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05/21/2009 20:29 #48717

Category: randomo
So last Sunday was a day of some great firsts.

I went golfing with my uncle, and two cousins. Apparently I'm not too bad, and as a prize, my uncle gave me the set of sweet golf clubs that he picked up at a yard sale.
The address on the golf bag's tag says it used to belong to a Paula Cohen of Crescent Drive in Beverly Hills. yes, 90210. Sweet.

The only thing I don't have is a putter.

Sunday night I met all of the employees from all three stores (plus guests) over at AJ's Grand Prix. Holy hell what joyous fun that is! I can't believe it, but the boss man actually paid for us to be there for several hours. We had 2 practice rounds (8 min each) plus 4 heats and 2 finals. Plus we were to order whatever we wanted from the snack bar. It was SO much fun, and those carts really do go fast!

Unfortunately, I was too nice, not being aggressive and didn't get to partake in the final win all trophy at the end, I had to race in the consolation final race. I was so mad, I raced awesomely in that last race and got really good at passing people around the corners....

I would encourage all to check it out!

ok that was my random post for this month. I am off to smoke a hookah.

05/07/2009 23:38 #48622

There was definetely a 6 car accident in front of my apartment tonight.the sound of it was insane.a cop car managed to slam into my downstairs neighbors parked car.
That is the neighbors that are moving away in a week.
james - 05/08/09 16:02
That is crazy. I am glad you, Laurne, and Ralphie are ok.

05/06/2009 20:30 #48606

short. not sweet.
tell me how the damn dog managed to get my jawbone bluetooth off of the desk and eat it in the 30 seconds I wasn't looking at him.

set up a camping trip in ithaca for june 26-28. Very excited and wished it were may 26-28.

now i have to go figure out what to get mom for moms day.
ladycroft - 05/18/09 09:41
hehehehehehe....have you seen marley and me? whatch it about 3/4 of the way, then shut it off, it'll make you cry.
tinypliny - 05/06/09 22:26
Ithaca is beautiful. Enjoy!

Best wishes to your mom. :)

05/03/2009 15:19 #48584

thirsty buffalo
Category: good eats
Mobile post from the thirsty buffalo. Thought I would grace you with a little review as it happens.

Firstly, we sit 'outside' where we are blessed with the occasional whiff of sewage.

The waitress brings me a coffee cup that has coffee stains on the side. suspicious.

We sit next to either three hipsters or two gay men and their fruit fly.

There is something green floating in my water.

Quesadillas are great. (E:laurens) chicken bacon ranch wrap is 'pretty good'.

fellyconnelly - 05/06/09 20:17
fruit fly=fag hag. Sounds nicer doesn't it?
jason - 05/04/09 15:37
I have to ask - what is a fruit fly?

And I wholeheartedly agree with (e:James) about sports bars and lack of beer selection. Right now there are two bars I know of that have a proper beer selection, and one of them is decidedly not a sports bar.
james - 05/03/09 15:46
That whole place is pretty meh. I mean, if you are a sports bar and call yourself Thirsty Buffalo, shouldn't you have actual beer selection?
fellyconnelly - 05/03/09 15:34
Oh and the waitress seemed like she couldn't give a shit about being here.
paul - 05/03/09 15:26
Wow, sounds great, lol.

04/25/2009 19:32 #48504

beer mom and bea
Beerology was fun. Just like anything involving beer, there was a large about of people standing in line for beer. But I got enough beer in me to be tipsy, and to marvel at the Egyptian exhibit. Damn I love ancient Egypt. Also, playing with all the fun science experiments was fun while tipsy also.

All in all, I'm not sure if it was worth $25 a ticket, unless I end up winning tickets to the other event involving wine, appetizers and star gazing.

Mom is doing great now that she had her surgery. Just wishing she could get the hell home. She was mad she missed all the yard sales around town.

In more important news... I am so damn sad at the passing of Bea Arthur. She was my HERO. I'm not even kidding, I loved that woman.