 01:58
Just the other day, (e:Paul), (e:Terry) and I were driving back from somewhere... (citybration, maybe? maybe not...) and we saw this bloke on the corner of Delaware and Elmwood and he looked EXACTLY like you! We kept thinking it was you!! But then why would you be playing with a yo-yo in that corner house... That was the only thought that prevented us from getting out and rushing to check if it was you. We miss you way too much!

04/05/2011 16:58 #53988

PDX Riverfront
Category: mobl
Cherry Blossoms :)


metalpeter - 04/06/11 17:04
nice shots
paul - 04/05/11 23:24
I wish we had blossoms already. I cannot wait for cherries.
tinypliny - 04/05/11 20:54
You have the best chocolate store! :::link::: I am so jealous, of the weather and the chocolate...
jim - 04/05/11 18:43
Yeah, Portland. Daffodils start coming up in early Feb, but didn't really bloom until early March. Trees started to leaf a couple weeks ago, only the biggest trees haven't budded.

matthew - 04/05/11 18:20
Beautiful! Is this Portland? I wish I could be outside taking photos of blossoms, instead I'm still taking photos of snow and ice. Buffalo, *grumble*

02/24/2011 17:37 #53709

Category: mobl
Second snowfall this winter! Hope the flowers that just started coming out w=
ill be ok :(

metalpeter - 02/24/11 19:34
that is a great looking house

02/13/2011 17:24 #53607

Chicken Fried Bacon
Category: mobl


flacidness - 02/19/11 16:11
What is that drizzled over it? It looks like caramel or gravy.
metalpeter - 02/14/11 16:47
Does it tastes as good as it looks :)
paul - 02/13/11 18:37
Holy crap that looks amazing. I am going to make (e:lilho) make this when she is in town.
matthew - 02/13/11 17:41

02/05/2011 18:35 #53552

Multnomah Falls
Category: mobl

matthew - 02/13/11 17:42
wow! This is a great photo.
metalpeter - 02/06/11 12:29
That is impressive... In some ways more then Niagara falls.... The reason I say that is over time (unless they use it for hydro power and reduce the water flow) those falls move over time some... Not sure how often or how much but I assume that every so often that means that bridge has to be changed some how ever they do that to a bridge..