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Fellyconnelly's Journal

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03/23/2009 19:00 #48168

felly who?
I have actually logged on instead of stalking anonymously!! yes indeed!

I did so for two reasons.

  1. 1. (e:matthew) and all of (e:pmt) - I am sorry I missed your party. Happy belated birthday matthew, and I hope the party was kicking. I was lame, forgot about it until I was settled in. Lameass.

  1. 2. I am interested in this Price Rite. I mean... come on its a block away! How could I not? Perfection! Except for one thing...

Traffic. The grudge I have right now for the Price Rite traffic is, at the moment, sitting next to the traffic grudge I have against Pano's. I'm sure once the rib sale finishes, I'll be just fine.

I would tell you more about my life, but there doesn't really appear to be much else going on. Seriously lame, I know. Its all good.
tinypliny - 04/04/09 22:07
Why can't you just walk??! It's right THERE!
metalpeter - 03/24/09 19:06
I haven't made it there yet either.
johnallen - 03/23/09 21:26
Rib sale was worth the wait!!

01/05/2009 07:00 #47285

double vision
i'm in recovery from an extremely long and damaging vacation.

Lake George was great, New Years was great, and the Bandits game was great.

We even had the Bandettes in our suite with us!

But after 5 nights of drinking and shenanigans, I'm ready for the monotony of daily life.

I am sorry I missed the Estrip New years party though - it looked like great fun.

Oh and I watched Dark Knight last night. Creepy.
tinypliny - 01/05/09 20:15
Missed you and Lauren. Happy new year! :)
metalpeter - 01/05/09 20:02
Wait even with cash flow problems I would have gone who am I kidding, Assuming I didn't all ready have something going on, hope everyone had a great new years.
metalpeter - 01/05/09 19:46
The Dark Knight was pretty good. I love the Bandettes and the Bandits game was pretty good. I had no idea about the pearl st. get together either, this is my first hearing about it (but I'm having a little bit of a cash flow problem currently [I have money coming soon just not extra] so I may not have gone anyways, the last time their was pretty good so I hope anyone who went had a great time.
jenks - 01/05/09 12:55
wait, what? gathering at pearl street? How come no one told me? I even asked... in email and on here. Gotta say, that stings.
mrmike - 01/05/09 10:02
Loved Dark Knight. New Year's was indeed a blast and even the impromptu Lady Croft themed gathering at Pearl Street was a good time. But, I actually didn't mind settling into work this morning.

12/29/2008 06:25 #47207

vacation from vacation
I'm tired. As excited as I am for heading out for my annual trip to Lake George for New Years, I'm tired. And I can't wait till next sunday, my next FULL day off with really nothing to do but recover.

And since that will be the day after the bandits game, I'm intending on being hungover then as well.

(E:Janelle) or (E:drew) - Let me know when we can drop off the key. (e:lauren) will be out running errands and should be able to drop off the key, if need be. But she doesn't remember where you live either (she was absolutely no help to me in finding your place) so maybe she will go door to door!

This list errand list is too long to write.
tinypliny - 12/31/08 11:22
Haaaaaapppyyyy new year! (e:felly) and (e:lauren)!
janelle - 12/29/08 07:42
We have a small thank you treat for you, so maybe tonight I can drop it off to you or Lauren at your apartment and get the key? Will one of you be home?

12/26/2008 21:29 #47192

for your pleasure
james - 12/27/08 00:40
Indeed, you do get an F for not being drunk.
paul - 12/26/08 23:32
Writing by hand is so hard. A lot of my phones have touchscreens which let you write handwritten letters. I used to use xjournal for the not phone to do this but seriously after only a little while, my hand cramps up writing with a pen.
mrmike - 12/26/08 23:06
very cool
fellyconnelly - 12/26/08 21:43
its crazy to get used to, and going between typing and drawing... but fun!
tinypliny - 12/26/08 21:36
Very cool! Bamboo fun tablet? I have been meaning to get that in forever because I think I am rapidly progressing toward a carpel tunnel syndrome and the pen will be a mouse substitute.

12/25/2008 15:49 #47185

I'm at my brothers. My dog won't stop crying. He missed (e:lauren). I think its time to go home.
fellyconnelly - 12/26/08 20:14
i brought his food with me, but when we go visit my family - they all give him table scraps. lucky bastard!

hes much better now, but i just feel so bad for leaving him alone all day.
heidi - 12/26/08 18:05
yeah, traveling is hard on puppies. Nisha & I spent the night in three different beds across four nights, with different dog food in each place. Poor puppy got sick and was very quiet all day on Wednesday.

Lots of petting to Ralphie! Hope you both get to see (e:lauren) soon.

China Cat Sunflower is living in A's basement while I'm in Tioga County off & on over the next three weeks. She's not doing too bad - same kitty litter, same food, same bed. She's found hiding spots in different rooms so she can watch people.
tinypliny - 12/25/08 16:44
Poor Ralphie...